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    Hallo, auf der jetzigen DE1 wir mir wegen dem Nachtfrieden angezeigt, ich könnte im Zeitraum 23:00-7:00 UTC! nicht angreifen, welche 2 Stunden hinter unserer jetzigen Zeit läuft. Heißt also, ich müsste bis 9 Uhr deutscher Zeit warten, um anzugreifen, ist das richtig?

    Gruß, Phil

    Man kann die oasen ausspähen, die Rohstoffe werden über Zeit generiert, wenn also am Tag vorher jemand die Oase geräumt hat, und dann 10 Tiere gespawnt sind haben sie an dem Tag 10 Rohstoffe produziert (wenn ich mich nicht irre produziert jedes Tier 1 Ress/Tag), dann kamen noch welche dazu die aber noch keine Ressis produziert haben.

    Hello Bridget,

    you are too kind! I just have one question: Is it possible to get the Gold in my Lobby? I would like to use it on a server that is starting soon, since there is just 1 I actively play on and I still have enough Gold there for the round.
    If this is not possible, can I send the gold to a friend's account on the same world? Or is this not allowed?

    best regards,

    @Philbaaa was sagst du zur De1 2017?

    Ich weiß, worauf du hinaus willst, und es tut mir Leid euch verlassen zu haben, da viele es nicht verdient hatten. Das war mein erster Ragequit in Travian. Ich konnte den Herzog nicht mehr ertragen und habe, nachdem mir die Hälfte der Dörfer in einer Aktion weggeadelt wurden, aus Frust gelöscht. Danach habe ich ein halbes Jahr Pause von Travian gemacht, ehe ich wieder angefangen habe.
    Natürlich habe ich daraus auch gelernt und werde so etwas nicht wiederholen.

    Klauronio Nixus möchte wissen:
    Werden wir Raudi in DE3 auch wiedersehen?

    • Ich denke eher nicht. Er ist auf com1x3 als König und auf com4 als Herzog beschäftigt. Den Namen habe ich, wie bereits gesagt, nur geklaut. Entschuldigung, das hab ich mir erlaubt.

    Nachtrag. ich habe gerade aus Zufall Raudi auf der Karte entdeckt! Ich wusste garnicht, dass er auf De3 ist :D

    Ich kann in der Chatübersicht bei den Spielern, die ich als Freunde geaddet habe, die Namen nicht mehr sehen. Ich kann aber nicht erklären wieso.
    Also es sind nur die 2, bei denen kein Name sichtbar ist, die anderen sind nicht auf meiner Freundesliste.

    "Once upon a time, Ferdinand and Hugo were united kings. Ferdinand
    is a Teuton, Hugo a Gaul. Although, they have different characters,
    they are getting along well, but then..."

    they encountered a Roman Patrol
    while they were together in the woods, hunting. At first, the Roman
    Legionnaires did not notice the ambush of the two kings, who were
    both great figthers. Ferdinand, armed with a great Club, sneaked
    behind the Legionnaires. Hugo, armed with a Bow, was hiding behind
    a tree, aiming at the Equites Imperatoris, who was leading the Roman
    patrol. When Ferdinand was close enough for an attacked, he charged
    at the Romans ferociously, screaming in an old germanic language Hugo
    could not understand. But even then, Hugo knew it was the time for attack,
    so he shot his arrow and hit the Roman Rider right into his chest, who fell
    from his horse like a bag of potatoes, whatever that is, the both kings never
    heard of it. At the same time, Ferdinand hit the last Legionnaire of the formation
    right on his head, and then the next, and the next.. It was like playing Whac-a-mole
    for him, whatever that is, the both kings never heard of it.

    The fight was won short after and the Roman patrol eliminated. Ferdinand
    and Hugo wanted to celebrate their small victory and shouted loudly, throwing
    their weapons into the air. The quick Gaul caught his bow easily, but Ferdinand,
    stupid as he was, just looked after his club but forgot to catch it again so it landed
    right on his face. Ferdinand started to scream, he got hurt by his own
    great Club. But after a while, the screaming turned into laugther!

    "...and this is why Ferdinand came home with a scar on his face."

    Unless its crop fields I would not do it (with crop fields you can have 50% bonus from buildings and up to 150% from oasis). Also, you just need the crop to feed your troops.

    For the other resource fields, I would do it in 1 village (preferably a 15c so you need just the 3) to claim the quest reward once, but I agree, doing it in every city is not really worth it.

    Did you know Teutons can also be great defenders? Ask about scouts and paladins!

    Hello Bridget, I dont know if its a bit misleading, but I would say the by far best defensive unit of the Teutons is the spearfighter, I am just unsure if it is so obvious that this is the reason to ask questions about the other units ?(

    Anyway, if I play a defensive Teuton I would focus on Spearfighters mostly, they are cheap and offer great defensive value especially against cavalry. Also, the resource cost for every def point against infantry is lower than on paladins!
    So if you are not almost overflowing on resources, I would fill the barracks first before starting to build paladins, try to encourage your gaulish kingdom members to build druidriders as fast defense, they outdo the paladins in all relevant values.

    Also, build scouts in at least one dedicated villages, the Teuton scouts are great to provide as scout defense for friendly treasuries, especially for other Teuton or Gaul Kings/Dukes who do not have access to the Roman horse drinking through (and therefore Equites Legati would consume 2 crop/h there instead of 1).

    Yes, in a wild oasis there can be resources. The production is, as far as I know, 1 per hour for every animal that is hiding there from the oasises resources and the storage maximum is depending on the age of the server