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    Do I understand you correctly and you mean a kingdom union should have 5 duke slots to cover more space on the map and that more governors can be within the kingdom border? Because so many governors are outside of the kingdom border? It's what I am currently facing in a game world I am playing on: I am constantly out of the kingdom border even though we do have a lot of wing kingdoms

    Is so, wouldn't a fifth duke slot favor bigger kingdoms and metas again? Wouldn't it be better to have a separate kingdom in that area, even if it might be a so called wing kingdom. What would be more fun and a better player experience?

    Wings are created because many good players can not be accommodated in 1 kingdom. And whats their goal then, its to work toward a union. If we have 3-4 duke slots before the union that will allow less wings. And if we have duke slots after Union then that will allow more fighting between different kingdoms at an early stage. Why? because more dukes means more territory to compete for.

    Separate kingdoms which have less members dont act on their own much. If we have strong kingdoms which are bigger they may and as I see in travian legends where alliances work. Sometimes wings go on their own and even go against Main Alliances.

    Its a great step, it shows that kingdoms team is still working on improving the game.
    I think the less duke spots are a problem. if you allow more duke slots then we can see more strong kingdoms which can compete with each other in better way. But from current way many people spend time in having work toward treasures collection and treasury work.
    There should be extra duke slots with union. Tributes should contain crops too and also the bigger the player is the less percentage it should be so that it does not make kings and dukes too much apart from governors.

    In the end I will say that its better to improve the game speed by removing trackers and especially the fb which I see is must in cookies in some sections. There should be more privacy and speed in game.

    Hi there,
    Yes, Most of the rewards are resources... The quantity of resources depends on hero lvls and tiers of game..
    Some of the rewards are specific to users activity i.e you get units from adventure when you research them... and everyone gets horse and cages to complete the tasks.

    Everything else is luck... :D

    Hi Everyone,

    I have played T4 Travian. Since then I preferred to take NW or North or -|+ Quadrant. Aside from WW things, The reason was very simple.. Back in those days strong teams used to settle in East Which would make the game tough there and till mid game most of the players in that region had no idea what will happen. Those fights without any doubt makes game a lot of fun but still made it difficult for later game and winning.

    Due to a lot of difficulty in East Especially lots of Fights and not much savings for WW time The players who wished to play till end They started to pick north. Time by time the number of Palyers settling in North Started to increase on each server. As most players who picked it, They wished to play till end thus the players in North made really strong teams.

    North Provided balance back then in terms of difficulty and fun. So people playing in North were able to play for most of the time than people in other quads. This made more players joining North.

    Now a days, People just pick it cause they get this direction from their teams, These days North has same competition as East had once. Btw, There are teams who play in their preferred regions which could be East, South and West as well.

    Well, These are my thoughts. It'll be great to see more interesting thoughts.

    Teutonic Master

    I dont know much but I scouted some players and they did not find that I scouted them. 1 scout is not much helpful. here is a report. I had some others but I guess those are deleted. Scoutings like this show that scouting was successful and not detected. I prefer placing scouts according to game progress.

    Hi All,

    This Special Server Sounds interesting. As far as I can see the early game will decide about the end, And choice of first village will have most important role. You can Settle a normal village to gain fast resources for developing a cropper later in faster way or YOU can settle a cropper earlier to gain some crop advantage earlier or you can grab ( chief ) a natarian village to get a cropper for fast and effective crop supply. it will be your Choice according to your playstyle.

    As most people have said Teamwork will be most important factor in this game and a necessarily one. Building Big hammers will not be much difficult and I hope most players will make it. The only reason which will keep hammers at mid sizes will be the fights which will be fought throughout the round.This Game will be perfect for Gauls. Romans can have early and mid game advantage due to their infantry/crop. Teutons advantage will be clubs only.

    I dont know whether it is true or not but the thing I noticed is that it will be difficult for Defense players. There will be a huge advantage to governors if they follow a specific strategy. It will be difficult for kings and maybe more difficult for dukes as well.

    I will be on this server and I am looking forward to you guys as well.


    BJ | TM Mehr

    Scout units working should be upgraded with rally point. eg they should be able to give report of military buildings and also they should be able to help catas/siege attacks to bring down specific building with less amount of catas eg useful for WW levels.
    Some people usually build Scout hammers, this will encourage them.

    My idea about option of reinforcing a grey/inactive villages is that it should not be removed to keep some suspicions about the target village.

    Roman And Gauls Hammers contain a large amount of cavalries while Teutons dont. The general thing is that most Teutons, nearly all are offense players and have very large amounts of clubs due to their cheap and quick training. While one the other hand Romans and Gauls are found to be defensive and offensive as well. So, the main defense which will be required is against infantry. For which Praterion is good. The thing I dislike about Prets is their speed. I place them as standing defense cause they never reach on time.. :D

    If Prets are given a bit extra attack and carrying capicity then Roman will be my first choice and prets will be my army.. :D

    Praterion is the best defensive unit according to crop. The thing which accounts mostly is not how much a troop costs or how much defense it provides. the thing is how much troops will survive after defending. If you count that you will realize that units with high defense survive in large numbers while units with low defense even they are a lot can't survive as much as they should. Same sort of thing is applied in offense, If you notice EC's which are without any doubt the strongest attacking unit whats the purpose of placing them in game when 4 imperian provide more offense.

    The thing which is most important is not just training of troops but their survival after battles as well. The units with high points in their respective fields survives.

    In this world, no one can survive solo. In travian kingdoms, One of the most popular thing is meta, First of all we need to know what is meta?
    Meta is a proper organized team consisting of a lot of players / groups. The funny thing is that if you see things according to my definition you will realize that till now there is no real meta on travian kingdoms.

    However, many teams with large amount of players have been seen. Most of which are bully and simmers. Such sort of teams not only ruin their game but also of their members.

    A team without Proper organization is not a meta but just a flock where no one cares much about each other. They just do some simming together and win just because some of their good players try to play game their way ( as there is no proper way of team working except simming) and they destroy some of the opponent's armies. These opponents are mostly those who put their account on delete just after losing their troops.

    TBH, there are teams / karge groups of players who are working to build up themselves into real metas so we can consider them as metas due to their efforts.

    Now talking about your question

    Metas and teams are good because it creates a balance of power across the server ( Mostly ) and allows less but hard battles. These metas and teams place proper goals and proper direction for players to move towards end.

    An important thing is that the building of a large group after battles of many small groups is also considered as meta. These types of metas should be formed with less fighting so that they can have equal power of troops whenever they go against metas which are formed since start or even before.

    People Hate metas because they dont have much idea where to go and which is good for them. Also, the bullying by some meta players put a bad impression on them. Also, the game of most players is ruined because they are not associated with any meta/ team which makes them farm ( in most cases they delete). Due to this, they consider metas bad.

    I suggest and also encourage people to talk with metas leadership directly and they will realize that metas are not as much bad as they think. Also, Good players should not join any meta till first 4 weeks or they should place sign of peace on their profile as well. Most wars are done for gaining supermacy over others instead of gaining resources.

    On his adventure, The hero ( name will be good) met an old wise man. Who promised to share his wisdom/ experience with hero if hero fulfills his objective eg. save her daughter from robbers or help protecting his camp/house/village or help him to get back to his village.

    the message can be shown as the hero met an old man who asked for any thing ( given above) while doing that hero got an injury or lost some health.

    Or You can add an extra adventure point or choose an option when hero meets old man. e.g. rescue her daughter or others.

    I'm sure this will bring a new life in Hero's importance and the fun people get from using it.

    From my experience, players ruined each others a lot months worth efforts. Those who are against you may have done more effort than you guys did. :D