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    solamente vas mas lento, por ejemplo en un x3 donde un rey empiesa a crear un martillo al dia 5, tu lo empesaras a crear al dia 20, es un ejemplo, el unico problema es la cantidad absurda de recursos entre los governadores y los reyes/dukes

    add an option in the embassy or in the meeting place, that the troops have to leave at X hours to X villages.

    very simple, add villages in this option, put the troops you want, and the troops are blocked, when the time comes for the troops to march.

    as in life that they were preparing to go X day to a place, or leave at dawn, the same.

    It can also be an option in the embassy that the kingdom sets the coordinates, and you put the troops so that they can march at that time.

    It is simple, this is not travian ;) and if it is a kingdom game we still do not have the most important thing, a coordinated attack with the kingdom, we depend on an external page to send coordinated attacks just like travian, which seems to me a shame, it depends on another page <X , when the game is created to be played from a mobile application... <X

    What other war games apps are you comparing Travian Kingdoms to?

    This sounds like having artifacts in Travian Legends.

    I personally do not want Kingdoms to start mirroring Legends. Thats why I like Kingdoms

    I would like to like something like this but not sure yet as it seems like just another thing that the larger premades will always control leaving newer players and communities without. Much like the WW's are becoming.

    Can you tell us how this can and will be abused because you have to know that it will.

    Well the idea is that its respawn is far from wonders, I don't like the stupid idea of travian kingdoms a kingdom gets everything, that's why I made several to limit treasuries, the idea is that these strategic resource points are worth it.

    I compare it with all of them, basically all of them are better, and it's not like artifacts, just a square that will give a bonus to the kingdom

    you can try to improve the game, or be like lua and play and accumulate troops without meaning and never improve.

    they are just suggestions,give opinions if it will be good or bad, add other suggestions, improve the idea, etc.

    More or less.....
    Not an attackable spot, but more of a spot that...once inside borders provides perhaps a 1% bonus to whatever resource it is....there are wilderness spots that have wood, clay, iron , and whichever one it is would give the 1% bonus to the kingdom.
    It would force kingdoms to choose between more passive resource increase or more tribute generating players.....
    Of course the only slight downside is that Multi-kingdoms would settle around map edge to generate the extra wood bonus ....and then get raided by their main accounts....but its just a slight con.....Travian cant stop adding things to the game because of potential multi abuse.

    I won't talk about the multi-account issue, when the anniversary server ended, the players themselves asked for a harsher punishment and nothing happened, so if the same players ask for it, imagine the situation

    interesting idea, let me see if I am getting it straight so you think this could ignite a series of battles for the " ownership" of the lands, having kingdoms trying to push their borders to gain more bonuses?

    yes, for example there are 5 wonders, you went for a wonder and lost against another kingdom, well go for the strategic resource, recover with the resource bonus, troops, etc (whatever the developers want) and then come back stronger :D

    It is also a reason to fight, if the bonuses are good, the treasuries would go looking for these resources in mid-game, when the sector is already controlled.

    It would be good to have about 4 or 5 strategic points, among the wonders so that a kingdom does not have so much advantage or not close to the wonders

    What if a kingdom had 30 of these wood oases? How much % would be the bonus?

    that no longer depends on us, but on the developers, clearly it has to be worth it to kill troops and our time

    which is a bonus for the kingdom <.<

    that's why travian is like this, you look at other war game apps and we are light years away n.n

    Well, it's an idea, basically there are squares on the map where there is nothing, neither oases nor villages, which can be strategic resources for the kingdom, for example:

    tile name: fertile land: 20% wheat production for the kingdom

    great forest: 20% wood production for the kingdom


    How would this change the game? in nothing, it would give more motivation to the kingdoms to fight and would make there more war for these resources

    At the beginning of the game I would not change anything, the kingdoms will go to take the place of wonders.

    mid-late game you may find you change where to locate the treasuries to obtain these resources for the kingdom.

    how would you conquer it? simple to enter within the treasury area

    It would improve the game a lot, especially if you enter a server, go to the side of the wonder and simply wait until you throw the troops to some wonder, the problem of kingdom was always that in the middle of the game there is nothing to fight, this It would be a good option. The percentage of the bonus for the entire kingdom was an example, they can be clearly increased so that it is worthwhile and profitable, and you can also add points not only for resources, but also for troops such as: oak forest , 5% more production in the workshop for battering rams and catapults.

    A long time ago I asked for a helmet for a workshop that increases the speed of the same, many options with those boxes on the map.

    it's just a suggestion


    the suggestion is the resource point, that empty square on the map, it could be a cathedral, a temple that even produces treasures for the kingdom or what was mentioned before, resources.but for now the suggestion is the strategic resource point for the kingdom

    la exp que dan las tropas es basicamente su consumo de cereal, por eso los clubs son apatecibles siempre, no defienden nada, y dan 1 de experiencia al igual que toda la infanteria, y bueno si tienes muchas tropas, envia asedios a oasis, cada x tiempo los oasis "regeneran" tropas/animales, asique si estas en un sv con varios dias, algunos oasis estaran llenos de animales n.n

    The idea of the hospital was because basically the governors lose troops every day with the robbers, always have the hospital empty, the big difference between a king and a governor (removing the difference in resources) is that the king does not need to attack and can accumulate troops, the governor needs to attack every day.

    That is why the hospital and the natar horn exist, you recover troops, you reduce casualties, as governor and duke it will be one of your priorities...

    owo pero como o donde vez todo eso? no sabia que en kingdoms teniamos eso tmb :D

    Of course none of this will ever be implemented. But it would be cool right ?

    violenceee hello old friend :D
    Yes, good changes, when I recommended the swimming horn I was listened to and the same with the hospital, now I see other changes, I am very happy that they listen to the community, that they know that what we say is for the good of the game <3
    If I saw that it is much better, I would have to try a slow sv, the truth is that the part about not being able to sleep and being there for a long time is complicated for me, to be a mobile game it is necessary to be 24/7

    I think I would increase the production of the farms, you will be able to sleep more hours, your barn will last more hours, and all those benefits that would be to have more cereal production, basically because the governors have a low percentage of bonuses in the oases.
    I'll see :D

    very few people on the servers, I find that there are no Spanish servers, and that's good.

    add more tribes/civilizations, another way to play, turning a village into a city is great, you can improve that so that people who don't have as much time to play are as useful or as strong as you want.

    The truth is that this is very life-sucking, if I stopped playing it is because I could not even sleep the last days before a hammer, not to mention those who do wonders, etc.

    They can make more good changes for the game, more production of resources and wheat, X number of villages, so it is more playable for everyone, that the villages are better cities, you opt for many villages or few but strong ones, etc.

    I personally am in a game where we only have 1 single village, and it is super comfortable, Travian is very life-sucking and without any reward, the server ends, and everything is forgotten, that aspect can be greatly improved, that the constructions last a lot but that the server lasts for years, anyway as always thousands of ideas but it's not worth saying, I just come to let you know that there are few people: D