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    Part 3:

    WW Onward:

    Even if shrugs had taken some treasures it was still not enough to get them to no.1 spot.

    WW came out and In the meantime GGG had taken treasures from zion. All kingdoms took their related WWs.

    So, according to the statistics, GGG, Shrugs and BM had high win percentage while Phoneix had less. According to me, Phoneix had better win chances if Some of us work on a plan as I had thought that Phoneix was not going to be attacked by anyone while other may get attacks and can;t win. However, Our main idea was to let phoneix or GGG win for this purpose we provided some defenses

    to GGG as they were expected to be attacked.

    Also, Thanks to BM, As they had attacked shrugs on WW day by destroying main building and other stuff also targeting some of their important villages/crops. Shrugs was furious ( not thought of any better word) and was going to retaliate, and we were waiting for it.

    Again, Due to their careful play, They were willing us to go against BM first. So, things were like this, And Thanks to taking long time, BM had grown quite good in VP and was almost clear winner according to statics but this was not going to happen as all had still a lot in their holds.

    In the meantime we started to join rainbow and goats completely and due to this we started to lose some of our midsize hammers attacking shrugs, on other few spots, crops problem and even going inactive. This was being too much, Also, I was going to be busy for some days at some point so just before that I wanted to do op, So, I started to do an op in which I was going to use all the possible kingdom troops we could use, We informed GGG, Phoneix and Orange about this as well, We all were going to do our own op, GGG went ahead on its own, while I got info that shrugs was attacking on almost similar day so I made plans just after half a day later, Phoneix, Orange joined us by attacking same time while picking their own targets.

    We had left some top hammers for later use, while all others were used on BM and our main goal was to destroy/damage as much treasuries we could at the given spot, which we had achieved.

    After ops done by different kingdoms on their own, BM had many damages at many spots, best damage was done at their WW which made them out of VP%. The op was done almost 12 days before Gameworld finish.

    After this BM dropped to 0% and shrugs and GGG had better winning chances, but till this point All kingdoms had some amount of WW hammers, of which Shrugs and BM had most while GGG had good amount too.

    I was willing to keep our hammers safe but then I left/ not much active for 1 week and when I came back our players was going to do major op just before Phoneix and GGG reaching lvl 100. The op was going to be against BM, There were some info regarding GGG having some pact with shrugs i.e attacking BM and not attacking each other, which I dont think was 100% true or was accepted totally by both sides cause of mistrust they had on each other.

    Anyways, BM started it attacks on 3 kingdoms, while shrugs attacked BM, Phoneix attacked BM and Our team WW hammers attacked on Orange ( on their own as all server was going on BM WW so they went on some other spot.) while our other small hammers were used on some treasury spots which had not done much damage cause BM had moved a lot of defenses to their treasuries.

    Before the op We and phoneix had agreed that they will halt if BM or shrugs was going to win with phoneix WW finish. And if needed we were going to provide phoneix with treasures incase all other WW dropped to 0 and no hammers left.

    Thanks to BM splitting its hammers on 2 kingdoms, There were not complete destruction of hammer at both spots. While attacks on Phoneix was fake and it was going to finish it WW and with GGG being Winner, So seeing the results, We were satisfied.

    Side notes:

    I had not done much damage to BM's hammer villages as I had needed them against shrugs to prevent them from win. Also, We were ready in case BM was going to use all hammers on GGG and letting shrugs win.


    performance on this server was very careful and they had not much boldness as they should've. i.e they could have attacked BM earlier and GGG later. Some of shrugs players played good and they did some good damage to GGG ( shrugs were satisfied with this and according to them GGG had not much offense). Shrugs didn;t perform as they should have, They were clearly going to be winners in start but they should be ready to do things in case their win/advantage is effected.

    BM, Even if BM was not bold enough to attack GGG and shrugs earlier, but it was bold enough to target all the other kingdoms, and even if its foolish but a great thing for BM to keep to its policy of no naps, ( however, they surely did some other things ). I really admire them for this boldness. Although I had known their feat since mid server. BM played really well and made some great defense records this server, As a team they did most ops and damages to other kingdoms.

    GGG, Played really well, kept themselves covered, worked with other kingdoms to weaken BM and shrugs and outsmarted both having great diplomatic way, ( it was also their diplomacy which made shrugs not go against them ).

    Phoneix, Had some good core players which did best to let phoneix WW grow in top speed, Also, some did WW hammers at check by spiking....

    Orange, Zion and 3rror although were weakened a lot but It was their firmness to stay till end and prevent Shrugs or BM ( mostly shrugs) to take advantage of extra players/ WW.

    GOATs + Rainbow, Our small kingdom was newly made and a great start and bonding for upcoming servers also, best role was to play against top premades directly at same point i.e shrugs and BM.

