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    BTW mistfit you talk to much, when will you take your revenge next server?

    revenge? :/ I think you should hurt us first so we can retaliate.
    you traded 5 armies for 12 treasures, we have no reason to take revenge. In fact if there's anything we can help with to speed up your next OFF OP organization don't hesitate to ask

    Last I checked robbers had a 75k sized army literally 4 fields away from an enemy treasury defended by 5k troops yet they refuse to attack it. I wonder why that happens :/
    It'd be really awkward if it turned out the 2 royals had some agreement there.

    well that happened fast...
    Here's a completely unrelated picture of a text I've found on the internet: 2021-09-07_21-25.png

    Don't care about rank.

    Sure you don't. It's all about fun and not VP. We can see that on the map.

    Playing to win is so much fun

    ^ just like a certain kingdom whose only aim is fun fights and not victory.

    You all claim you don't care about winning but then you still (try to) hit Dominion. Literally the only kingdom who (at that point in time) has lost defence. If your aim is fair, fun fights and not VP you are doing a horrible job this server :( you used to be better. Maybe Empire influenced you too much recently?

    you know who hasn't got any Treasures from -=Mordor=-?

    literally noone? they weren't attacked by anyone so far. what even is your point good sir?

    You're arguing like a kid in primary school, just crying

    what were we crying about? could you please quote something?

    I think there's some kind of language barrier issue here because you're talking nonsense the whole day :/

    when i win with Swedish kingdom Vikings we did it with 40 accounts.

    Yeah and I used to respect you. But now you two are pointing fingers at us because you closed some of your wings 20 days earlier than we did. Impressive.
    Hey I have a story I wanted to tell for some time. I used to have a teuton account right? It was not associated with any kingdoms and managed to be top attacker and farmer accidentally. I got my hands on some treasures.
    You wanna know which kingdom's duke messaged me out of the blue without any prior communication asking for those treasures? :) If you can't guess it maybe Bugai can help you out.
    But yeah tell me how you only acquire treasures by fair fighting and don't rely on wings and other kingdoms' forfeited treasures at all

    You Rob about 4k

    we stole more than 4k but I don't want to nitpick. anyway...
    That's exactly 3988 more than robberHQ managed to rob during the server so between the 2 of us they rely more on passive income I'd say

    Last I checked robbers had a 75k sized army literally 4 fields away from an enemy treasury defended by 5k troops yet they refuse to attack it. I wonder why that happens :/
    It'd be really awkward if it turned out the 2 royals had some agreement there.

    And then we could also talk about how the mighty deadserv got their treasures. KINGDOM? Glory? Turk merger? Those were some bloody impressive OFF actions there to get their stuff, eh?

    are you really trying to tell me that by sitting back and doing literally nothing for 65 day you had the hardest job this server?
    (Except for Mermer, he actually defended once or twice. But the rest of your kingdom.... their hardest fight was against a natar village and even that required 3 players)

    in my Opinion you're just doing this kind of Forum-Threads out of boredom

    that's actually true and I never denied it... in fact I encuraged most other kingdoms to do the same (not robbers though I'm not on their discord)

    I think you know, that "doing nothing" sometimes is the harderst part of the game.

    There are Governors low on Crop and low on Gold, waiting to clash their Offensive- and Defensive-Forces.

    I'm begging you please help me out here because I can't decide if you are serious here or just joking

    Since no one wants to post reports on their operations

    There was not enough deff for a complete victory, so we can congratulate Misfits on the acquisition of 1.3 k chests

    You are not so eager to post reports now for some reason. Still I wanted to congratulate the players of the newly born kingdom WeHateMetasAndAreHereForFunFightsOnly for the acquisition of 12 chests during their very first operation!

