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    Keep dreaming, the only thing you will get is a typical: We will communicate it with the developers. Reading that sentence since 3 months, and nothing changed in the gameplay here. You still get harmless punishments for not following the rules, you play the same game for 3 months, even tho the community gives so many nice advices or suggestions. I have the feeling that TK only searches for trainees or people who are not willing to work. I really wish it would change something so the game could come back to its old glory. But instead they "update" the forum. Come on seriously? The forum? Oh wait, i forgot, they changed the Menhir function, that you have an attack cooldown now after you menhir. Good job TK.

    Talked about this topic like 500 times and nothing changed. They even made it more easy for people who are spiking by removing def points from defenders lol

    How to deal with traitors? Live with it. You cant change anything. Same with people who are toxic as fk. Thats 2020, deal with it or go down with it. Just shut down your brain and dont think about it. Its just a game :-) As long as you and your family are healthy, give a sht about that. Everybody have a good start to the new year

    Oh and the argument that you get more ress out of that is just pure bullshit. Why you would ask me? Simple as it is: You loose probably troops by spiking, also maybe due to starvation since you dont know how high the crop production of the village is. Plus you risk it that your hero and troops are killed by people who sent whole hammers on spiked villages to kill the troops. Now again, tell me, what is your advantage of spiking?

    Wow, do you think i will completely stop farming greys when they got spiked? I just wait for the spike to end and then farm again. Btw if you spike grey farms, you reduce the amount you and everybody else would get, you think that is smart? I dont think so. And yes my argument that farming people spend more gold in the game is true. Because when you farm a lot like i do, you usually have a decent hammer that needs to be fed at some point. Played def without farming one server, spent like 70% less gold if i would farm.

    There is no advantage at all for people who are spiking greys, not even def points. Its just to annoy people who put a lot of efford in the game. And not just efford, people who farm a lot also use a lot of gold ;-) Saw at least 4 or 5 topics in Forum where people complained about that subject. Like 99% are annoyed by it, 1% (mostly people who dont know how to play the game) think its is necessary that you can reinforce grays. So my sentence from the beginning again: What is the advantage for people who spike? NONE

    Delete it. Make it the old fashion ways, otherwise people will always find a way to abuse it as you state it more then clearly in your post lol

    These GMs are made for trolling, and that's just what they'll do
    One of these days these GMs are gonna troll all over you.

    Anyone know the song?

    Worst management i have ever seen in a game. You cant start a server in 2-3 weeks? Would be the same if my boss would tell me today he needs a 5 course menu for tomorrow and i would tell him thats not possible KEKW

    PS: How many changes suggested from BM on the gossip forum from com3 page 46 will you do? Or is that too much work for you? Or do you rather implement senseless stuff that nobody wants? I mean if you want the game to die you can just shut down the servers. Or is that too much work too? :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    Pay to win ist es nur zum Teil, wenn du genug Zeit für das Spiel hast, oder mehrere Leute einen Account spielen, ist das definitv ein größerer Vorteil als Gold. Und man kriegt für Gold keine Ressourcen. Ressourcen für Gold kriegst du nur beim Kartenspiel, und die kannste auch jeweils nur einmal am Tag benutzen.