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    It would make it so much easier to find farms, who went afk, but arent inactive.

    Also would be easy to spot feeding multiaccounts, because they would go super negative.

    You guys seem to miss the point. The optimal way of playing the game is simming. Population wins in the long run and WWs are all that matters. It is like that, because it is impossible to steal treasures and VPs from a decent kingdom. Kingdoms most of the time play suboptimally since simming is boring and brawling is fun. This is why having fun and winning the server are separate goals that often do not overlap.

    Qwr's point about destroying treasuries works exactly the same way whether OPs idea is implemented or not, the same is true for destroying random govs. The big treasuries are stacked pretty much every single op and rarely emptied anyway. The insults are somewhat redundant, but hey, everyone deals with disagreement differently.

    And imo, there should be NO default low risk go to strategy for defense. Defending kingdoms should be either scouting or risking heavy losses.

    I read your messages and I understand , that you have 0 knowledge about the game. Just pls, stop trying to implement some stupid game changes. TK are dumb enough to listen to you.

    This just show how little understanding of a game you have. Please go play few more servers in a decent kingdom, maybe you will learn how the game works, before coming here and throwing out dumb ideas.
    You can stop other kingdoms generation of VP by multiple ways - destroying their treasuries, forcing them to clear treasuries before 00:05:00. You know you cant insta build treasuries, it takes insane amount of time to build it? Or its still new information for your little brain?
    And lastly - WW makes all the difference on VP scale at the end. If you really that better than the oposing team, you wont have any problems having multiple ww's and zeroing their ww constantly, right?

    When you can fight for the treasures, it will bring many action and fun to the game for the whole game round. Its true, that will be harder to defend treasuries, especially later when kingdom have more and more of them, but on the other side, everyone will be the same, so you can lose the treasures, but you can also get them by fighting. There will be not only one strategy in the game.

    Kingdoms are sending multiple off ops every weeks agaisnt each others. it would just become boring, because mega's will be stacked with def and random govs capitals will be destroyed every night

    If defending treasuries were really too complicated, active treasuries could get a bonus feature to make it harder to fake, for example, by improving the function of the rally point to detect fakes by 5% for each level of the treasury built, the treasury at lvl 20 would thus improve the function of the rally point by 100%. The large treasury would therefore be more difficult to fake, it would cost the enemy many more units.

    Just illogical thing.. So yeah, i have 16 x lvl20 treasuries, so you would need to fake the treasury with 340 units, instead of 40 units. WOW. WHAT A BIG CHANGE. It makes it totally imposible to fake, right??

    1st - you dont need any report to king or whatever bs. Just make, so you attack only how much waves there is. If there is 4 waves, 4 players cant attack. You get error message, if you are 5th there. ( similar as if you attacked the one already)

    2nd - makes sense.

    3rd - 60 members per kingdom is extremely low numbers. No kingdoms play with such numbers anymore. Anyway, as in Legends, same in here. It wouldnt make any change at a bigger picture. Less people would get winner medals, that's all. You would have bunch of wing kingdoms and player numbers wouldnt be any different.

    4th - as it would be a good change, but knowing TK programing speed and all, i'd rather see other changes happening. Every decent kingdom is using discord anyways. Only plebs using the ingame chats.