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    Hey Colossus#TR

    You can find the full information on the healing tent here.

    A quick answer to your question is this:

    Regardless of the number of healing tents, there is only one queue. Building additional healing tents will not create multiple queues, it only creates more capacity.

    Your healing time will be influenced by the highest level healing tent in your village. For example, if you have 5 healing tents. 1 is level 20, and 4 are level 10, all troops will be healed at level 20 speed (which is the same speed as a level 20 Barracks or Stable for the same troop type).



    I want to abdicate as a king and leave my kingdom to join another, I tried all options but I don't know how

    As Tiitana mentioned, you have to be above 200+ population OR outside of beginner's protection.
    When you open your Embassy, it should be on the very first tab - "Communities".

    On the upper right, you can see the abdication button.

    If you are a part of a merged Kingdom you can only go from King to Vice-King. You cannot leave a merged Kingdom.

    DrugsInc perfect! Thanks for clarifying.
    That does raise one more point - if a King goes inactive, a Vice-King will automatically move into the King position. That is the only condition that a VK can force an abdication.

    the king isn't the one who make the VP, but the players, so it's not really logical currently.

    Hey Drugs, can you elaborate on this?

    To me it's all very logical. Stolen goods -> Treasures -> VPs.
    Like a King without a Kingdom doesn't produce treasures, and therefore doesn't produce VPs.
    A governor gets bonuses for selling stolen goods. A good Kingdom has to make sure that all treasures are in production in order to get the maximum benefit for their members as well.

    On subject.

    It is a disincentive for a Kingdom to merge with a slightly larger one!!

    As a person who has played both King and VK, I don't see the disincentive.
    The Kingdom is larger as a result. The governors get better bonuses on their stolen goods. You are able to cover more ground. It's easier to open additional treasuries because you are able to distribute treasures easier among members.

    The King is able to assign treasuries, set diplomacy, set menhirs and change the name/description of the Kingdom - these are all things that a VK cannot do.
    A Vice-King can still collect Duke tributes, kick and invite members (just not through Menhir).

    I think you touched on why it's so important to join with a King that you trust, especially if you are taking the VK position. But it also goes the other way. A King has to trust their Vice-King because they still have considerable power.

    I think it would be useful to add a few notes here.
    A Capital village as noted cannot be chiefed. This, however, does not mean that the village is 100% secure. If you have more than one village, your capital can be completely destroyed. If, for example, you have 6 villages and your capital gets destroyed, the capital position would automatically revert to the village with the highest population.

    Having a capital only also does not mean that you are secure. A capital village can be pushed down to 0 population - if the account doesn't have more than one village - it'll just stay at 0 population.

    Example of an account that has regularly been catapulted to 0.

    Here is an example of an account over on COM4. They have regularly been driven down to 0 population. They are not much of a threat on the gameworld. While it is true that in this case you cannot kill their army by deleting it, it is highly unlikely that they could produce a large army with 0 crop income.

    This has been the way the game has operated since its initial design, and its predecessor also imposes this limit. Essentially, what it does is makes one village on the account harder to take. If a capital village could be chiefed - it would just take 2 attacks (4 if it was a City). That could easily be slipped into the night and very hard to defend against.
    Requiring 20-22 waves to destroy a village that is a City makes it much more secure as a position to build an army from.
    While this might make it slightly more inconvenient if there is a capital on the square that I want, and it's their only village. Overall, this helps to keep capital armies a little more secure.

    Hey Bellatora! I decided to put together a quick overview (of what I can see) on COM1.

    As you can see in the top 10 there is quite a range of Kingdoms at the moment. Since most Kindgoms are still spread apart right now and no merges have happened it's hard to guess what final Kingdom size would be.
    Right now, Rebel, WSTGrd, CZSK and Misits (at least - there may be a Kingdom I'm missing) seem to all be hovering right at 100 players.

    I'm sure the actual treasure count between these Kingdoms is a little bit closer than the VP scores would indicate at the moment, but time will tell. I would expect as the gameworld progresses just a little bit further along, we will start to see the scores start to tighten.
    Looking at defense scores at the Kingdom level would indicate that there haven't been a lot of battles yet.
    Looking at the numbers - it's Day 23. Still a lot of play left. I suspect over the next week Kingdoms will draw treasures together to get their '20k treasuries' before merging.

    As time progresses, it'll be interesting to see where the battle lines start to form.

    Hey there,

    Just wanted to share a few screenshots and updates from the last month.

    The 12th of December started with Darkness having a very solid lead. We knew that something needed to happen in short order for the gameworld to stay interesting and competitive.

    After a lot of deliberation and planning Basics Offense Team put together a fantastic plan that was quite bold. Luckily - it paid off.


    This really shifted the dynamics of the gameworld and made it a lot more interesting. It took us 84 days to get started, but it was well worth the wait.

    Since this time both teams have been sparring quite a bit. In addition to having an excellent offensive group - Basics is lucky to have effective defenders and defense coordinators.

