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    this is terrible...championship server but 2 of them at the same time? no point wtf champion server is that...start with 2kings 4 dukes at day 1?it's the same as 2 kingdom that didnt merged no point either...big kingdom will have advantage over all who are not premade?this is pointless and unfair...4 day after server start randoms can join?why?not fair again.Pointless and from TK team point of view lose in money....after 72h closed regs?why again?pointles...Usless?wtf are those suggestion?if you want championship server the only diffrence from normal 3x need to be: Once a year...Named champion or so server.With price for top 3 Kingdoms who win the server.Price need to be either gold or real money.That's it no usless futures.And there need to be active TK team to watch for multi abusers and bot abusers.

    To be honest I would just like to see an update to the goldshop at this point. It's been already 1 month since it was updated and I feel it's lost it touch. How can we take a game serious when gold shop only get an update every 3 months? .....

    Kidding, this game is going down the drain faster then America at this point. And that's saying something.

    I told my self i will quit TK after com2x3 but sadly i started com1nx3 with the idea that since alot of ppl will play it admins will not let so much cheaters w/o punishment.Sadly i was wrong so after com1nx3 (if i dont delete :D ) if there are no improvment's (i doube there will be) i will quit for good...I better spend my money on casino and hookers or w/e then on TK.

    Sad part is that when you see com1nx3 for example you see 2400 ppl reged or so...and reality is that not more then 1200 are real ppl if not less..other 600 or so are multi accounts and rest of them are ppl who left the server cos there is no point in plaing.And i know every game have it's cheaters and i am fine with it but in TK we are talking for more then just cheaters.Kingdoms with 80 ppl (real) are making kingdoms with ~200 "active new players" and this is insane.We dont play for the win or who is better at planing attacks/fakes etc...Tk become a game where the one with more multi accounts win.And this is the sad part of it.If kingdom of 80 ppl only 5 or 10 cheats and make few multi accounts no one will care about them but they become greedy...No problem tbh TK will die soon and some more smart and talanted ppl will ressurect it with fair/fast and fair punishments to those who are willing to cheat :)

    The TG has no interest in banning cheaters because they provide more gold than others, they have been making fun of us for more than 5 years saying they will do something...

    The only solution is to find a new game where the rules are enforced.

    I know cheaters donate alot but they are not biggest donators..Cheaters are like 70ppl in kingdom or so do you think they can out donate 500 reall ppl or even more who play fair?Answer is no.And even they will stop donating when there are no ppl to fight with.

    The TG has no interest in banning cheaters because they provide more gold than others, they have been making fun of us for more than 5 years saying they will do something...

    The only solution is to find a new game where the rules are enforced.

    as i said till the end of this year if a world have 1k ppl left will be miracle.As i can see most of the players are quitting or w8 for bbash or halloween servers,but if they dont do something with cheaters even those ppl will quite and after halloween server i doubt there will be more then 1k ppl in server...and if this happens 2023 TK will be dead game.

    This is my 3th server x3 i started in a row.And guess what...Again multis.Sad part is even if they ban some of them they punish them with stupid 10%pop loss and 24h kingdom that have 80-100 ppl now play with more then 200.And they dont even farm them only.They produce def units from those multis that are send as reinforsment deffence.I Beg admins atleast when you ban someone for 24h for multing pls perma ban the farms.This is getting out of control.I dont wanna share all the chats ppl admit that travian is a game where if you dont use multi's you got no chance's and the multi accounts are actualy more then the real players.Idk what admins need to discuss so much when for last 6 months this is way out of control and no1 takes actions...

    There are several things that you dont consider when you want to balance units...for instance phalanx are terrible and you can never clean camps/hideouts.This is true for spears aswell while Legos have quite good attack power aswell defence.This is huge for early game.Not to mention Legos are cheap (cheaper then phalanx) and good early game unit while pretorians are mostly used later on,no one start pump pretos first 5 days of the server (talking about 3x servers).Romans are made for late game.Like it or not they cant have best off unit's and best def unit's.

    Sorry.... I don't understand.....

    To me it is simple... You cheat, you get banned from the server.

