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    This is where you're wrong.

    Farming grey's isn't being active. It's clicking a button every 5, 10, 20, 30 or 60 minutes to send 100 attack. That's not being active. Being active is scouting villages before attacking them. You are more than welcome to scout all the grey's before attacking them, now that would be active.

    Farming grey is much more active playing then spiking it. You have to at least click a button every 5,10,20,30 min. So your complains about not playing active when you actually support people who plays even less active are funny.

    The issue is that that balance between deff and off players was shifted by someone decision in favor of deff players. In that way that off players got no choice to counter that. Like I wrote they can see attack hitting them we got no chance to trace who defend. Apparently only one side during discusion was listened cowards like Coldplay who claim they want to play active game but they hide in shadow so we couldn't find them.
    I have never complained about spiking. The issue is that points for that were removed. So no one can see who does that.

    Why would I start a war when I can kill your troops and lose 99% less than what I'll lose in a real fight?

    And you just admitted you are coward afraid to start war. The only what you are not afraid to do is to spike grey. I wrote i'm not afraid to go after anyone. Especially players who got a lot of deff and nothing to do so they spike greys.

    So go farm active players and no one will spike you, but oh, wait, you don't want to do that because you want to just click your farm list every 10-20 minutes and not actively farm, right.

    That shows you got no idea how top farmers do. Only part of farmed rss comes from farmlists. Big portion is from active players.
    But yeah what to expect from cowards who are afraid they could be traced again

    Is tracing spikers a feature in the game? No. It never was supposed to be.

    "Cowards who are afraid to fight", you say; I say you are the coward. Go farm active players and stop farming greys. Spiking is a legit game strategy and I'm happy that travian disabled the deff points from spiking greys.

    Have You ever seen something like deff points??? It is feature of this game. It has always allowed to track deff points players including spikers until update last year.
    Now cowards apparently like you, too afraid to start a war, so hiding behind not very smart idea happy that no one can trace them down.
    And yes spiking is legit game strategy as long both parties can see who does that. In travian only spiker can see atacker but atacker can't see spiker.
    Now cowards can spike as much as they want and they will stay anonymous.

    Is demolishing spikers against rules? No
    So why option to find them was removed?
    Now cowards just who are to afraid to fight just mindlessly spike all grey villages They know there is no way to find out who does it.
    Scared to get visit of catas? Don't spike then.
    Bring deff points back so we could trace them.

    Who had that stupid idea year ago to remove deff points from spiking grey villages?????
    At least there was a chance to track dawn spiker and pay visit to him with catas. Now spikers make that game unplayable for any farmers.