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    Hii Pontte91.

    Welcome onboard on Travian: Kingdoms!

    In the beginning of the game there are not that many options to change your kingdom as a governor. You are able to change to another kingdom as soon as its king got 50% or more influence on your village.
    As soon as you got the option to settle your second village you can almost freely decide which kingdom you want to be part of. Depending on where you found your second village the king controlling this area can invite you into his kingdom and you are able to change immediately. Of course you should ask the king before founding a village in his area, not every king will accept the request. In addition there is of course always the possibility to crown yourself king. After that someone can invite you into his alliance.

    See also our Wiki page for more information, if you have more questions you can also contact us via our help center.

    See you in-game!

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    Hiii Kurat,

    Unfortunately, your forum post was out of our sight, sorry for that. In Travian: Kingdoms, an alliance consists of up to three Kings. The members of the kingdoms (governors) are also automatically members of the alliance, with limited rights however. Trustworthy governors can be promoted to the rank of a “Duke” and will then hold nearly identical rights to the kings.

    Please send us a message in our help center if you think something is wrong.

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    Hiii Superlorix,

    Welcome on Travian: Kingdoms, good to have you here!

    Since you're not in in the Kingdom borders you sell your stolen goods to another king. Please contact us via our helpcenter then can we go further in detail!

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    Hiii Alayrus,

    You can only transfer Gold if you have purchased Gold at least once. The following Gold is NOT transferable at all:
    * Free startup/task or other free Gold gifted by Travian
    * Gold from exchanging Silver
    * Earned Gold

    You can transfer your Gold after deleting your account on a server or once the server has ended. The remaining Gold will automatically be transferred to the Lobby. When that happens, you will get a notification in the Lobby, informing you that there is leftover Gold waiting to be transferred.

    For more information, please visit our wiki page about gold transfers.

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    Hiii Zivol,

    Thank you for your feedback and idea! Our conversation/chat system is still in a ongoing progress. We are also not satisfied with the current conversation system and there are new improvements coming soon.

    We will forward your idea to our game developers and discuss it internally.

    I have really big issues with the in game chat at the moment

    1: my chat button permanently highlighted ?
    2: i have been placed in chat-rooms that i don't want to be in ?
    3: i cant remove myself form chat-rooms ?

    Surely this should be under my control & not fixed in-game

    Hiii Ace of Spades,

    Unfortunately we have some problems with the our chat system, please send us a ticket ingame.

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    Hiii Samdar,

    Unfortunately, your topic was out of sight, sorry for that! :rolleyes:

    Thank you for your feedback, good question, honestly I have no idea. It would be more logical if it would be managed by the system or by an NPC indeed.

    We're going to figure this out and discuss this internally.

    Happy weekend!

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    Hiii DreV,

    Welcome onboard on Travian: Kingdoms, good to see you here!

    1) what is determine a number of resource (wood, clay, iron) we get when we sell stolen goods?

    Good question, it depends on the kingdom production and the overall server production, see our wiki page for more information about stolen goods.

    2) Is there any advantage for kingdom take oases beside can stationed troops for resources?

    If an oasis is located within your kingdom or borders it, you can occupy it with troops and conquer it thereby. In wild oases, all animals need to be defeated first. Occupied oases always belong to the kingdom that has the most troops stationed in them. For a detailed overview about the oases system, please see also our wiki page.

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again via our helpcenter.

    Happy weekend!

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    Hiii WonkaMonster,

    Thank you for your post, we will always post a announcement on our gameworlds and forum about maintenance/updates.

    It seems it was a small browser issue.

    See you in game!

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    Hii 50 Calibre,

    Welcome onboard and thank you for your idea!

    We will discuss your idea internal and we will forward it to our developers!

    Feel free to discuss or provide some examples to make your (alliance)profile unique.

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    Hello Reecemkelly,

    Thank you for your report and good to have you onboard on our Travian: Kingdoms game!

    Please send us a ticket in our Helpcenter --> Help --> Help Center. Once we got a ticket we can check into your account and investigate the case further.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

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