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    Above, your duke admits that you own the log-passes of non-playing players and play with them. A screenshot of the conversation, not empty chatter.

    And you're still pushing the old memorized speech..

    Ppl like admins? :/ Or Saddam?

    People like you, accusing others that they break the rules by posting pictures from ingame conversations that have nothing to do with the real thing lol

    I was actually skimming the forum and saw a post on COM2 embassy, that a player was wrongly banned for multiaccounting. Just wondering if there might have been some players of GW who got wrongly reported and banned, but never made a forum thread about it.

    Every cheater/murderer/whatever will say they are innocent lol. As Mycro said already, GMs dont ban by thinking someone is cheating/breaking the rules. They double/triple check if someone is doing it, if so, he will get banned, easy as it is.

    Keep dreaming, the only thing you will get is a typical: We will communicate it with the developers. Reading that sentence since 3 months, and nothing changed in the gameplay here. You still get harmless punishments for not following the rules, you play the same game for 3 months, even tho the community gives so many nice advices or suggestions. I have the feeling that TK only searches for trainees or people who are not willing to work. I really wish it would change something so the game could come back to its old glory. But instead they "update" the forum. Come on seriously? The forum? Oh wait, i forgot, they changed the Menhir function, that you have an attack cooldown now after you menhir. Good job TK.

    Talked about this topic like 500 times and nothing changed. They even made it more easy for people who are spiking by removing def points from defenders lol

    Like Erkate said above,

    you can't win with bot's multi kingdoms, which admin doesn't want to see in LITA, but want to see in OTTOMANS.

    It is like in Europe Union, it is for all members countries, but special privileges are for Germany, France and Italy.

    Everyone knows and can do nothing X( <X

    I smell the accusation of racism again :x

    Imagine this are people who are coming from „social media“ since ottoman players wanted to go there to blame tk. Trying out the game now to see if they are right. The first thing they see in forum is this thread :D That would be funny

    Come on, stop the racism..... *Sarcasm off*

    I insulted you? Where did i do that? I played with lots of Russians and Turkish players, honest players, they never said adminstration is rasist. Thats what i wanted to say. But yeah, germans are all rasists you are right. Ironie off

    I was really upset when I read what was written. They forbade me to share my password. But I did not share the password with anyone. Not once .. And I spent 6000 gold. For what? I say, can you provide evidence, no answer. I said open a topic in the forum ... I read the articles in amazement. You are racist against the Turks. I am absolutely sure that there is racism against the Turks. I will now express this on many platforms. The money I spent is very bad ...

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