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    So much spam, take a rest guys. Multis won, violence is noob. Nothing new :D Lets meet in some big server in autumn. Tho I need a new team :O

    P.S. Admin dont ban me for a month. Its friendly banter.

    Normally your current troops alive + troops killed shown in SS give a good estimate of how many def was build.

    I dont know.. It never works for me accurately.. This server my 330k def died at my own villa, i got 100k troops killed for it. I stopped looking at it after this. Not sure if all other defences added accurately or not. And much similar misscalculations happen in that secret society "troops killed" in previous servers for my friends, thats why I dont trust it.

    And yeah.. Exile was beast there.
    Slupka aswell. Insane numbers for a governor.

    I just like to mess with you. Ik u're a good deffer but can be improved.
    With my criticism you'll become better, eventually :)

    It is posibble to make 2m-2.5m deff points, you made 1.4m.
    With the amount of troops you had, you could've made easy 2m+.

    well. i wasnt collecting def points , I was trying to win :D
    And i didnt have that much defences. I cooked about 1million. as for solo account without dual or sitter, its good enough for me. Could have been better but I wasnt royal for first 3 weeks or smth, so all developement went quite weird.
    anyway, im happy with my results. Not much I would've done differently with troop cooking tbh.

    Its pay to win game in both sides. for defender and for offence player. The difference, with more gold, you can cook more hammers and better main hammer. With limited gold you would have only like 10% worse main hammer and no 2ndary hammers.

    Its simple.. server lags because each attack calculates how 10 million of def units "fight" vs those 50. And it lags for a second, but when attacks are landing one by one for a long time, server is just lagged.

    Either simple new tab in statistics as "personal statistics" and you add trained troops counter, maybe think of some other things.
    Or simply adding further achievement of trained troops in game (not overall achievement like Gaul/Roman/Teuton commander).

    The first option would be more accurate, because you would see for exact number of phalanx, swords, druids and headun trained instead of counting it as "1 unit" in achievement or quest.

    Well. Quite a story this server was.

    It is quite weird that you compare your 700 player kingdom and 4 kingdoms that decide to do 1 off op together after 50 days, because they obviously see the number differences. Anyway, everyone has a way of playing. You decided to zerg out the server, that's your choice.

    Ozze - big respect for planning. And huge respect to the govs who was sending attacks every day. Our afk governors couldnt even participate in 1 off op properly.
    I knew you will be going after some small gov capital every freakin night, but in my mind, I couldnt risk you doing some treasury smashing. We could've competed without some roman capitals, but without treasuries - no chance. Anyway in the end it didnt matter at all.

    Had a very hard two weeks when day in and day out I needed to catch every defender active. I started first defences with only moving 25-30% total defences, which was mostly gathered by most active defenders, while all governors were afk, going offline without reinforcing anyone. By the end, i was able to move up to 85% defences. And after I already decided to step down from def organising people were still spamming my PM with messages where to reinforce. So atleast they learned. Next server whoever takes over triangle control has a much much easier job.

    As for triangles.... Wow.. What a journey.. Joined as simple gov to sim and cook defence.. After few weeks became duke.. And then sh*t show started.
    Before the server I really thought highly of triangles and husla. He looked like a serious dude, but..
    I believe that every kingdom royal has to put his input into the management. In triangles, royals were there only for tributes. Governors in leadership chat was much more involved in everything. And I can't really blame anyone beside the King. He showed really early that he doesn't care and that grew into everyone. Slowly but surely everyone starting logging in less and less.

    For me, it was first and last time in triangles. I met a lot of great people, but I also met a lot of dumb idiots. And those dumb idiots ruined the experience for me.

    Anyway, thanks to all. I learned a lot this game round and now I will come back much stronger in some autumn server.!

    Anyway, I'dd add some memes from our defences vs Multis.


    as an offensive player, you can measure your size by your hammer size.
    as defender its much more complicated, because def units die along the way and so on. So there is no actual way to calculate who cooks more defensive units in a server.

    Is it possible to add some trained units counter in some personal statistics page? I dont think it would be too complicated, but as defensive player it would allow players to measure who cooked more def units.
    Secret society was another option, but its buggy as hell as "Troops died defending" are always not adding correctly , so the amount gets lost .


    They was trash too? Qwr?

    They weren't trash. But I wasn't coordinating defences today. Anyway good job. Simple math wins. 700 is better than 200.
    Maybe we meet again in some future server on more equal grounds :)

    And this WW spot...Trash yeah? More important protecting " other stronger player capital"

    Player like Qwr, of course.

    She or he, need some achievement and ratings. )

    I really hurt those Multi abusers badly. They all just trashtalks me, huh. You know yourself that my capital was never defended, but you still try to cause some drama, haha. All those russian mental games. :O

    I dont really understand whats wrong with this report. Can you please explain to me?

    the best def gaul duke in kingdoms history hahahaha

    No wonder you was kicked from kingdom for being one of the biggest dummies in travian kingdoms history. Have fun suicidng hammers by trying to chief enemy kingdom treasuries solo :)
    And I told you very early, that you wont get defences from me. When a gov asks for def, gets it and after the attack we see that you have lvl5 wall instead of lvl20. You know that you are a lost cause.

    Lets look at this beauty , TG. Truely beautiful chief attempt.

    pasted-from-clipboard.png And I will repeat myself again. :)

    What is this TK myth that governors are paying taxes? They are not.
    As nobody does scouting around triangles, so we defend blindly. And yeah, its nothing new. You never defend trash govs because its better to lose his capital than risk losing some other stronger player capital or a treasury. Its just funny how you have some personal stuff with me even tho I dont even have a clue what noname Sharley slave you are.

    Looks like this child has some personal problems with me :O

    What are you trying to accomplish by trashtalking me ?
    First you have problem that im defending my oasis over night truce, then you have problem with my def plans?
    Out of all villages you are so proud about destroying, only 2 of them was actually players with any significant amount of troops. All others were just trash afk govs. So i'm not even mad about it. All of them were informed to abuse vacation, none of em actually listen, so I dont lose any sleep over them.

    You break rules in forum - you get banned 7 days - 1 month.
    You break rules in game - you get banned for few hours and lose 10% buildings.

    Maybe just apply forum ban lenght to the game? first offence - 7 days, 2nd offence - 1 month.

    Resources inside hideouts are 100% based on your account resource production. ( not only capital, because then 15cropper owners would have very small hideouts, which is true only for first days when they have no res villages).
    Troop amount in hideouts i'm 95% sure is somehow linked with your troop amounts. Because if you kill your troops, next robbers spawn with much less troops than previous one's.

    haha. i like how you just post total lies to raise your confidence or demoralise/split our govs .

    If you figured out my def plans, please, beat me.

    2 off ops you launched on me, both failed. first one I was away and i didnt organise def at all.

    As for toxicity, I'm respectful to players that earn my respect by their plays and language.

    I am not in triangles to find friends, I came to this server with one purpose - to beat you. :)