    This server was minhar server and 7 kingdoms were able to stay till end in top shape each conquering 1 WW. Not suited to new kingdoms while most suited to premades.

    I would like to thanks all those players who were in different kingdoms and worked with me and followed my lead to make things go as I tried to. Especially Horn who helped me in arranging defense and doing some offense. There were many other things done, but Those are not good to speak..

    In the end, Thanks to All for making it a best server, All teams and played their role to make it one of the best TK servers so far.

    Part 2

    Policy making and changes /turn of Events:

    Shrugs and GGG had some small battles since start and heated battles in early mid game. GGG had played against shrugs before and knew their potential so they started stopping them as much as they could by providing defenses to the kingdoms bordering shrugs i,e Rainbow and Cobalt.

    BM was also very active and had gone against orange, and 3rror. And successfully able to give them huge losses and made many players leave among them including some top players of those kingdoms left as well. After weakening both kingdoms BM gone against some other kingdoms and phoneix as well but GGG came for help to all attacked kingdoms and BM started losing troops. BM stopped attacking.

    so, The game was balanced at this point cause of GGG, trying its best to keep shrugs and BM in check by helping its opponents with defenses.

    Shrugs had stopped its attacks which were not much, as Shrugs was in upper hand in VP so had not much need for attacks, while BM was not great enough to compete with shrugs and ggg based on treasures generated by its players. So, BM was in need of attacking others and they were trying to do so.

    Cause of constant attacks on weakend/smaller kingdoms, some ego and poor diplomacy of BM leadership, And GGG good diplomacy 4 kingdoms managed to have some sort of pact for working against BM, by being fully independent.

    So they started some attacks against by BM organized by their own kingdoms, which were small in start but had some success.

    At this time, I was willing to get some BM players or complete BM along with me as there were no other players in our region aside from them and orange, We were having some pact with Rainbow in the meantime which was in shrugs region, and other side of our WW, I had some strong working with some players in some kingdoms as well i.e defense/offense.

    I tried my best to make BM leaders and 2-3 players realize that they are going to lose e.t.c which aside from Mayo, others denyed. While Mayo and Pob had stance that they are going to play for fun and according to their team policy ( no diplomacy ).

    After this I starting to go toward the policy of ending BM first then shrugs later, so for this purpose, I did a small practice to test the BM capability ( as It was my first server with BM so was not much aware of). Although it was a small practice only done by our kingdom but just cause of this BM was more careful toward us.

    After this I understood that BM's not good enough in defenses like all, and BM's main focus is offense. Thanks to all the criticizing and comments of BM on forum;s, BMs and shrugs talks about me in their channels made GGG and related kingdoms see me as of the same thought and they provided me info against BM and got me with them.

    So, This time All other kingdoms did their operation against BM and did good damages, and were going to increase this in next missions, However, This was going to be a long time work and was going to consume us completely while giving shrugs easy victory at end. So, we decided to try op on their treasuries using some light hammers. We used 3 from each kingdom however, I only got half of reports while others missing of the op. It was a failure as some players had gone totally wrong with their timings.

    Even if this was not a success, I was going to do better next time by making players practice first then do ops. But just after this op, rumors started to circulate regarding me recruiting players from all over the map and e.t.c, Which was false, as I had taken only those who I knew, while I contacted only some players which can be counted on fingers. Thanks to these and recent op some people started to have fade idea regarding possible policy so they started to become active.

    So, After this There was no way for me to continue the policy as it was going to make BM and shrugs work against us. So, Instead working of our win, I was okay for lose along with the loss of 2 main opponent kingdoms. So, I tried to stop the ops against BM and give them some relaxation, Cause of this BM started to be on their feet and they did some ops against us in which targets were not much defended even if I had some idea about possible targets. The reason for this was to let BM grow and make Shrugs worry about them.

    BM took a lot of treasures from us as a result and gained high VP after some days and started to lead in VP. Due to this Shrugs started worry about BM. At this point instead of getting GGG&co go against BM, I tried to get shrugs against BM and make GGG&co wait till shrugs attack BM, which shrugs didn't.

    Instead they attacked us ( Rainbow&GOAT was same at that point) Well, We did defend those places, Thanks to relations with some of our players with other kingdoms we managed to put good defenses at those spots and give many damages to the shrugs.

    Part 1:

    I was going to describe a lot of things but due to some reasons I'll just share some general information ( its a lot as well so skip if not like detailed general info) which I have seen or been part of this server but before that First I would like to say:

    GG GGG, jethro_tull81#EN and Jernpotte_DK deserve the credit for their diplomacy, policies and keeping intact a good number of their people with them. Also, All the leaderships of their allied kingdoms which stayed till end and made it happen.

    Also, this round is not just a win for GGG but for all the kingdoms and players who participated in this round and made it a fun server. Thanks to all those and Especially BM.