    You told cheaters dont get banned cos they buy gold.So i am telling you they dont need to perma ban them so they get punish.It's a win win situation for everyone with abit harsh punishments.They still gonna play and donate so admins will be good.They will not gonna cheat again since they will be afraid of the punishment.We will be happy cos we gonna play fair. But again the punishment need to be harsh not that joke 10% pop reduce....

    Because cheaters also buy gold...

    ok we all buy gold...i dont want them to be perma banned.But 10% pop is a joke.They can punish them w/o making them quit the round.They can add penalty for no training troops for X amouth the time combined with unable to attack for the same time.But not 24h...Atleast 72 or even more.And afcorse while they cant attack or train troops they can be attack or recive def.It's fair punishment.

    dude what the F**k you talk about....1st of all it's easy to spot all those multi abusers or atleast the most greedy one's.2nd there are atleast 20 reports to that dude made and admins can easly check on his account.3th the punishments for multi abusing are terrible.what -10%pop?wtf is this?He raided 20mil res and he got 10% pop lowered?it's joke.4th best way to get rid of multi abusers is active admins that look for the game worlds,atleast for the 1st 2 weeks where the most imbalance from farming multis comes from.After 2nd week no1 will care if someone raid multis or not...5th No one is donating from multi account's.6th big kingdoms are no problem 50% of those players inside the kingdoms are inactive or log 1-2 times a day so it's w/e.7th IDK why when so many ppl want harsh punishments for cheaters admin dont make harsher punishments?

    That is not true.They game can stop make money and still be online.It was created this way like all brawsers games.They desided to turn it to this pay to not get banned game.I know they got taxes rets and all that but it's busnes for them,and like all companies you dont shit where you eat.And atm they shit alot where they eat with allowing cheaters play w/o punishments.And you can see the result cos they dont take actions...Last comnx servers and this year ppl are half as much.And it wont get better.I can talk from my prespective but i normaly donate around 100 euro per server i play.And this will be my last one that i play atleast for few months or even more depend on what admins do.I dont care if i doneted or not but why should i play when ppl farm multis making few kingdoms just so they can farm more and i play fair?So i can waste 2 months for nothing?Better go play some other game...And sadly most of ppl are like me so sooner or later more will go.And tell me now how you can understand there logic when they make so ppl leave so bunch of ppl stay?where is the profit of that?you make 2-3-5k ppl leave so 100 ppl stay and donate?do you see profit in this?com2x3 was terrible.Started good those turks destroyed it.Multi kingdoms(dude we dont talk here about 1-5 farms we are talking about kingdom multi.) was made some baned but guess what after all reports all the pics showned no actions are taken.Turks will win i dont care about that anymore.But server that started with 2k+ ppl now is left with 600 or so.Is this a joke or what?and why becouse of 30 ppl.there punishment was non.Com1nx3 Unreal kingdom.Multis are made menhired.They make 200-300 units attack when army die menhired away so they dont take space in the kingdom and new comes.And this is fair game?Server have 2.5k ppl or so it's day 4.Quess how many will stay till end.Admins action is ban only multi accounts that are already menhired away.So tell me how you understand there logic when they shit on there work as creators of this game???how???

    If you donate=No punishments...That is the logic of TK owners...It's sad i know so many games died and everyone forgot them just becouse admins was greedy and instead of making fair game they wanted the money...We know admins need money but lol give TK little bit more time and when no ppl left to play it even if then admins ban all cheaters there will be no1 to play it.Admins if you hear this out stop using your bot detection's to ban and punish multis.Start manualy checking atleast those ppl that are reported constantly.It's job for 2 min.Perma ban those who abuse iligal game mechanics and i bet my ass that ALOT MORE ppl will come play and return to TK.

    No recourse/troop/CP/Buildings produced for the duration of the ban.

    Kingdom looses half the treasures produced by that player, and looses CP equal to the treasures removed multiplied by the amount of weeks the server has been going for. This punishment should also get harsher with each "group" banned this server for that kingdom.

    This is no no...With all the spies and multis you will force more ppl to make multis and join diffrent kingdoms just so they can get penalty's... by other punishments are good:

    1. 20% off all building levels

    2. 20% loss of CP, if this drops CP below a village threshold they loose their most recent village.

    3. 80% loss of all troops