    The communication and planning that has gone into this gameworld has taken quite a bit of work, but it has been a lot of fun. We got a late start offensively. However, we are making up for it in the back half.

    Wonder of the Worlds are a week away and I look forward to seeing how the rest of the gameworld plays out. I've greatly enjoyed this group of players and their dedication to game. I appreciate the competition that we've had so far on this gameworld. It has made it all extremely memorable.

    We are now at Day 105 of the gameworld. Here are some general stats and screenshots from today.

    There is still a lot of Gameworld left to play!
    Thanks to all who have contributed to this round.


    Hey there Erzincan24

    There have been a lot of iterations of Vacation Mode (I believe that is what you are referring to). I think it's best if I provide a quick overview of why Vacation Mode looks the way that it does.

    Vacation Mode (VM) first came about in v0.76. There were slight changes in v0.80 and v0.90c. These changes were largely to make sure that the feature was performing how intended.

    Fast-forward. May of 2020 BBash started. It was largely uneventful, however, some teams discovered that they could attack and capture Wonder of the Worlds while still in VM and begin their builds.
    This led to the big changes that came about in v0.97.

    • Players could no longer interact with Wonders of the World. Essentially restricted to only being able to attack robbers during activation and active VM.
    • Things that remained the same were the boosts (this is important). So - wood, clay and iron, as well as troop training speeds were doubled for an equal period of time that an account was in VM after VM ended.
    • Troops, like in previous versions could still starve.

    What happened after this was that people discovered that they could enter Vacation Mode immediately after starting a gameworld. They would settle a 15c and then while in Vacation Mode build it up. Once VM ended - the account would have a fully developed cropper and they were able to start producing troops immediately. Well - with the x2 trainings speeds it was almost as if a player had a fully developed cropper and the ability to train troops at level 20 barracks, stable and workshop from Day 2 (technically).

    This abuse brought about v0.101. This change disallowed:

    • Finish now, NPC Trader and Instant Delivery
    • Changing hero items in inventory

    You aren't allowed to have any oases during VM. You aren't allowed to reinforce any oases and any troops reinforcing come home.

    v0.104 added one additional change. You could no longer buy/sell on the market.

    Long way of answering your question - but there is a reason those features are disabled. The point of VM is to take a break from the game and know your villages are protected. At the end of VM you get those special boosts for production and training.
    The point of Vacation Mode is to actively be away from the game and get caught up later - not to build in a private truce.
    Please visit the Knowledge Base for a full explanation on what is allowed or isn't allowed during Vacation Mode. This link is offered when you go to start VM.
    Knowledge Base: Vacation Mode

    but it's ridiculous that I can't trade raw materials between my own villages

    This is the only part that I don't understand. During Vacation Mode you should be able to trade between your villages still. You can still send merchants during vacation mode.

    So - I'm trying to figure out how this would work different than how they currently work.
    If you don't clear out a Robber Hideout (or the Kingdom doesn't clear out Robber Camps) they will attack after a certain amount of time.
    You can attack them before they land, however. But both the Hideouts and Camps have a timer for attacking if they aren't cleared.

    Are you suggesting that they would be an aggressor first? So - they couldn't be attacked before they attack you and you would have to defend before you could attack them?

    Alright - I'm trying to mull this over and want to make sure that I have the general outlines of your idea right.
    I'm trying to figure out if this is a suggestion for Hideouts or Camps (or both).

    It seems like you're suggesting camps that would be in a Kingdom that would eventually attack if they are not cleared out? Or maybe that they grow in size before they eventually attack?

    Could you maybe offer more information on what feature this would be related to Hideouts, Camps, both, or something entirely new?
    Are you suggesting that an NPC is more active and behaves more like a real player it it's attacks and frequency?

    Hi. How can we apply to voluntary help translate the game? I can put some time a day to translate the wiki to PT (portuguese)

    Hey there - to answer this first question - the Wiki is currently being moved into the Knowledge Base which can be found at The Wiki by extension is not being updated right now.
    I went and checked just now and there is not currently a Portuguese option - so I will make sure that this request/offer is passed on.

    To better facilitate conversation - I've turned your initial post into two posts so that both ideas/questions can get proper attention.

    You can find that post here:
    Best Robbers (edited) - Ideas / Wishes / Suggestions - Travian Kingdoms Forum


    Hey there,

    In order to change your password - you would just go to the spot that you log in and request a password change.

    You can see the "Forgot Password" just below and on the left.

    You will be asked to submit the email address attached to your account.

    At this point - you will receive a "Reset code" in your email. You would submit that to into the top box and your new password into the bottom box - and you'll be good to go!

    If at any point in the process you encounter any issues - please direct your inquiry to the help center:

    Will winter earmuffs work together with a halloween mask?

    Hey there Sztetler sorry for the late response. I'm sure you've found the answer, but just in case anyone else is curious:
    They are both cosmetics, so it's only possible to wear one at a time. This would apply to Halloween Masks, BBash Celebration Cosmetics and Winter Themed items.