    Now coming back to the main topic:


    First I would like to give my background of how I started this server. I had left travian some servers ago and was busy in my daily routine and just before some days of the server start. I got an email from the meta I play in on Travian Legends The server com1 of that version was going to start on jan 27 I guess, while there was also an email regarding kingdoms com2 server restart 1/2 days after that.

    So, I joined kingdoms over legends, and started here. When I joined here I only knew shrugs better while about others I had just heard. So here were the things I had heard about some kingdoms/people:

    jethro_tull81#EN meta person and some other stuff ( ego e.t.c. ).

    Renuo#EN Hammer builder.

    Lylai best defense

    BM meta breaker, winners e.t.c

    Mayo top leader

    Here are somethings that I had known:

    Jallu one of the best tk players all time.

    Curtain good leader

    shrugs a strong team

    Jernpotte_DK a top and reasonable player/leader


    I started the server alone and in the middle of 4-5 premades. After starting the server I learned about nearby kingdoms and knew some of them knew me and will likely to come after me. So I was willing to move from there and I started recruiting people for myself. As there were many premades came and had many players here and there, so I tried to recruit people after making them having the worst expectation So, no one joined except some spies which later gone to other places and ofcourse some who were placed by me in some places. :)

    I had 4 friends on server who were not with any type of kingdom and no one had any idea much idea about them, among them 1 stayed in shrugs 1 was just for fun and deleted after some time, while 2 moved with me to WW -50|0 nearby area. so till mid game I tried the best to make a good kingdom there, The kingdom had almost no connected borders and most advantage was given to the new joining people/dukes as they were new and required good conditions if We were really going to make a strong kingdom.

    Mid Game:

    By early mid game Our new kingdom was holding 1 side of the -50|0. while Rainbow kingdom was having its other side.

    shrugs had stronghold around -22|45.

    BM had its stronghold around -22|-45.

    Orange had a crecent sort of area around BM while taking 22|-45.

    3rror and Zion was around 0|0.

    GGG was near 22|45 all the way to shrugs area and zion area.

    phoneix was at 50|0.

    Aside from us and 3rror all other kingdoms was holding their respective WW;s area firmly. Due to menhir and union, it was the time when all other kingdoms had almost cleared small/opponent kingdoms in their respective areas. ( many premades and kingdoms disintegrated or left partial/completely i.e some turkish, italian and esponal ).

    As this was my first server being with many kingdoms so I was gathering info regarding them as much as I could and here were some info/results I had by mid game:

    1. BM is going to lose.

    2. Shrugs going to win.

    3. GGG is bigger but not most effective.

    4. Phoneix has not much of core team with it.

    5. 3rror mixture of disintegrated kingdoms/premades.

    6. zion mixture of russian+disintegrated premades.

    7. orange new recruits.

    So, by using all the info I had I saw shrugs as main opponent while GGG and BM as side opponents.

    Nemesid#NL I dont want to be more personalizing in public. So, Plz recheck whole forum.

    It will take me a long time to gather reports so not willing to go for that.
    Plz check the attack points of Rainbow and GOATs. Were all those just by attacking you or robbers?? plz note there are 82 players in total and have 6:10 points to BM, and we know BM has 2-3x more off players than us. So its really something worth noting cause According to your own ppl we have not done much against you guys. And We only attacked you 3 times as I remembered.

    Ask shrugs regarding sniping GGG hammers earlier ( I am not talking about troops count but the hammers which were good at that stage and later could be top hammers ).

    Also, There were some good amount of players in shrugs/GGG/phoneix area including and Italian meta which left server after being affected by their wars. ( Dont tell me BM had laid hands on shrugs or GGG and their area before WW appearing.)

    At last I would say that lets wait till Server is end. I will share GOATs perspective at that point. Thanks...

    Nemesid#NL Sorry to say but you said 2 kings.( there are 7 kingdoms atm ) so by 2 kings talk, you are imposing on all server by bypassing all the players... Just for the self glorification...

    FYI, here are some facts:

    1.) Shrugs killed more GGG hammers than BM did.
    2.) We killed more shrugs troops than BM troops , while defending.. ( also BM and shrugs attacks were almost according to same timing differences as above.. So we should call you guys working together as well then.....)
    3.) We used almost similar or more amount of troops on shrugs...
    4.) There are some other things Which I dont want to share before the very end. I will include them in my Final Post..

    Last few things:
    1.) BM please stop crying...
    2.) The worst type of self glorification is Narcissism and its a psychic disease. ( not sure if you are at that level, below, or crossed it as well ).

