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    After a discussion with the rest of the Moderation team it does not appear that this conversation is contributing towards a guide and has massively veered off topic.

    We have made the decision to close it.

    Nonsense. If you think i will believe your Robber Camps contain 5k treasures each, they spawn each 24 hours and then your whole Kingdom got only few tens of thousands of Resource total if even that, think again.

    Again. Stop asking questions if you aren't going to actually listen or have a productive response.
    These players have gone out of their way to try and help you understand the game despite your rude and condescending way of writing. If what you said was true, this whole forum is just full of liars who don't know anything. So, I'm not sure why you persist to ask this community questions if you're not willing to engage with them in a productive way.

    iribuya in their screenshot showed you two screenshots. The first screenshot was of 51 camps. Then another that showed one of those camps that was already on third wave with 70 treasures. Even if all camps only had 1 wave (which they don't) and each had 70 stolen goods - that would be 3,570 treasures. Camps will have between 2-5 waves per camp.

    I have no idea what the second part of this sentence even means. Iribuya's math in their post is correct when they said the resource impact could be around 125,000,000, that is not incorrect. That is how the game works. The more treasures you have = the greater the resource reward.

    One of the reasons i wonder this, is because how you claim it to be sounds silly. And i dont like to think the developers of this game are silly.

    I would disagree with this statement. It requires planning. It makes sense for it to be fixed per camp.

    You aren’t entitled to stolen goods from camps, but through planning you can get a maximum return. By planning you can distribute your camps around your kingdom so that everyone has an equal chance to receive a few waves of stolen goods from various camps.

    Have this been proven in practice ?

    And what about 5 camps, not only one.

    Yes. Doesn’t matter. It’s not variable. It’s fixed. If you qualify to have 15 camps, but only 10 squares available, you only get 10 camps worth of treasures. Not fifteen.

    So, you claim that the amount of treasures (and waves) in each camp is fixed, and stays the same no matter how many camps are spawned ?

    This is variable and random. I can’t say “on the 18th time camps appear, camp 5 will have 14 treasures in the first wave.” It doesn’t work like that. This is actually unknown to a large degree despite a lot of people trying to figure it out. It seems to be tied to kingdom size and strength.

    But, what is fixed, is the simple fact that if you only have 1 camp you will only get 1 camps worth of stolen goods from it not 5, 10 or 15.

    That is why i want to know how Robber Camps really work, and not believe some random ppl that claim to know it.

    I’m not sure how official you want. These players have gone out of their way to provide you with information that they have learned from years of experiences. It’s not superstitious, it’s experience.

    if you aren’t going to accept answers, why ask? These people have better things to do than deceive you.

    Your question regarding stolen goods appearing in camps. If you have any 10 camp, and only 10 camp spots with an average of 15 treasures in them and then you settled 9 of those available spots. You would not then get one mega camp with 150 treasures in it. You would get one with 15.

    To reiterate what has been said. Robber camps only appear inside borders on “uneven square”. That is any mixture of (i.e., etc.) and 7 croppers.

    Have your current king boot you out of the kingdom i.e. first remove you from the duke post and then remove you from the kingdom.

    Hey there. Just wanted to post some more information around this method.

    A King can force an abdication of a Duke BUT this will result in a loss of 10 VPs per active treasure.

    If a kingdom does not care about their VPs moving forward this is a viable option. However, if the Kingdom that you are playing with wishes to keep their VPs intact, you will need to deactivate or destroy your treasury.

    A third option is to have governors attack and bring down the treasury to a very small number of treasures so that the VP loss is minimal.

    I’m glad that you found a solution, I just wanted to provide more information in case someone in the future is looking at this post so that they can understand the full range/consequences of options available then.

    Hey there RabbidRabbit_COM!

    It is possible. Please see the picture that I have attached. You can find these buttons on the left side of your map screen.

    I would suggest turning off "game messages". This should remove those notifications.
    If you would like an even further clean screen, you can disable "player messages" as well.

    Hope this helps!

    When will you have US servers starting?

    Hey there, Lydia! US servers are typically wrapped in with COM, also called International, gameworlds.

    Typically, the only time a gameworld is considered a “US” round is if it has a night truce that is set for a US timezone.

    And that’s not always the case. The last round of COM1N had a US timezone but was still considered a COM gameworld.

    The US has a nice player base and there are quite a few of us playing COM and regional gameworlds :)

    does new production stay at old smithy level

    As Koma23#EN said, everything that you do in a Smithy before you demolish wills the the same. If you upgrade all of your units to level 20 and destroy your smithy, they will stay level 20.
    The only way to make those smithy levels disappear is if someone chiefs that village OR someone completely destroys that village.

    Wouldn't that be easier to introduce truce till the issue is resolved? It's a kind of disgrace to fight now. Off players are in extreme advantage right now :|

    This suggestion was made in the Discord and similar thoughts have been shared in this thread. I’ll pass them on again.

    (Wish I had this an hour ago when someone tried to catapult my cropper ^^)

    Its possible intentionally created atack on travian server, some kingdoms used this situation to atacks and win in game

    Hey there. This is a very heavy allegation. I’ve seen it floated around recently in a few areas. Just to address it very quickly. There are no indications of this.

    Are there people that will take advantage of any opportunity they can get? Of course.