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    Really?) You? You had 1 operation and died. We fought against WiC/Teutons. So that Chinese players won the server nothing doing))

    Well imagine that. I better "do nothing" than gather 750 members, make naps with 500+s turkish meta kingdom like you did on bbash.

    You better explain to me, how you managed to f**k up your ww and give it to WiC, when they have 0 tiles around the ww in cheaterbowl. Amazing job!
    Anyway, will see how many bans you and your team will get during the com1ntx3. I expect a lot.
    Love <3

    Firstly - Low server population.
    Secondly - FR servers are for French players to compete between themselves. That's why language based servers are here.
    Thirdly - some things are still not translated into English and are in the language, that server is based upon.

    8 speed servers starting in 1 month.

    My guess would be that not a single one of them will have decent player base.

    You just can't split your already super small x3 player base into 8 servers.

    How can anyone put their signature on such terible idea...

    Well.. I can confirm that in BBash 2021, Ummahusla and 2 of his dukes ( Kragh and Goku) were multiaccounting. Half a year passed, and Umma is now biggest multi-fighter in TK universe. Great change of a character.

    Or just desperation to win boring spanish speed server.

    Still not sure which is it.


    I see those "multies" cooking new villages, so not so afraid of the investigation. :KEKW:

    Multis did exactly the same on BBash, so no wonder they are just zerging servers one by one. Multis and cheating didnt bring them medals, but multis, cheating and zerging does.

    So much spam, take a rest guys. Multis won, violence is noob. Nothing new :D Lets meet in some big server in autumn. Tho I need a new team :O

    P.S. Admin dont ban me for a month. Its friendly banter.

    Normally your current troops alive + troops killed shown in SS give a good estimate of how many def was build.

    I dont know.. It never works for me accurately.. This server my 330k def died at my own villa, i got 100k troops killed for it. I stopped looking at it after this. Not sure if all other defences added accurately or not. And much similar misscalculations happen in that secret society "troops killed" in previous servers for my friends, thats why I dont trust it.

    And yeah.. Exile was beast there.
    Slupka aswell. Insane numbers for a governor.

    I just like to mess with you. Ik u're a good deffer but can be improved.
    With my criticism you'll become better, eventually :)

    It is posibble to make 2m-2.5m deff points, you made 1.4m.
    With the amount of troops you had, you could've made easy 2m+.

    well. i wasnt collecting def points , I was trying to win :D
    And i didnt have that much defences. I cooked about 1million. as for solo account without dual or sitter, its good enough for me. Could have been better but I wasnt royal for first 3 weeks or smth, so all developement went quite weird.
    anyway, im happy with my results. Not much I would've done differently with troop cooking tbh.

    Its pay to win game in both sides. for defender and for offence player. The difference, with more gold, you can cook more hammers and better main hammer. With limited gold you would have only like 10% worse main hammer and no 2ndary hammers.

    Its simple.. server lags because each attack calculates how 10 million of def units "fight" vs those 50. And it lags for a second, but when attacks are landing one by one for a long time, server is just lagged.

    Either simple new tab in statistics as "personal statistics" and you add trained troops counter, maybe think of some other things.
    Or simply adding further achievement of trained troops in game (not overall achievement like Gaul/Roman/Teuton commander).

    The first option would be more accurate, because you would see for exact number of phalanx, swords, druids and headun trained instead of counting it as "1 unit" in achievement or quest.