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    Thank you very much to all for your participation, I agree, if it is for previous winners, noob or new players would come into consideration when planning it.

    Would you mind elaborating on those scenarios you contemplate?

    A Championship server could occur once a year

    (Or make it a twice a year event)

    A 2x3 speed server (if possible go back in time and let each kingdom start with 2 kings and 4 duke slots from the start)

    Should be international

    Those invited would be the winning kingdoms of each server for that year or timeframe

    Each winning kingdom(the king/kings) would be given a set amount(50 to 80/set by Travian) of registration keys

    to develop a pre-made team prior to server start

    Each team would start on a closed server(with maybe free resource bonus active for all) and given 3 days to

    establish themselves on the map. (free bonus would end after the 3 days)

    On day 4 the server would then be opened to the general public for 72 hours for open registration

    After 72 hours it is then closed for remainder of server life

    Prizes could be awarded to the following....

    Overall winner

    2nd place

    3rd place

    (Travian would have to determine how many placed teams would win something)

    Consideration also needs to be given to the kingdoms who play a part

    in helping another kingdom win or place high. This of course would be info

    coming from the kings themselves after server ends. Not sure how to go about that

    but something to ponder. Maybe something could be added so each kingdom could list

    up to 4 subordinate kingdoms who have helped them through the server.

    ATTACKER - Killing animals would not count



    (Travian would have to sort what category to make awards for)

    Prizes that could be awarded.....

    Gold - This would satisfy anyone playing the game as gold is everything (dont go cheap here but dont over do it neither)

    Boosts - Could any of the boosts be given for the length of a server? (player claims when they start a server)

    Troops - Could a set amount of troops be given to a player? (player claims when they start a server)

    Specialty badge - Its something

    Yes I agree about your definition of a championship server...for past winning kingdoms.

    I do feel that limiting prospective players to only those accepted by those teams before the server starts would not lead to a proper game.

    Even in Legends an open player base is allowed to join if done in time.

    So maybe an open registration could occur and only be active for first 5 days or even less.

    I would say anything past 5 days is too long. Actually 3 days sounds like a good thing to me.

    I would also suggest that maybe the first day is closed to only those in the premade then open it up(on day 2) to new registers for 3 days then close the server to registration.

    There are so many different scenarios that could come into play but it is a server Kingdoms should consider. :)

    Any other drawbacks or challenges we should think about in this type of scenario?

    When winning gold is on the table I wonder what would some players be ready to do to achieve the goal.

    Drawbacks - If a player who wants to play is not known by any of the pre-made teams then they may not get accepted to play.

    It should be open but pre-made teams encouraged and like most servers the population will sort its own self out.

    To win and achieve the gold - Players will cheat

    I can assure you that we don't.

    We already identify some ways some game mechanism were abused and changed those (just as an example recent Menhir feature change), as we are trying to not only look at punishments, but at changes we can do to improve the situation for everyone, nut just relying on catching cheating, but making it more difficult.

    We will keep working on it, may be not as fast as you wish, but we will get there for sure.

    To be fair I also agree that Travian is not encouraging players to cheat.

    Also it comes down to time when investigating, it can take a couple hours or it can take a lot more to put together the evidence needed to ban a player. Sometimes you have to watch a player for a day or more to see things you don't see right away. Making a mistake can also lead to legal issues when real money is involved.

    As for those who cheat...Whats the matter, not confident enough in your own play skills. It's just a game, play it as such and you may find there is fun in those hard fought wins as well as those close losses.


    Started playing travian legends, they have very strict rules about multis:

    • § 1.1.a Each player may only own and play one account per game world.

    • § 1.1.b An account must always be played for its benefit or its confederacy’s benefit. Accounts that exist for the benefit of an account outside the same alliance or confederacy may be permanently banned and deleted. Accounts that benefit from accounts that existed for their benefit may be severely punished.

      Implement this and truly enforce it, and you have no multi problem

    Not sure what game you are playing but Legends is just as infested with cheaters as Kingdoms. Thats one of the reasons I stopped playing Legends and came to Kingdoms. The cheating followed here and seems a bit more allowed. Not sure why.

    I dislike it. It would be better to just remove unions from the game. They don't really do anything but promote larger kingdoms. Removing the commitment side of a union further reduces any value of unions. Just remove them and solve these problems and create more competitive, smaller kingdoms.

    I do like the idea that only governors within borders can become dukes. That changes a lot of early game schemes that rely on quickly maximizing kingdom size. It supports building a stronger core within the kingdom (both of players and in area) before expanding.

    I was never a big fan of it when it came out so if they remove it all together, would be okay with me.


    The clock has been an issue since Kingdoms started.

    Somewhere within the walls of this forum is a post where the clock was discussed and it was stated that it would be reworked to be more reliable as the one in Legends is.

    It was not high priority though but something that will be dealt with in the future.



    Were you able to find everything okay or do you need some more help.

    No problem if you do as sometimes this stuff can be confusing.

    Just PM myself or Georgi and we can help you along.


    Hello Feamor

    It is possible to do as you say in many aspects. You can send messages to just your kingdom or a secrete society.

    You can also talk globally within each of the larger groups in chat(kingdom, ss) . Just look at lower right and click that button........

    As for sending the same message to several different players at once, that is still not possible unless of course they are in a ss or other group you have created.


    Hello Everyone

    If you had a member near there before who had used that oasis and connected it to their village then it would have entered your kingdom.

    So until someone clears and retakes that oasis then it should remain yours as long as there are troops in it. Once the troops disappear then critters will emerge and back to nature it goes.


    Hello Goldberk

    As a player you can pick a geographical location to settle (North/South/East/West) but you cannot pick any exact coordinates.
    So there is always a possibility of you and your friend settling close to each other but no way to make it so that he does settle next to you.

    Hope you have a great server


    Hello ^^

    There are many reasons why you may not see that but we lack enough info to give you a good answer.

    If it is a new server then marketplace actions are limited till 7 days have passed.
    If you have or are a sitter, this will limit actions you can take.
    You are also limited in how much too can send a player before they have to send some back to you.

    If you feel any of the above reasons or some posted by others are not it then please submit a ticket to the "Help Center" and they can take a deeper look into your account to check for any bugs or errors.


    Hello Falken

    The mobile app is a giant work in progress for sure. All I can say at present time is to keep watch on the thread about the app and you will stay up to speed with the rest of us.
    Here is the latest changelog and you can read back to previous ones to see what has been fixed. :)

    Mobile App

    They keep a pretty good eye out for post like these too so they can see where problems or bugs still exist. Thanks for posting. :)