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    The clock has been an issue since Kingdoms started.

    Somewhere within the walls of this forum is a post where the clock was discussed and it was stated that it would be reworked to be more reliable as the one in Legends is.

    It was not high priority though but something that will be dealt with in the future.



    Were you able to find everything okay or do you need some more help.

    No problem if you do as sometimes this stuff can be confusing.

    Just PM myself or Georgi and we can help you along.


    Hello Kaspyan

    Looks like a graphic error and thanks for reporting it here. I would also ask that you do send in a ticket to the "Help Center" and report it there too if you have not already done so.
    This helps by putting it into the system so that those who need to see, do see. I will poke some one to about this thread.



    Hello Eartheater

    Currently it cannot be expanded it looks like but a good idea to bring up to see if it is possible to expand it a bit.

    I am still not sure myself if having just a small amount showing is what fixed the lag but I for one would rather see less with zero lag then see more and suffer thru what was period just a bad experience anytime you entered the RP that is heavily in use.


    Hello Feamor

    It is possible to do as you say in many aspects. You can send messages to just your kingdom or a secrete society.

    You can also talk globally within each of the larger groups in chat(kingdom, ss) . Just look at lower right and click that button........

    As for sending the same message to several different players at once, that is still not possible unless of course they are in a ss or other group you have created.


    Hello Everyone

    If you had a member near there before who had used that oasis and connected it to their village then it would have entered your kingdom.

    So until someone clears and retakes that oasis then it should remain yours as long as there are troops in it. Once the troops disappear then critters will emerge and back to nature it goes.


    Hello Goldberk

    As a player you can pick a geographical location to settle (North/South/East/West) but you cannot pick any exact coordinates.
    So there is always a possibility of you and your friend settling close to each other but no way to make it so that he does settle next to you.

    Hope you have a great server



    If you can just submit a report as Georgi has asked as then we can take a look to determine if you had a bug or not.

    If you had animals then they can check and see if they did disappear or were released by accident. Either way they can make that determination.


    Hello Thorsson

    Could you please submit a ticket to the Help Center from the server you experienced this on including the names of these players.
    This way we can take a look at it and check for any errors or if a bug exists. It really does help when you report stuff like this so thank you very much.


    Hello ^^

    There are many reasons why you may not see that but we lack enough info to give you a good answer.

    If it is a new server then marketplace actions are limited till 7 days have passed.
    If you have or are a sitter, this will limit actions you can take.
    You are also limited in how much too can send a player before they have to send some back to you.

    If you feel any of the above reasons or some posted by others are not it then please submit a ticket to the "Help Center" and they can take a deeper look into your account to check for any bugs or errors.


    Hello Falken

    The mobile app is a giant work in progress for sure. All I can say at present time is to keep watch on the thread about the app and you will stay up to speed with the rest of us.
    Here is the latest changelog and you can read back to previous ones to see what has been fixed. :)

    Mobile App

    They keep a pretty good eye out for post like these too so they can see where problems or bugs still exist. Thanks for posting. :)

    Hello Auggie

    No it has not been implemented yet and still no clear time line on when it will be.

    Once we learn more you can bet it will be posted in the appropriate places on the forum.

    I can't wait for that one myself. :)

    Kingdoms is also still under development so to say with many things that still need fixed.

    So adding more troop types to a game that is still undergoing changes to the game mechanics itself will only gum up the works.

    So yes they do understand but Kingdoms is currently not ready for the additions if they ever do want to add some.


    Hello Everyone

    Bantering back and forth has always been the thing to do on the boards for Travian. :)
    Politics & Propaganda mixed in with some good old fashion BS
    It is a game so let's keep is civil and no reason to throw out personal insults.

    Out of popcorn but ordering pizza .......


    Hello TheBuster

    Send in a ticket to the Help Center and I will look into this myself.

    If you had 40 adventures like you say then a possible bug could be at play but we can take a closer look to see what is up.

    I will keep an eye open for it.