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    Hello boys and girls.

    First I think you all are commenting in the wrong thread. We have one specific in Com5 embassy.

    Second, be carefull when talk about 404error leadership.

    I can have dukes, but they not represent 404error or are leaders, unfortunately some have just a title.

    We also are the first server together and we wont have another!!!!!

    Capfan situation was a internal problem, that became public.

    Me and him personally talk and solved.

    He was not a spy.

    He made a bad move based in lack of communication but nothing justify his attacks in his own mates.

    When he changed side was difficult for me because we were real life friends.

    N.13 just take advantage of a situation. As Sacth my ex-dual did when defend Wolfpack. Who was right? Both sides saw a opportunity to kill emenies hammers. Despite my personal reproval in both situations.

    And I agree with you Appa, Raskha statement was very stupid and unnecessary, but he paid his price.

    I also personally dont believed they knew about Nagizopen death.

    They discovered after the launch the real attacks and an off plan is always made in advance.

    However, could they stooped? Maybe, but not without damage for both sides.

    Was definitely a bad timing, a bad day for all of us.

    I lost my village.. and what? I lost friend!

    I dont like spies and I had big fights about this subject in the begging of the server with some players who wanted play like that.

    Now about 3ctze situation. He betrayed his own Kingdom, this is a fact.

    Kings and Vice kings think treasuries belongs to them. NO. They belong to governos who died, fought, expend time and money in their games. So only them could make decisions about where they should go.

    COM5 represents the year of 2020.

    Was a terrible server for all players.


    Be like WATER , just go with the flow.