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    Spiking doesn't equal to less attacks. If i'm building a primary hammer it'll be used 1-3 times the whole server no matter does it get spiked or not. Secondaries i don't give a shit about losing and spiking doesn't make me use it any less.

    Good luck building hammer loosing to spikes more then you can build

    Spiking farms is simply one tactic among many when it comes to competition between players in Travian.

    Abusing NPC (inactives are NPC) is not a competition in any way.

    Friendly-fire and immature farm spiking happens too, and I think the appropriate response to that is to figure out who is doing it and kick them out of the alliance and farm them so they have something worthwhile to defend. Maybe cat their villages for good measure.

    You cant know who is spiking.

    Personally I think that inactive accounts should be removed far sooner after going inactive. I would love to see less interaction with the computer (inactives, adventures, and robbers) driving more interaction between players.

    Spiking = less troops = less attacks = less interaction between players. You contradict yourself.

    I completely understand where you are coming from but you have failed to convince me of why this isn't actually acceptable gameplay.
    Granted I'm not a top raider myself but like I said if the troop loss wasn't worth the resources then one could simply do some less risky farming. For me farming is essentially always positive income and I would bet it is for you too even if you have lost 20k troops doing it. I'm sure you have taken spiking losses into account and decided farming is still worth for you, on the other side of the coin who ever is spiking you has decided that that's what they want to use their troops for to chip your army down a bit. As far as i see both parties are doing something that benefits them and see as worthwhile action.

    One more time...plundering is the the way to build and feed hammer to fight your enemies to have fun, no plundering = no war = no fun

    it's still PvP fighting

    how is it PvP fighting if spiker abuses 3rd side (inactive village) to harm other players + he still remain unknown

    This is a baseless assertion. And even if you could find evidence for its truth, then why on earth wouldn't everyone be employing this tactic as a way to whittle down the enemy's hammers?

    Because it's a rat, lame, dishonorable tactic.

    When your enemy is using his hammer for farming and otherwise not bringing the troops out to play, there is nothing that you, as a defender, can do about it unless you can get sneaky and discover which villages the enemy is farming, and then spike those farms.

    OR you can farm yourself and build more defence troops, but seems like you just want to play simcity, very fun (NOT)

    As far as problems go, spiking of inactives is a really, really minor thing.

    Minor problem for YOU, so it doesnt worth to be fixed?

    Sure you can! Make it impossible to attack inactive players after some timepoint. Solved!

    So you're saying people currently attack other active players for economical reasons? I don't see it. People attack inactives and small players most of the time if it's for economical reasons. So removing the possibility of attacking inactives means they can only go for active people - it's an incentive to fight. Fighting that matters (active vs active players) should increase, not decrease as it's currently near zero anyway.

    I do realise, I just don't mind it since I don't want people to have infinite nearly free resources in the first place :D

    To sum all you wrote here, you are just envy you cant farm yourself. Grow up ffs

    Problem with removing the visual indicator of inactive players is that it does not actually change anything about the "free loot" as you put it.

    There are plenty of online tools that helps you locate inactive players based on population growth etc. After that you just scout and tune the farms manually as usuall.

    Was going to say the same.

    After all there are only 1 solition about spiking, is to remove it as a fact. Inactive villages shouldnt be possible to reinf. Simply were are no downsides of this.

    It shouldn't be the case that you have an easy, almost indefinite source of free income while never interacting with active players. Yes it costs some time to setup, wow you must be a good player to be able to do that -_- . It's not a healthy mechanic for the game. How it should work, imo, is that inactives are unfarmable and delete within 2 weeks of inactivity. This would mean that you can only make farms by forcing active players into farms and farming them until they turn grey. That's part of warfare, attacking inactives isn't. In the old days, we farmed actual players, not just inactives and NPC characters...

    Farming inactives doesnt mean you dont attack active players ffs. In fact most of the time it works the way you attack some active, kill his troops, make him surrender and go inactive then you add him to farm list and plunder till he got deleted.

    My enemies get a lot of free resources and get stronger than me since I'm not going to do the boring "farm inactives" stuff-> not fun

    I put a lot of time into noting down where my enemies are farming and set my reinforcement up so that they kill the enemy's farmtroops -> fun. Well. Kinda. This isn't really fun for me - the point is that the fun is in actual warfare, not in attacking inactives or even spiking farms.

    That's your problem you cant or dont want to "do the boring "farm inactives" stuff"
    You do not put a lot of time into noting, you just spike every single grey on the map.
    Your point is "I'm not able to plunder so no1 should", sad.
    No plundering = no hammers = no warfare only sim sim sim sim...simple as that.

    You put a lot of time to setup a well tuned farmlist -> plunder alot of res -> build a big hammer -> destroy enemies -> FUN!
    And here comes spiker with "There should not be any fun in this game, we all should just sim and not fight" -> NOT FUN!

    Hey every1!

    I'm playing Kingdoms from the open beta and more or less I enjoy the way this game develope, but there is one thing that has not changed and I find it really annoying, frustrating etc. It's spiking inactives! Reinforcing villages of inactive players with the intention to kill small groups of units sent to plunder this villages! I'm sure every1 here faced it and knows what I'm talking about and how annoying it is.

    My suggestion is to make villages of inactive players imposible to reinforce. Same as natars. Cause spiking inactives is not fun, not challenging it's only annoying! Possibility to reinforce inactives is not really need for anything but spiking.

    I've heard this fix was already asked multiple times before, so it would be great to see what devs think about it.


    Just add 0.2 hp regeneration for each point in hero strength. 20 str + 0.2 hp for each point. 20 hp/day at 100 points, not too much.
    Anyway at mid and late game hero strength is preaty much useless cause of large amount of troops already in the game and 10k hero attack not really making any difference.

    Sounds logical to me.

    Hi there,

    Hero HP change cleatly were a bad decision and 10% to 15% a day wont make any difference to it. It's a huge step to pay2win game. Isnt there any other way to make more money? Like spawning some top grade items on auction or adding more actions for gold.
    Well, I'm not free user I'm spending some gold, not much but still. Same do my friends. After this change 3 of them already set their accounts to delete, like 2-3 thinking about doing the same. What am I going to do in this game without friends? Right, stop playing it. It's not about beeing greedy to spend some more $ for the game you love, it's all about devs show how they dont care anymore about keeping this game fair and interesting for every1.
    Devs, please bring back hp regen on lvlup, not 100% maybe, do it 50% or like DragonReborn advice [i.e. levels 1-5 give 100%, 6-10 give 95%, 11-15 give 90%...], ty