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    Succesful attacks are small part of kingdom offence points. Most of it is gathered by killing hideouts/camps, so these ribbons are given to biggest kingdoms, because simply they clear most hideouts. Same with robbing ribbon.
    If they didnt give any off/def/ robbed resource into statistics, maybe then it would be logical to implement such change.

    Funny reading this, when only thing you really want is to abuse multi accounts even more. I remember when you kept chiefing 700pop villages from your other accounts during last test server. Amazing times.

    i'm curious what she might have leaked this server :X

    It wasnt her. Just her sitter/dual. So might have happened the same this server. Just her questionable choices to add totally random players to her sitter/dual when she's one of the kingdom's leadership.

    Not sure if it was such a big mystery. 1 of 2 things happened : players called back their troops or Mary-Jane or her sitter/dual send back the defence.
    Remembering previous Com3x3 server, Mary-Jane ain't the most trustworthy person with her sitter/duals, when whole AK kingdom GT / chats were shared from her account. So I wouldn't rule out that possibility.
    And please, stop that admin bs. They don't give a damn F about these attacks for sure.

    Well it's nice that you finally admitted that you are "poor fucker". But sorry, you are the only one I know inside TK :) Go continue your life in your small bubble.
    And by the way, it's the only battleground. This com3x3 is the most boring server I've played. Lucky me, I have you and your shithousery to have fun :))

    I like my map being organised, so I am trying to color every medium/big kingdom. Also i am playing x3 speed servers, instead of x1 speed, so they are more popular one's. Bunch of smaller kingdoms, of 40-50 people, atleast in the 3-4 weeks adding larger kingdoms it rises over 10 for sure.

    You are not an enemy. You are irrelevant douchebag that was pilling garbage on the kingdom I play with.

    You should read up terms and conditions boy.. You cant spread untrue allegations about travian. Sadly as I'm not the original owner of the message, my report wasnt taken seriously. Mary-Jane should really report you.

    Shall I quote you?
    "They were Multiaccoutning very early on and CONTINUE TO HAVE MULTI FARMING KINGDOMS THROUGH THE SERVER." Yeah we had few random accounts banned in first 3 days of server and we didnt have a single ban since. Where are those multi farm kingdoms, where is that continued multi accounting?
    Seriously? They bullied themselves out of the server by asking every kingdom member their account information, adding their own email addresing as duals to those players and then control majority of their kingdom with their 10~ player core group.

    "i DO NOT CARE FOR 2ND PLACE MYSELF, ONLY TO STOP LITA" You admitted to my PM that only thing you care is winning, and lying your ass off to AK so they help you is part of the our "strategy" and "diplomacy".

    And you are OTTO puppy because you seriously acting like one. One big dog hurts you, so you give everything away, all your credibility, all your belieffs and sit behind a big big cheating DOG. That cheating dog leaves, you again try to kiss your ass back with first dog, when he rejects you again, you run to 3rd biggest dog and kiss their asses so much, that they even give you WW to mount.
    So yeah, you are just a puppy without a home. Running to every house in the street and trying to find home. But remember, nobody likes you. Majority of the people you ever played with, doesn't like you. And its surely your problem, not theirs.

    I would suggest adding more colors to the marker, because the servers are getting bigger and bigger and you run out of colors to mark other kingdoms. To the current 10 colors, maybe add 5 or 10 more.

    I posted this message here firsly because its full of lies and secondly, because its in violation of the game rules. But ofcourse, you are OTTO puppy, so game rules doesn't apply to you.
    And ofcourse, to show that you are lying dude, who publicly says that he's Very very honest person.

    First of all, it's 4th server, we are going to win in a row.
    And come on, man, don't make yourself more of a fool than you already are. It is getting ridiculous.

    Hey! I thought we was Travian pals? I even love your country.... :(

    I think if you want to discuss what I think of COM3X3 "The Battle Of The Multis" then we should discuss it on that forum.

    There is really nothing to discuss. You dont accept any arguments and keep repeating the same stuff over and over again. Anyway, GL, but remember there won't be OTTOMAN's to join this server. :)

    I grow to love Nimble.. He flames everyone because they are "multiaccounters", but when it's good for him, he joins multi-kingdoms and multiying becomes acceptable to him. A guy that you can trust 100%, because he surely means what he says.

    then why is there such a feature? Why did the game put such a feature? If not, why is there? Damn the day I give. I write to the managers to seek my right like a human. Managers don't even care. Here I am telling you about my problem. You just all blame me. I can't believe I fell into such an outrage. I do not halal the money and effort I spend. Because the managers do not answer. I can not get any answers. Because they closed my tickets. Because they don't care about us. That's why I say racism exists. If they had answered I would not have been seeking rights here for hours.

    It's your fault, that you put not trustworthy person as a dual. And this feature is done so 2 or 3 people can share one account and play on it.

    I did not share the password of my account with anyone. Why would I bother so much if I shared? You definitely know that there is discrimination .. We will carry this issue to social media! Travian discriminates against Turks! They do not return to support tickets. They closed every ticket I opened. One official did not listen to my problem by writing. It is done consciously.

    You said that you have a "dual". If he cheated - your acc will be banned, because you both are sharing that account. It doesnt matter that you are "original owner". Your account will be punished.

    And it's not "turkish discrimination". You admitted that OTTO leadership asked your ID and password, so I can likely to say, that they asked all unknown players passwords. Maybe your dual gave his, so they had access to your account. Yesterday we attacked, so they had to log in all those accounts to move def units and relocate treasures.
    Another lesson to not share your account with people who you cant trust 110%.

    Well, I see you ING, nick Uguro.
    Maybe your dual was cheating, so the account is banned?
    You are not the sole owner/player, so it might not be your fault.
    People are not banned without a reason here, atleast I didn't hear about it up until this server, when all OTTO kingdom is bans is for "nothing" or for "winning the server".