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    These GMs are made for trolling, and that's just what they'll do
    One of these days these GMs are gonna troll all over you.

    Anyone know the song?

    Worst management i have ever seen in a game. You cant start a server in 2-3 weeks? Would be the same if my boss would tell me today he needs a 5 course menu for tomorrow and i would tell him thats not possible KEKW

    PS: How many changes suggested from BM on the gossip forum from com3 page 46 will you do? Or is that too much work for you? Or do you rather implement senseless stuff that nobody wants? I mean if you want the game to die you can just shut down the servers. Or is that too much work too? :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    Every big team use multi. And in first day you need to relocate all members to WW and you need multi to do this quickly. It's normal. And all leaders do this

    Are you ok tho?

    why you insist on not understanding: D

    I mean the time given for the game is not worth the money, there are more advanced war game

    The game WAS the time and money you invested few years ago worth it. But because of abusers, Metas, cheaters, and ignoring GMs its not worth anymore. Thats why the game is dying.

    Dead game, GMs who dont listen to community, dont care for suggestions, only for money. Best example is that they didnt bring back Dry Season mode, what was an awesome game mode imo. But i guess the money they made with that mode wasnt enough, so they didnt bring it back. Better leave the game now before you get disappointed more and more. I really loved this game, but the ignorance of the GMs was just too much for me and lot of other players from former FnF

    Sissox#DE You have a similarity with BM. You like to say that we didn't come to win anyway when we lost. Irony about being toxic is also an irony.You started the toxic debate.

    Again this topic? We said from day 1 that we dont play active, a judt for fun server, the screen from Nami from our Facebook group should be evidence enough, no need to keep talking about this shit.

    Bad game that i spent way too much time in with even more toxic community then Facebook and Instagram combined, welcome to the world of Travian, where you can do/write whatever you want, and GMs only care if you draw attention on it :D

    I bet people lose interest in this game just by reading forum threads xD Holy moly the shittalking in every gossip thread is really annoying

    Pay to win ist es nur zum Teil, wenn du genug Zeit für das Spiel hast, oder mehrere Leute einen Account spielen, ist das definitv ein größerer Vorteil als Gold. Und man kriegt für Gold keine Ressourcen. Ressourcen für Gold kriegst du nur beim Kartenspiel, und die kannste auch jeweils nur einmal am Tag benutzen.