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    NO me vendan el cuentito de los Alemanes que lo mismo paso con los Rusos y terminaron siendo terribles multeros y no demostraron nada del otro mundo.

    no demostaron nada de otro mundo ? 70k de tropas al dia 10 llevandose mas de 30 jugadores y mas reinos en 1 semana, creo que te perdiste de mucho xD

    Of course, and the server would not be easy to win, as simply saying, let's be allies, ready 700 people in a kingdom, a single kingdom takes all the wonders, etc, etc.

    for something we ask this change, a treasure to each duke and two to the king if they want, it will be better for everyone.

    with more kingdoms, there are more wars, more fights.

    it would be more difficult to win. no matter that many allied kingdoms are created, only one will win.

    but so with a kingdom taking absolutely everything .....

    How many posts did you read that a kingdom with a large population destroys another? what is the fun of fighting 10 against 100? put a maximum of treasuries, 1 per duke (they have robbers) 2 to the kings.

    the game would be better more fun

    Just remove banned people from the game server

    That would be for the best, but they won't.

    It would be the best way to end multi-accounts, if you use multi-accounts your main account will also be deleted, I like your idea, it is excellent :love:

    and why not, new races with those buildings?

    that this building has to be activated, that it helps the kingdom to activate itself, and that everyone has for example 5% more power for the kingdom.

    Example 20k of each resources for 1% attack, as it is a buff to the kingdom, it would be nice if it is expensive and that everyone helps with that.

    The limitation of the kingdom has been asked for a long time.

    I have seen many servers where a single kingdom takes all the wonders, and it has happened in the COMS many times, the truth is that if you want to win, joining the strongest kingdom is the easiest and most efficient way, it is the truth.

    There are no longer fights on the servers, 500 people against 20, easy

    Yes or that a race is like that, as you say (if not, it does not make sense that you choose a race, or want to play only with one)

    that it is a "nomadic" race where the people they conquer will remain with the race that was conquered, would be another way of playing.

    This is kingdoms against kingdoms, why not races that help the kingdom? 3% more toughness for villages within the kingdom, 3% more resources, etc, etc so many options and so many good ideas

    A newcomer that comes and reads this last two pages will be surprised if he scrolls back a page or two :D:D:D

    But very good points made here 1era#ES that's so true !

    And its actually something us players are asking for a long time ! It doesn't need to be Egyptians and Huns, give us Persians or Carthaginians, that will definitely be a contested TEST and Anniversary server, 5k hats in the map ? Pfff done in the 1st two days, I bet even players who are retired can return to the game if proper advertisement is done :)

    right, check out the best games played around the world, wow, lol, black desert.

    the map is always the same, black desert has been with the same map for 6 years, lol 10 years with the same map and the same sense the difference is in the replayability.

    Imagine this: a race with scouts in barracks and another in stable, double spies, would you easily reach 100k on a x3 server, would you kill kingdoms? no, would you kill your enemies? no, but I can say that I would play it just to throw 200k of scouts to a wonder, there is this grace.

    Imagine a race with double barracks, that the stable is another barracks, for example, in the barracks you train villagers, in the other barracks military troops, would they be good? no, would it be weaker than the other races? yes, would people play it? Yes of course.

    and why not a teuton but chivalry? to get hair out quickly even if they are very weak (that the Roman continues to be stronger)

    they are simply ideas, let's not talk about other cultures that did not know about horses, or that used goats, donkeys, camels, elephants.

    It is not difficult, they are numbers and images, letting the 3 original races be the best in their work, but there is more to replayability.

    well as I said I have thousands of ideas like all the players here from travian

    Germanic perks are more effective in the game. There is no balance in the game. Newcomers may be a little weaker. It's a team game, more races, more options, more fun. Also, for balance, reduce the strength of the Germanic wall from 5x to 4x, even that is less.

    is what they referred to me, replayability is the most important, look at league of legends, each game is different because it has 200 characters or more, the map is always the same and the meaning of the game too, but you can replay millions of times.

    look at the MMOrpg, the map is always the same, the professions, but you can create 40 different characters and play them differently.

    I am not saying that there are more broken races, simply more, although they are weak in all their aspects, people will play another race, to change

    The game is dying, dying by leaps and bounds, and if you are, it is you who are the administrators, moderators and developers. Do not take radical and revolutionary measures to improve the game engine and its operation in general. In a year or two, there will be no one to play it.

    We all know that, 2 years and nobody opens here, barely 100 people play on servers like ES, and the fault is not of the people who are here showing their faces in the forum, they are only representatives.

    it's the fault of the developers, who basically don't do anything.

    you do not know the amount of new ideas, that I have read in these forums and legends, but nothing.

    Many of us understand what you say, but as was said many times, they are not interested.

    starting from the simplest base, the regulability, to play another server again, the same 3 races of almost 20 years ago, the same things.

    I do not ask for anything, I gave many ideas, and some were well received, such as that the governors do not lose 500 troops for each robber every day, one point for the governors: D

    but replayability is important, more races, that the game is not only for 3 people, why not more wonders? only 5 kingdoms left? why not 10? wouldn't it be more fun? more dynamic? Wouldn't more people come in?

    why the same 3 races almost 20 years ago? I enter a server and I do not enter with hype, I sweat everything that happens, nobody asks for stronger races, that the 3 that there are are the best doing what they do, but more, even if it is to test, have an insentive, the Last year it was the Hallowen masks, how good I like to see the game with change :D

    but we forget everything the game needs, we have already talked a lot, they will know what to do ;(