I fail to see where I forbid to anyone to discuss anything in here. I said I am not here for discussion and arguments. I had a question, it was answered. You fail to see what I see in the item, it's your problem. I may be wrong, you may be wrong, I do not care. Go ahead discus. You don't agree with me? Your problem. Your opinions are your opinions and that's it. Mine are mine, others can think otherwise. Grow up, there is the right to freely take decisions and believe in things.

    My game is fine mate. I am the king of the hill in my area. Or at least a prince :)) But thanks for the good advice. I am sure you know the all picture, so you can give me advice on how to play :D

    Cheerios, have fun. Over and out.

    Also Boots of Chicken = free resources. No fear of defense troops

    You should not be hitting someone above your Pop limit, who is gonna cause more trouble than resource gain (scouts, getter tools, observing pop change and ranks etc)

    Anyone that reads this - Always scout first, when they're high enough pop to have a threatening army/defense.
    Never want to be taking a loss on that resource exchange

    Thank you both for the amazing replies. Definitely learnt a bit from that.

    Waiting to defend robbers.. I like (unfortunately I am impatient). I have ended up with a solid amount of swords since Kingdom is in a very good spot and Phalx ended up sitting in Oasis 99% of the time.

    Have a solid game plan now, thanks to your in-depth clarification on the above. Instead of the usual "rush second village by day 2" and end of guide.



    Very helpful. Thank you.
    After second village I went with 250 troops + 7 croplands > 7 all fields

    Couple more questions (Utilizing you while I have you! )

    -If lower level fields are better pay off, after all to 7 - Do you want to rush one of each to 10 for quests or equally level to 8 > 9 > 10 (considering all to 10 is next anyway) or is one of each to 10 > building %increase buildings better

    Odd couple:

    -Do boots of chicken have a cool down or will enemy hero always flee with troops if I attack each time they return?

    -How do you manage Hero health/revive - second revive is a decent 5/6 hour set back on the path to level 10 fields and quests. Do you still fully utilize hero 24/7 wit all adventures > raiding for XP or do you slow it down to keep his health sufficient as long as possible? (obviously calc each raid for best hero/troop losses)

    Yes very nice guide. One thing I would like some more in-depth on (that no other guide seems to provide) , is the actual process after settling second village.

    Say for example I'm in a good kingdom/starting position. I am strategically placed for defending treasure cities. So first village is 4/4/4/6 (following this guide, although I skipped building traps, really wasn't being considered as a target early game). Ready to settle and decide on a second 4/4/4/6 for the defensive positioning (and close by 25/25% | 50% oasis.. )

    This is where I get a little flustered and seem to lose or forget most of my strategy...

    -Do you just slowly build second village over-time (accepting that it will take a little while, always spending resources so attacks no problem) and continue to increase resource/phalx infrastructure in starting village..?

    -Or do I build up my Market Place and neglect first vill for a few days while boosting 2nd village. (always ends up splitting resources too much between the two)

    -Would you build MB 3 , WH+Grannary and take the new village quest rewards in second village? how useful are resource fields to 3 - 5 - 7 etc if there are no quest rewards at the end ? :) few questions and would love your thoughts on everything.

    Nice chill, basic guide. Way nicer than these crazy other rush 2nd village/delete residence/ blah blah blah strats

    Okay so you have to KILL the animals to get resources.

    What's the deal with say... Oases on kingdom border than I just cleared enemy troops from.

    There are still two random (non kingdom) users as 1. 25% 2. 20% and all I have done is moved some troops there (as reinforcement) because I only have level 1 embassay and another oases already occupied

    So situation:

    Wild Oases inside my kingdom (im Duke).

    Im more than 7 tiles away

    scouted and 500 / 500 resources available

    15 decent nature troops guarding it (wolf/bear/boar)

    How do I raid the Oases , USING cages and still getting resources..?

    Can i attack with hero/cages + troops??