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    They already have this feature in Travian Legends, by default your language in profile is set to international and you can add multiple languages when editing profile. Would be cool feature if TK would implement it same as TL has. But certainly they have more important problems to fix it ingame, so i can't see this getting implemented any time soon.

    You could try use my version of saving report as picture + add some information in discord message (attacker, defender, village names and time) to be able to search easier. Unless you have better idea how to make it

    Hey all, been trying to make a simple discord bot that will allow us to share reports

    easily, in the same fashion they are done in game, But I can't seem to find a way to get access

    to a report through an API or even through following a url. Is there any solution to it, or is it just not possible right now?


    You can aswell: Convert report to image, post in on imgur API (free api allow you like 1200 posts per hour) and get image url, then post it trough bot on discord. Would save you some time, rather than trying to get something out of kingdoms api. Also your bot doesn't seem very useful, you can just make a screenshot and post it on discord yourself.

    Hello fellow travian kingdoms members,

    I believe most of you are using markers on the map, it is usually getting annoying when there are a lot of markers from your kingdom. Map markers are always on the list first, player markers are last, so you have to scroll a long time past kingdom field markers before you find your own player marker that you want to delete.

    A quick fix that could help save us some time and save our mouse wheel: *drumroll* ability to collapse different categories, so you could hide all the tile markers and just go straight to player markers and find your own markers that you want to delete.

    You might think this is hard to implement, technology is not there yet, and it would take Kingdoms developers atleast 2 years. But me (a bad developer) was able to fix this thing by adding few lines of code and it took about 10 minutes to get it roughly working. I believe kingdoms developers should be able to find a way how to do it.

    There you go proof of concept (could show indicator of collapsed category or something):


    Also to add even more: It would be nice to have search bar like in other windows, so you could search by coordinates and be able to remove markers that way.

    P.S. Please don't make it go to void like any other suggestion, or i will just make a browser extension myself with quality of life changes (even tho black_swan didn't like my idea of making it). It is absurd to see how many small good and easy to implement suggestions stay here in a forum for years.

    In my opinion orc and non human characters do not belong into this game. It's based on history, 3 possible tribes: roman, teuton, gaul. None of them would fit fictional characters. The idea of making more customization sure: characters now are plain, everyone looks the same except different facial features.

    1) INTRODUCE CAPTCHA: after 1-2 hours of continous play a pop-up shows up asking for a code. It is very easy and fast for a human to complete but almost impossible for a bot. My suggestion is to make it 4 or 5 numbers so it would not annoy too much the players. You can also make only 1 button to press "I'm not a robot" that works aswell and is not annoying

    This idea sounds great. But you would have to adjust it a little bit. For example: if you are waiting to send attack on certain time in offensive opperation, you might miss your timer because of CAPTCHA pop-up and it would ruin entire off opp for kingdom. Possible fix: add a notification with timer, that you will have to solve capcha soon (maybe one or two minute timer), and you could click on it to solve it earlier instead of it popping out of nowhere and ruining your important actions.

    Any additional ideas on how to make it steal proof?

    My opinion: if it would be possible to make it so you can choose whether to use them from inventory when you are building or spending it any other way. So the only way to "steal" would be to build a building and then demolish it to get resources from rubble. Would make it too much effort to make multi accounts for little profit. But then again stolen goods are the issue aswell, they can sell them, they get added to warehouse and they can rob them.

    Stange how there were many ways to put some pieces in hardest one. I though i made a mistake but couldn't spot any, also in easiest one you could switch elephants and tigers on the left and it would not make a difference.