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    I already did the math and found out the perfect way to do it

    ok if newbs can do it, Than vets should be able to do it even better? there is always a bit of luck in it . But a newb can not know the most efficient route

    its all about numbers there is a best way to do it because it numbers.... We have some very smart people in our group... just gotta do the math =D and be active lol

    I already did the math and found out the perfect way to do it, anyway, for next round there wont be any changes, so need to be fast as rocket :) I will stick with teuton anyway. In worst case will conquer someones 15c near me :)

    Until mehrin stone system it was ok, I almost always placed 2nd village 1st or 2nd on server, but with new system it makes it too easy to do and even newbie can do it witout stress in max time possible.

    For me, best would be if no gladiator helmets and no 800CP quest. Than everything will depend on CP gain from buildings and celebrations, which are very expensive at start. This would be much better, and 2nd villages would appear only at the end of week for the most active players

    I voted no because gauls shouldn't lose their tribe specialties just because the devs have made fast-settling overpowered. I would rather see rubble and menhirs and all relocation crap removed instead of gauls nerfed :)

    Any solution could be ok, I just explained where is the problem. Voting system for this is not good, admins should think themselves what to do


    As we all know settler training time is not the same for all tribes, with residence 1lvl training times are following (took from travian wiki):

    Gaul: 06:18:20

    Roman: 07:28:20

    Teuton: 08:36:40


    Until relocation system with instant Robber hideouts and resource bags this wasn't a problem. Many just waited 200CP to fill up and then settled their 2nd village, but now, when you can get instant 24k res after relocation and convertion of your fields to res bags, everything depends on settler training time.

    Today I tested fast 2. village settle with Teuton and was able to send settlers in 12h35min from start. (without counting residence rubble clearing time which is 14-30min), but this is not the case here)

    3 settlers training time with 10lvl residence=>3h20minx3=10h and residence building time with 10lvl MB, from 1-5lvl is ~2h23min. So it took me ~12min to start making residence after appearing in travian world.

    Problem is that even if I try harder it isn't possible for Teutons to get it under 12h23min, while Gauls and Romans can easy do it in less than 12h. (for gauls i probably could do it in ~9h 40-50min)

    So basicly game is saying that 1st gauls take all 15c they want, then romans take what is left and teutons don't need 15c, they need only clubs :)

    I agree that each tribe have their bonuses, but is it fair that gauls can get 15c 2h faster than teutons? I think no, please vote ;)


    There are already only 15-20% of teutons in servers, you want to make it even less?


    Maybe you can add unit age? I would like to have some grandpa clubs or veterans who survived battes and have medals. And where all dead bodies are moved? I want a graveyard :)


    Graveyard would be nice to see at the end of server how many troops you have lost divided by dates and attacks/defs. Maybe only farmlist looses could be seperated to not make it unreadable, or some filters can be added

    1) maybe more players in kingdom - more penalities, like less res from fields, etc.. So that ppl won't make big kingdoms.

    2) Can reinforce only members from your kingdom (can't change kingdom very often, for example, you can leave or join only once in a few days)

    3) other changes that will make wing kingdoms useless.

    4) + of course, limitations, so that others won't join at the end, that will make them think about their own VP and WW.