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    Dear all developers,

    i have a great suggestion to all of you. actually two.

    i as a WW holder, would greatly appreciate if i could name not only top3, but lets say at least top5 or top10 suppliers for the WW. we alll know how difficult it is to maintain WW constructions running. here the help in terms of resources is needed. and without this it is not possible to run smoothly through WW levels.

    the same apply for crop supply. we all know as well, how difficult it is to keep troops in WW alive, even though they consume half the crop there than when at home.

    i appreciate every help given when building the WW. and i would like to pass it on people, players, who really do care and support with reources and crop constantly.

    i would like to ask you, developers, by this way, would it be possible to create some kind of badge for the suppliers as well?

    attackers get badges, defenders get badges, WW holder can get a badge...

    i would like to share this with the suppliers as well. as they are important into the same extend as the others 8)

    Thanks for at least considering my ideas/suggestions.



    i completely agree with the fact, that it is kind of unfair to the duals/trials, who put the same amount of time, energy, dedication to the account to make it work 24/7. i also played dual and found it unfair (as it was x5 server and the only person who got all the badges was me, althoug my dual was present the same time, plus from time to time even had better tips/tricks/suggestions than me) that the dual doesnt get anything for his contribution.

    but on the other hand, if the people just share the achievements in terms like - we achieve Anvil in my account, but the badge goes to my dual/trial as well.. then i am pretty sure (seen so many multiaccount servers already here), that many people would just go the shortcut "hey, i am missing this and this amount of points to reach three gold stars, make me your dual for me to reach it faster" way.

    another point i have to agree with you on is, how to make it fair with people who dont have the opportunity to play dual/trial, but still invest significal amount of time/energy/dedication to the game play playing alone. just were not lucky enough to find the right partner to dual/trial with.

    but at the end of the day i agree, that the dual/trial accounts should also be awarded.

    make it fair - to single players as well as the "hidden" players behind duals/trials.


    Hey all,

    I am Gabriela, as you may see from my profile´s name. I played my first Travian in, I think, 2007.

    I am also a fan of AOE, Heroes of MaM, World of Warcraft and a super great fan of The Sims :D

    At the beginning, I used to play speed servers. After a break I played couple of servers like in 2015/2016.

    After that I got myself a long break, actually never thought I would touch Travian again... Until March this year :D as i got the opportunity to stay at home quite often and Presequencer#EN dragged me into Kingdoms. Since then we finished com7 (where we actually first met with Mycro#EN :D ), plus i finished com1 and now, we are currently playing com4 :)