    (Worry not, someone compiled the reports already and will post them soon. We just like to wait a few days out of curtesy of the surviving hammers. And I'm also busy reporting a new bug I just found. Rogue's newest village is already 30hrs old but it's only at 617 pop, not 800+. The team will investigate)

    It's a nice strategy, used by a singular Kingdom's Treasures, and requires those pre-union Kingdom Kings/Dukes to Treasury up in order to fit that 10k space. The Treasury production doesn't change, so War would still be necessary

    Actually treasury production does change. Larger territory means more robber camps spawns. You just don't want to acknowledge this because you used this and it would undermine your point :(
    BTW if you take the time to look at our strat: we invested in early 10k capacity in 4 different kingdoms! Tributes are lower than if we only had a single kingdom too. There were many sacrifices we had to make you just didn't capitalize on them.
    Not exactly sure why. Maybe you were too busy golding to 800+ pop / village or talking to other kingdoms about how the meany meta misfits made (alliteration!) you change your full-on-war-from-day-0-bloodbath gameplan ^^

    Xayira you seem to be confused about the term 'meta'.

    Ah I think I'm starting to understand. But just to be clear:

    • asking a kingdom member to crown himself and open a treasury as king => bad
    • opening an additional treasury by "gaming" the 10k limit => good

    Is that correct? Because to me they look really similar except for a single thing. The kingdom's name above the treasury

    And yet here we are, today. Again seeing the same pattern.

    Same? It's not the same. Similar, that I give you.
    You mentioned metas existed to bypass the invitation limit and amass players, right? While here we have similar number of govs to every other kingdom (some a bit more some a bit fewer) just more treasuries. The number of players remains the same regardless of how many kings we play with though

    Mind that the robber kingdom even aswell as my own kingdom have made other kingdoms during the startup phase of this server, but that after union those kingdoms all have stopped to exist.

    Except for Dominion-4 and RobberRD of course :)

    you say you would have loved war but I seem to recall when the opportunity presented itself on day 1 you chose to reregister and settle quite far away and go for full sim mode instead. So sorry but this makes me doubt your claims

    I'm not sure what you're on about anyway. We started with 4 kingdoms this server and you guys started with how many again? Wasn't it Tripple, Nekot, Nemesis, and someone else near the WW? Because that seems awefully close to 4 to me. (But it might have been 3 I'll double check later today).

    Yeah granted at any point in time we had 15 or so govs over you but you know I don't think you can say that you tried your hardest to play a small war heavy game

    Yes, we originally knew you were entering as a 40 or so premade, similar to us, and that looked like fun.

    In this whole thread this is your very first comment I can agree with. I was also promised a 40-ish premade

    Then you went and created wings

    lol okay. So we're the big bads here because having X players in multiple kingdoms generates more treasures (less tributes mind you, it's not without sacrifices!) than X players in a single kingdom? Do you also consider opening 7th and 8th treasuries before Union a "meta move"? Because it's literally the same strategy and for the very same purpose.

    Sorry we used our brains and thought about treasury distribution. Call us names some more please we fully deserve it

    metas are the true form of just simming their Treasures and VP without doing anything

    remind me how many off or def ops your kingdom did? You seem do able able to do nothing as a "teense tiny non meta" kingdom just fine ;)

    And yeah you are behind in troops. You can claim otherwise. But for 1.5 months before one of your duals finally noticed it you were proudly displaying the Gaul Commander achievement on your brand new (uff let's not get into this because admins might read this forum) account's profile. Showing the world you don't know how to queue troops (or just don't want to because you knew you weren't going to do anything. Like a... certain... type... of... kingdom? Maybe?)

    If you're not confident in being the better players

    Oh I'm confident about it don't you worry.
    Just wanted to mention I like the irony of a 70 players kingdom calling an 88 players one a large meta and their solution is... to absorb another kingdom (after hitting the 3k troops quest a week ago, congrants on that btw!)

    Yes, it's boring when Kindom #1, Kingdom #2 and Kingdom #3 having an Non-Attack-Agreement until the end game.

    Wait until you realise it's not a NAP but a full on "take our treasures and govs I'm bored of this server" agreement
    How's that it's always the kingdoms who claim they "don't want to get large", and those who "just want to fight" are the ones creating a meta? :/