    Jak Plz recheck reports.. There's a difference of more than 12 hours btw attacks.. ( any fool would call it both sides joint effort :P )

    Who kept attacking you all server long?? ( It sounds like being bullying ) but the fact is GOAT attacked on BM only 3 times so far. Also, I dont think I saw anyone attacking you much.. However it was the opposite, I saw BM attacking all its neighbors and even those who were away ( nearly all were small/inactive kingdoms ) Even if there had been some attacks from others ( which I dont think had much impact ) they were just counters.

    If there had been any link btw shrugs and us, then shrugs would have secured top spot already.

    So stop complaining about the fact that You were unable to win cause other kingdoms have attacked you at end ( not whole round )...

    Anyways, I believed and its a top fact after this server that BM has the perfect art in lying and crying.... ( You won medal for that.. )

    In the end I would say, Plz recheck whole forum if you are not convinced about above statement...( and plz recheck landing times of reports again..)

    Jak All that you said was totally a lie.. Plz recheck whole forum talks from start..

    Btw, It was a nice way to accept defeat by saying" We are losing but 5 out of 6 other kingdoms losing too.. ( and here you are saying them 5 kingdoms not a meta ) but all others are losing too.." and you are the best premade on server yet , but have not seen you being honest to your words.

    Side note: I started server alone.. ( so alone man can be called as premade too ? )

    I'll provide details from GOATs side at the end of server.

    Lol... only GGG and shrugs attacked and you guys came here to accuse us all being part of a meta..

    Everytime BM gets attack why accuse others like others are bullying you.. Try to grow up a bit guys.. No offense but you guys look childish cause of such matters..

    Anyways.. It would be great if you guys share some reports.. Thanks.

    Jak Thanks for the info, It seems there were problems with players timings cause of different timezones. We'll sort them out. Also, I was not really defending in that small village, Not sure why its still there.

    Also, I am not sure whether you lost 150k or not cause if you lost 150k then you had around 250k defense in your treasury which shouldn;t be enough. ( if possible send me reports from your side cause I was only able to see the standing defense in last few reports).

    Renuo#EN Plz recheck the forums.

    If someone is willing to have any talks feel free to contact me in game cause I wont be here much.

    It was just a test, We expected to lose everything and thats why we picked things accordingly but we didnt expect some players to go off their timings and reveal targets.

    BM had 36hrs to manage defenses ( a lot of time for already active team ) and if we had placed a little more troops then We may have been able to get the results what we wanted but Anyways, It was not 100% success or failure.
    Also, We are not some sort of Meta or whatever everyone is calling, We are different kingdoms with different goals.

    It was just I wanted to try something which has not given the expected result cause of some players miscommunication or unawareness with some tools e.t.c Which can be improved.

    In the op There were only 3 GOAT light hammers used of which 1 was the rebuilt after previous small practice ( The earlier one after which BM talked a lot) and 1 was from semi-active player and he messed with timings. ( Also, Someone here shared a fake siege from a player on pob as well, Which wasn;t part of any plan... ) however, the last one was the best effort made. And All The Talks from BM is like they took out all of our offense.. ( However, After seeing some reports I am pretty sure We took out their good amount of Defense).

    Some of our friends were in other kingdoms so they helped me in carrying out this.. ( Thanks to All those Especially the ones who placed sieges ).

    And Last thing is that I wanted to reattack BM with main hammers but cause of some attacks from other kingdoms, We are willing to hold our troops ( which can be used for only 1 kingdom ). Also, We are improving our small kingdom to be able to play a bit more stronger against Good Established Teams.

    Anyways, Lets Move on to something new....

    Renuo#EN I dont like to reply those who dont have **** to talk in private. :P
    But Forums are Neither for spamming nor accusing others for something they haven;t done.

    Your friend wrote a whole paragraph accusing us and now you are saying he is wrong about it. This shows how irresponsible behavior your teammates have on these forums.

    Finally starting to know what you guys were crying about and still crying.. So it was because of a coordinated attack.

    Jak If you want you can cry on my shoulder.. ;)

    A day or so ago we were the target of a (sort of) coordinated attack from GGG, GOAT, G0AT, Orange and ERROR (there may have been more, but I can't keep track of it all). I'd make a Getter map of these kingdoms (except I don't know how to deal with those little 'TM' s in GOATS name in Getter Map) and you'd see immediately that it covers a considerable part of the known world. I think it is all a matter of those who want to be in a meta being willing to accept it.

    Whats Gotten into minds of you guys, your one player says that we do things on our own, other say that we performed along with ggg.
    Since start we only did small practice, and aside from it nothing else. Also, plz show evidence of attacks aside from that small practice.

    BM attacked half of the server one after another, now that they are started to kick your *****. You are crying. No offense but this is what you should have in mind, when you attack others.

    HappyTimes#EN(1) I did only small practice ages ago, and you are still stuck in it. Learn Something from Jak at least he/she lives in reality.