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    1. leaving that dead server was the correct choice, non left behind asked every single player if they agree to leave and join this server with us happily almost all 95% said yes what prove my words they still with me in com6

    there was no point stay in server with 70% of it one kingdom 20% another kingdom 10% was us and rest of server.

    and yes regarding the ban its true an honest mistake since i dual with a king and my brother dual with another, no account push was made what so ever not even 1 res was sent between them.

    i think u the only one who thought is leaving behind, and as i recall u still have the sitter on com1since u didnot want to leave i gave u sitter of the king account.

    clear the hate inside u, u are good player, but sadly ur words always bad and negative. wish u best of luck

    he got band for few days and lost some of his population but then what, he is back and sure there are others do same thing