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    Would it be possible to manual input the number of resources to send via the marketplace? All we can do right now is increment/decrement by 1 or by how much a merchant holds. If I'm a Roman, and I want to send 250 of something, I need to click the increment button 250 times.

    Wait for a large amount of time when you need to transfer resources out of that village? The only way to do take resources out of your village right now is to raid yourself, but this shouldn't be the case.

    What if you could use merchants to take resources from your own villages? You would send merchants to a village to collect resources and they would return to their home villages with resources from the target village.

    I don't remember when exactly (I think before the update) whenever I sold a stolen good, I would receive the resources from my king as a duke.

    Now I'm selling them to myself instead of my king so am I getting the treasures for my own treasury now it looks like?

    Is this intentional or a bug of some sorts?

    As of now the mobile options for Travian Kingdoms include the app in the app store or the mobile version in the mobile browser.

    1. The app is pretty decent and the major thing that it cannot do really is chatting or linking to other villages,players,etc. There are probably other small things as well.

    2. The mobile browser version is extremely simplified and allows you do to the basics needed while on the go. It does include chatting which is nice if you don't have access to a computer.

    In conclusion, the best way to play Travian Kingdoms at the moment is to play primarily on a Desktop and use these 2 mobile options for when you need to access you account while away from one.

    To address your questions:
    No speed or lagging problems unless the server is experiencing it as well, so even the Desktop version will be affected.
    I use a stylus on my touchscreen devices, so if you decide to play TK on it, it should work fine.

    I think I touched on all points

    More times than not I have clicked the "clear all reports" button that is right next to the "view reports" button.
    My suggestion for this is to either add a "are you sure" question like with gold usage that could be toggled in the settings, or to move the clear button further away from the reports button to avoid miss-clicks.
    For example, you could move the button to the end of the list of reports so that all the reports are in between the clear button and all reports button like a sandwich.

    My other suggestion is regarding the blue and red reports that pop up when something happens such as tributes arrived, building finished, merchants en route, attacks on kingdom, etc.
    When you're on another tab when these things happen, you'll never know that it happened if you have a lot going in and out of your village because if your allies' tribute village is under attack, you'll only know if you check the map or any type of defensive chat you may have.
    My suggestion for this is to either have a new report icon that isn't saved in the reports, but when clicked it will tell you all of the blue/red events that happened while you were on a DIFFERENT TAB, or not looking at your browser at all.

    Thanks for the response. If it ends up being that the project won't be finished and released, would it be possible to post the rules and/or printable version of the game?

    After the new update 2 bugs have come up (that I've noticed):

    1. Opening the Communities tab (Crown button) will crash the app if the user is a King or Duke. This bug was present in the previous version as well.
    2. Opening the map crashes the app. Don't know if it's all users or just Kings and Dukes. This bug is new for this update.

    I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app 3 times.