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    Hi everyone,

    I'm playing on com3 and I can see some players around me farming every X minutes +/- X sec (I can see the reports when the farmers raid villages under my king influence until my king start to raid himself the farm). I already contact twice Help center and they said that they will investigate those players, but, as they are not doing anything I put all the datas I have in an excel and I a player call my attention, he's top farmer, and he's sending his lists every 5min45 sec +/-90sec. He is able to send up to 34 times his lists exactly this way (during more than 3hours), then I guess he reaches the 1000 outbounds limit. In the few farming session I got, even on another farm, I can find the same pattern. My problem is that i'm competitive farmer but I have the feeling that we are not playing with the same rules...
    Part of my My Excel <--- clicking here

    So my question are:

    Do you think, like me, that it's not human farming?
    Are farming bots authorized in travian?
    If no, how to fight bots? Implementing Captcha system somewhere?

    I'm only talking about farming, but as most of you know, those new bots come with a lot of other features that could kill the game...

    Please give your opinion.



    What do you think of the suggestion to remove the posibilty to reinforce inactive players?

    I'm active farmer/raider and I can see a lot of farm/inactive villages with troops from other players. I don't think that we need this option in the game except maybe for the fun of few farm spikers.
    By the way, if you are not using farm lists and if you send manually farm, the probability to send "reinforcement" instead of "raid" is quite high as reinforcement is the default option when you clic on inactive villages.

    Sorry for my english ||