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    It's a shame that with the state of the game that people cannot enjoy this game as a couple in a small kingdom without being insta banned for having logged in on the same pc.. maybe not many people have partners who are avid gamers and like to do things with them but we certainly enjoy gaming and we just can't play this together.. it really sucks I've played here since I was a kid :/

    what if you and your partner get one PC and one laptop/tablet.

    it is pretty much working out with my BF, when we play from the same household, but from different PCs basically. is there no way for you to get this option?

    every time you start the tutorial, it will ask you at a certain step, what kind of name you want them to "put on your grave" :D so this is the point where you can choose the name under which you will play this or that server.. :)

    It is so helpful. And is more effective that whining on forum, since is not the proper procedure.

    technically should be, yes. from my experience not..

    if you see whinings in heaps of threads happening day after day after day.. maybe you should do something about it.. plus, whining on the forums makes it public.. when contacting HC with your request is just an issue between you and HC. you may never know that this or that player/kingdom is experiencing the same issue with this or that player/kingdoms..

    better for tracking cheaters, dont you think?

    You need to be patient.

    but until when do you really want us to wait? i saw so many good players leaving travian kingdoms :( ... until when we need to wait? until there are no more players who like the game? and only players, who pay-to-win remain? :( its so sad seeing those players leaving.. :(

    i did not understand until like two months ago, why there are so few good/veteran players left playing. sure, not all of them left due to mistreatment or misusing the games by bots and multi accountings.. but, i see so many threads with even new players saying, that this is unbearable..

    then i started to play speed servers and the problem just exploded:

    • many multiaccounts
    • many bots
    • wing kingdoms being raided by parent kingdom and if you as a player out of that chain want to raid those, suddenly you hit the wall there
    • people having treasures surrounded by accounts with zero or low prestige
    • kingdoms with 200members and 50%+ of them with zero or low prestige
    • strict settling rules, e.g. you cant settle outside kingdom borders
    • kingdom areas with literally no spots for robber camps


    the last two are super strong indicators that there are royalties strongly tributes oriented, who done care about govs and their treasures and the bonus what they can get from selling those..

    until when do you want us to wait?

    plus, the "magic button" of help center is literally useless. seen so many abuses of the game, reported so many issues.. how many of those got banned or treated?

    even rude and insulting behaviour is not taken seriously by the help center.. so how can we believe the multi accounting and botting will ever be?


    took me 5 more min for another wave of multis... total less then 10 min more then 30 multis and i dont even try....

    These pictures you post. they are everywhere :( com2x3 speed? kingdoms full of these new accounts. how interesting, isnt it? how many new players suddenly pop out on speed servers.. and all in one kingdom.. yes yes, we all have seen it already.. and so far, you can do whatever you want, share names, share reports, share screenshots, share suggestions, share chats :( nothing is being done to control this :( and as a cherry on the top of a cake.. these kingdoms will go brag about their victories .. gross

    As far i can see you're playing on a dead round vs opponents that dont care since week 1. Yet you all are mass farming multies en showing off dead reports.

    The round is dead and here we are flexing reports or achievements.

    Would be worth more on a competitive round, but oh wel. A win medal for once for IYI is something new.

    the game is dead since this kingdom dominated the server from its very beginning.. this kingdom has 200 players and had (now playing under different names) few wings. so there couldn't be a proper opponent :(

    im wondering. The T**K**S player is currently banned. his treasuries are still active, but he cant be attacked. what kind of punishment is this? when a person, who is suspicious of misusing the system is kind of protected from being attacked and by this the treasures are safe and VPs are still counting? is there any further punishment, taking into account also e.g. VPs or treasuries? how does this work?

    is there any progress on this topic?

    i tried to point out this problem with multi-accounts and cheating multiple times on multiple forums (even my comments got reported and removed due to this :( ). and i also contacted TK support/help center. from everyone, i just keep hearing - report a certain player/kingdom and we will investigate..

    so is there actually anything robust happening against these abuses and exploitations ? roman-bored

    yes. i think there should be some kind of public thread where the moderators/admins/developers/help center would also look into it.. with this topic or names or whatever.. otherwise (i have a feeling) they don't really care what is written in which thread


    Okay so then they keep doing that.

    Combine it with some prestige restrictions and we can at least avoid having those cheaters as duke/kings.

    but i mean, isnt this obvious? you see kingdom with 65+ players, like 85% have low or no prestige.. and then this kingdom has multiple wings. and yet there is not much they can do about it? i mean, come on. do we really believe all the players with no/low prestige just suddenly keep logging in when a new server opens? do we still believe, that although many of us already go to work and therefore have little less time to spend on TK, there are still heaps of players willing to join new and fresh almost every server?

    maybe the developers should include statistics of what is the average prestige of the players, how many players are with which prestige etc. that could bring more light into this topic if its really not that obvious by now. or maybe add an overall prestige of this or that kingdom..

    plus, another point. i play fair. i never used a single bot, script, multi. never. i spend money on gold. why should be i the one taking care of the smoothness of the game? just imagine buying a game, paying for a game on steam platform. should i be the one reporting that the game is working halfway? im very disappointed. roman-bored

    yeah. but calling names would only lead to them changing the kingdom names, playing under different nicks/avatars.

    plus, i kind of gave up on reporting specific guys/behaviour/kingdom as it did not bring any reasonable result. guy got banned for 48h and then continued playing his 3 accounts again :rolleyes: and played them until the server ended.. X/

    hey. i just recently got into a fierce fight about this topic. i dont really think that reporting this or that single player or a kingdom to the help center would solve this issue. each and every server is being bothered by this behavior. there is an issue, that is deeper than a single player level. this should be solved as a whole block. not only by reporting single events. i am pretty sure there are tools on how to track traffic, IPs, even web browsers being used to log in etc.. i dont believe TK dont have developers who would be able to track players/accounts misusing this game. its becoming unbearable.


    this is a systematic gap, that needs to be solved.

    i just want to mention that i experienced difficulties when logging in already at 11PM central european time..

    Hey. i have the same problem. experiencing this for almost 8 hours (except for a while when it worked). is there anything you can do about it. there may be issues with troops and crops for some of us already ... :rolleyes::(


    always these discussions about who should have won, who not... For most of the guys the medals are important, thats why almost everyone wants to join some big fat meta. In fact, after you are part of that kind of big group, every action suddenly stops. You are just a tribute producer and the real game happens only between kings and dukes. So it could be nice if kingdom size would be limited, lets say by 90 players. From my own experience, the absolutely best fun you could have in travian is if you are playing in small group of very active players.

    as Presequencer#EN wrote in the other thread