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    The problem is that here we are not in court with months of time to decide how much a multiaccount or bot has had a negative impact, we have to give quick answers and a moderator cannot waste time. 20 multiaccounts can affect less than 2 made by a top player, it becomes difficult to give fair punishment.

    The problem is that if not from severe punishment no one is afraid of cheating. All the little cases you mentioned would not arise with the danger of suffering a permanent ban.

    I also understand that the limited number of players that continue to decrease makes it really difficult to take this path, but if you don't do something, discussions like this will always be there.

    A middle way, to try to please everyone, could be the cancellation from the server of the account for those who are surprised to use multiaccounts or bots. Every 20/30 days a new server starts would not be the end of the world for anyone.


    Regarding the permanent bans - usually we don't do that for the main account in cases of multiaccounting. We do however take away the benefits gained and track recurring rule violations so our punishments will tighten increasingly and eventually the player will be deleted if they keep breaking the game rules.

    This choice not to implement permanent bans, as I see it, is a total lack of respect for all honest players who bring money to your company.

    First of all, the damage caused by the ban is almost always less than the profit and this does not discourage cheaters, but then there is no compensation to those who have been victims of this. The fact that those who are banned can continue playing and winning the server is absurd ... a joke

    Having said that, the game is yours and you can do whatever you want, the important thing is that you know that when the players stop buying gold and move away, it is only your policy to blame.

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    Ma io ho messo solo una faccina che ride, adesso passo per uno che insulta per chi non aveva letto il messaggio.

    galadriel in che modo ho violato il regolamento? Se me lo puoi spiegare

    pretty much on the contrary, first you play and then you learn to play

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    A me, abituato e amante dei vecchi e veri server Travian, fa schifo la tregua, fa schifo la nebbia e soprattutto fa schifo che chi organizza non lo capisca. Ma la cosa più allucinante è non capire che basterebbe semplicemente una regola che da un limite di 50 player x ally e un massimo di 2 alleanze per rianimare i server.

    è contro il regolamento!!1!

    a no, quella era l'idea del bot 😂

    I know it might not change anything, but at least the server does not win it all but only a part, it would still be a bit better than that ...

    hi, I offer myself as a share golder for a strong account.

    - 5k gold to start and others if the account goes well.

    let me know