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    Well, not entirely sure here on how to handle the last one. Typically, with Boot of the Chicken, the one shoe upgrade equates to +25 troops fleeing. So, I'll go for that.

    The equation would be as follows:

    8*2+6+25 = 47

    My guess would be - 47


    I could get behind them being deleted from the server the first time - or have a punishment that slows their growth. I don't think the whole ban other accounts and leave the main one unscathed has been very effective.

    Dux Rupie#EN

    I think that the first time you are caught multi-accounting it should be treated as "Maybe you didn't know this was against the game rule, here is a punishment. We will allow you to keep playing this server, but you will incur certain in-game penalties." A lot of people would say that it is unfair to limit their resource production or troop production speed - but it might help them realize that when they are cheating - it penalizes other players in the same who aren't cheating.

    I think that the second time a person multis it shows a pattern. They got caught once, and the only reason that they would have done it a second time is that they thought they could get away with it.

    I think that person should be allowed to keep playing the game if they would like - but they can't on that account anymore. They lose their prestige, they lose their awards, etc.

    Obviously you should keep track of that player's IP address, but I don't think that it should be banned for life. The act of taking away the account is probably punishment enough. I had a 3 gold star account that got locked the day I wanted to start a new server. It sucked having to start over from square one and I think that other people would agree.

    I have both accounts still - but they are never used on the same server (I've actually not touched the other once since I created this one).

    One of the greatest appeals of Kingdoms (other than the gameplay) is the awards system. I think that if these players were at risk of losing the rewards of their "hard work" they wouldn't be as inclined to cheat. Right now - the system is set up to where that main account can benefit and remain on server. It's the side accounts that are deleted. The accounts that the cheater most likely has just created and cares nothing about.


    I've spoken with the mods about this in the past. I always worry when I have people coming over that also play. If you are in contact with them and explain the situation they are very understanding.

    I'm not sure that the right move is to ban the IP address - since most use a VPN anyway.

    I would suggest that the accounts themselves receive a permanent ban. This would destroy the "prestige" associated with any given account. I'm not sure that the first time it happens they should receive a permanent ban, I will leave that to the game makers. I would think that no more than twice should be allowed. I also think the degree to which multi accounting has been done should be taken into account.

    I think that Travian Kingdoms has done a somewhat decent job overcoming Multi's, but they have yet to achieve the appearance of controlling them - which in turn causes players to lose confidence in the game.

    One thing that is a glaring issue that I've noticed on servers. A player can multi an entire Kingdom. When they are caught - the side accounts are all banned - but the main account, the one with the treasury and the one that has received the most benefit remains untouched. This then allows that player to leverage those treasures into joining another kingdom.

    Or they can be stolen, giving a Kingdom an unfair advantage. 1,000 treasures won't make that much difference into the future - but 1,000 treasures right at the start of a round can make a large difference in the momentum of a Kingdom on a server.

    Just some thoughts.

    Fintan and @dianamite#EN,

    It is useful to build a palace to get all 3 spots for Chiefing as Fintan mentioned.

    This allows your chiefs to travel with your large army. This is especially useful if you are trying to sneak a chief, because then they are not as noticeable. If you send multiple attacks from different villages it might raise some alarm bells.

    Typically, you wouldn't do this in more than one village.

    A common tactic for keeping all 3 of your spots open is to build 1-2 chiefs in a side village. Then use the expansion slots from them as the 'final chief'.

    Some people will chief a village that they settled a long time ago just so that they can get the expansion slot back in the village that initially settled it.

    So, you could built 2 palaces at different stages in the game to get 3, and then 6 chiefs, but as you noted Fintan, it is cheaper to just manage your expansion slots in the village with the Palace so that you can keep all 3 slots open.

    I'm sure this was a little bit of a rambling response. If you have any further questions I would be happy to elaborate.

    Interesting, I like it, although I am not sure how to implement it.

    Do you have any ideas of where would you put it or how would you implement it?

    Fantastic question Unknown!
    My first gut instinct would say that it would probably fit best with the "World" tab on the statistics.

    Currently there is the "Average number of troops per player".

    You could then add "Total troops you have built this server".

    I don't think that it would be necessary to break it out by village/city. I think one total's line would suffice.

    This could then be a new avenue of achievements. Currently there are awards for attackers/defenders and attack/defense strength in a single attack.

    One that comes to mind is "Lesson not learned..." and maybe that's completely losing a 20k+ army more than 5 times on a single server. Or something along those lines.

    For defenders, building over 100k defensive units and then not losing any more than than 10% by the end of the round - "Overkill".

    These are just some quick ideas off the top of my head. I think that there are a lot more possibilities that could be pursued. The achievements aspect of the game is very nice. It's one of the things that really draws me to Kingdoms. I know that there have been quite a few threads already dedicated to new achievements already, so I won't go any further into detail here. I would be happy to discuss this further if you have any additional questions or thoughts you would like to bounce around.

    I want to add in just a small amount of information.
    If you had a residence in that village before and used the slot at level 10 - you will have to build up to Palace level 15 in order to use the next expansion slot.

    So you couldn't built a residence, use one slot, and then build a palace and get all 3. You would only get 2.

    I know that this is probably obvious, but I just wanted to throw this into the mix in case there are any new players looking at the forum.

    I like this idea.
    I know that you can see the total number of troops by looking at your "troop" quest. It shows the number of troops created for the entire server.
    But I think it would be nice to be able to see it broken out by troop type.

    I think this falls into the category of being able to move villages after conquering them from someone else - it would be nice to have - but there are a lot of other issues in rules and game play that should be addressed first.

    I hope that this goes onto the board of "potential ideas" though!

    I'm not sure what the time range is after a person relocates before a robber hideout reappears. I'm not sure if they base it off of the last time you've had a robber camp appear, or off of the relocation, or both.

    The last time that I relocated, it took 3.5 hours for them to reappear - but that was on the first day of the server and hideouts appear more frequently, and on a x3 server. I would be curious to know if anyone has time stamps of their relocation and then the first time that they were able to attack a robber hideout after a relocation.

    My experience has also been the same as lua . Unless they have changed the way that they work, they should pull from your most expensive (right side) troops first before. So if someone has 200 spears and 200 clubswingers, it'll pull the 200 spears since they are on the right side of the table and leave the 200 clubs to be defenders.