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    Unless its crop fields I would not do it (with crop fields you can have 50% bonus from buildings and up to 150% from oasis). Also, you just need the crop to feed your troops.

    For the other resource fields, I would do it in 1 village (preferably a 15c so you need just the 3) to claim the quest reward once, but I agree, doing it in every city is not really worth it.

    Did you know Teutons can also be great defenders? Ask about scouts and paladins!

    Hello Bridget, I dont know if its a bit misleading, but I would say the by far best defensive unit of the Teutons is the spearfighter, I am just unsure if it is so obvious that this is the reason to ask questions about the other units ?(

    Anyway, if I play a defensive Teuton I would focus on Spearfighters mostly, they are cheap and offer great defensive value especially against cavalry. Also, the resource cost for every def point against infantry is lower than on paladins!
    So if you are not almost overflowing on resources, I would fill the barracks first before starting to build paladins, try to encourage your gaulish kingdom members to build druidriders as fast defense, they outdo the paladins in all relevant values.

    Also, build scouts in at least one dedicated villages, the Teuton scouts are great to provide as scout defense for friendly treasuries, especially for other Teuton or Gaul Kings/Dukes who do not have access to the Roman horse drinking through (and therefore Equites Legati would consume 2 crop/h there instead of 1).

    Yes, in a wild oasis there can be resources. The production is, as far as I know, 1 per hour for every animal that is hiding there from the oasises resources and the storage maximum is depending on the age of the server

    in A kingdom oasis there are no animals but maybe someone is hiding troops there and even while in beginners protection you can attack there.

    And yes it does work to use the "all resource fields to x" in a 15c village, which goes a lot faster when you have only 3 in total of course ;)

    I would guess they attacked an Oasis, because the animals also give points. Or they are above 200 population and therefore lost the beginners protection and already attacked other players.

    Römer sind mein Lieblingsvolk, aufgrund des gleichzeitigen Ausbaus von Feldern und Gebäuden im Dorf, sowie dem geringen Getreideverbrauch im Vergleich zu den anderen Völkern. Ich setze auf Qualität statt Quantität :P
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    4h and a few minutes for a Roman with a level 10 MB. Assume the same for other tribes.
    edit: Ignore that, I didn't realise he was asking for x3 :D

    but yes, you can cancel for the first minute or so. so you can check the time, then cancel it.
    but if its 4h for normal, it should be 1h20 for x3 right? and i think troop build time is x2, so 1h30 for the settler. So quicker to demolish than to build the settler. Be careful!

    No, the troop building time is x3 too, just not the running speed of the troops, that is x2.

    The settles take a little less than 1 hour to be build on an x3 server and the residence more than 1 hour to be deconstructed. So if you just start demolishing the residence when you build the last settler you are safe. (usually you cant queue more than 1, so 2 should be finished already).

    Maybe you los a few minutes but I would say its not so important, atleast you dont need to pay attention :D

    Thank you a lot for this great idea
    i wonder if you can help by sharing how to use the 15c to get res.
    thank you really

    Build up the resource fields to 10. If you have all 3 on 10 you fulfill the quest "all resource fields to 10", since in that village, all are on 10. This quest gives you more than 100k resource, then you build up your other village for resource production, or, if you dismantle it, build residence to 10 in your 15c, found a new and do there, with the resources you got its not a problem.

    Das ist auch richtig so, da die erhöhte Geschwindigkeit nur für die Felder nach dem 20ten gilt. Das heißt, die ersten 20 Felder werden immer mit der normalen Geschwindigkeit zurückgelegt, da es 21 Felder sind vertut sich das nicht viel.