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    Independently of this, my applause to the two kingdoms noMossa and Ça va! This is how you have to play this game!

    I'm glad for this server no matter what, it was really a pleasure to play alongside you guys, would have been nice to know you earlier but i've my fault in that too, wasn't too inclined in playing toghether you guys at the start :D
    Now i'm really looking forward to play a new server together ;)

    Another example.... same landing time and yet mine is still pending... and so a lot of other players. I hope the server will be allowed to complete all the computation before the calculation of the winner. After all the time, effort and golds people just want to see their hammer/troops in action...

    Screenshot by Lightshot

    Hi, I've also opened a ticket about that. Today the server ended, but the server lagged when our attacks hit the enemy WWs and then (20 seconds later) it ended as expected. The problem is that half of our attacks didn't get computed at all, while arriving before the server end (Last attacks were at 12:31:05 and the server ended at 12:31:20).

    Shouldn't the server wait for all calculation to be performed before deciding the winner?

    Would be nice if partially censoring reports is an ingame feature without using any external tools.

    Agree with this.

    Would be nice to have a "hide own troops" checkbox before sharing a report, both in offence or defence reports. I think also it would be pretty easy to implement as it is already similar to report in the "kingdom" area.

    In case you didn't know, you can "abuse" the hero off bonus for that. If you have 20% off bonus and level 20 brewery, you can just enter 44% off bonus in the combat sim and it works just fine.

    General formula:

    x% off bonus, level y brewery => enter this as off bonus: (100 + x) * (100 + y) / 100 - 100

    Example: 20% off bonus, level 20 brewery => (100 + 20) * (100 + 20) / 100 - 100 = 120 * 120 / 100 - 100 = 14400 / 100 - 100 = 144 - 100 = 44

    Yes, there are workarounds, but while we are in topic would be nice to have it in there :D

    Very good point!

    Any idea how to avoid this type of behaviour Tobionic#EN? (or anybody else that can think of something too).

    I think that the simplest solution would be to deny any type of reinforcment to robbers hideout (which is kind of silly anyway :D) and make reinforcment to bounce back as they do for natars or beast-full oasis. The same should be valid for both hideouts and robber camps as it happened already many times that some1 sent troops in reinforcment by mystake and someone which was trying to just clear the camp would find themself against a lot of troops :D

    I know that robber camps are extremely well suited to hide troops during off operations (close to village, none can spy/attack them), but I don't think they were ever intended to work in this way :) In fact I think reinforcement should be denied even if this suggestion is not implemented :)

    To avoid map cluttering with many robbers on it, maybe is sufficient to allow kings/dukes to see the shared robber camp in the tribute menu as a button, to click in order to send troops. Also at this point the incoming attack on the robbers could be visibile to the governor too.

    The cards are already indefinetively stored, but some buildings (less then 2hours build time) cost 1 gold to finish istantly, while everything that takes 2h+ would cost 2 golds to finish.

    So it would be nice to be able to choose to pay 1 gold for quicker building times and keep cards for 2h+ build time :)

    Wondering how often that would happen... if i get a response means that some1 is active in the account, sitter or not won't change that fact...

    On the other hand it has been exploited by many untrastworty player to spread fake information from other players account, and also is quite useful when you don't know to whom you spoke with, and finally could avoid incorrect bans for people writing toxic messaegs from sittered accounts.

    Thanks mate!

    Do you also know the calculations for how it works for Gaul and Roman as well?

    It is the same calculation for every tribe.... but Non-Teutons do not have access to brewery so they can't reach such multiplier!

    So is "just" a 60% max bonus for romans and gauls (considering Siege+Hero)

    I have an alternate way to think about it. There are a large number of players who are quite dedicated to the game, making sure their accounts are solid, and to helping their team at every opportunity. The time for inactivity is already quite long.

    The game should favor the active players who contribute to the game, not the players who don't. I feel quite bad for those who go grey, but what percentage of those return? Not many of those with a nice 9c or 15c really do return...

    What's a good way to prevent this? Extend the amount of time that sitters can keep accounts active. Perhaps 2 weeks instead of 1.

    I think it is already 21 days of owner inactivity, which is pretty long (and sitters/dual login each 3 days). The problem is that there is no reason to not consider duals as owners as they have the same "powers" and are "the facto" owners themselves....

    As for how much time before the account gets canceled I think may be good to link it to the overall population, with a very short duration (3 days?) for a 0 pop account. So if the only village left gets zeroed it would be like a delete was launched on that day, or if some time was already passed (i.e. 4-5 days) it would scale down to 1 day left or so.

    The issue is that inactive accounts, until they are deleted, could be reactivated by the owner... let's say the owner goes to hospital unexpectantly and has a time of sorrow, but luckily comes out of it and is eager to back to the routine and the things that give him/her joy... like his/her Kingdom's account... how do you think that person would feel if his precious 15c is now a 6c?

    I understand that in some edge cases it is a bit of a pickle and that the person is never coming back... but even if just 1% does come back, we must make sure we do everything possible to ensure they have the avatar ready for them to come back to the game (while the game world doesn't finish).

    Sorry but got to agree with others on this one. If life gets in the way and you become inactive, your account is gone. Usually the kingdoms leadership will try to reach you, probably worry and if you have sitters/dual your account could go one for some time, but at a certain point other people can't play for you (you made sure of this by removing even duals if the owner doesn't login for 21 days). Then the account gets cleaned up, troops killed, village conquered and so forth, because there is no other option.

    If you then can get back you would have to start from zero, but without quests rewards, few adventures, and maybe only a 15c with an abismal resource production, so the only move would be to launch the delete, settle another village, have some ex-kingdom member to chief the 15c and then restart or delete for good.

    If the village gets deleted automatically instead you could be back (if you wanted) instantyl with a new account.

    I wasn't aware of people getting banned by programs. I was pretty sure it happens when you send a ticket to support and they check it over.

    However, it's still a huge problem to leave a banned player (even innocent ones) in the game because it causes losses to their kingdom. Even if they are innocent and write to support - most likely they won't be able to prove their case because support will say "our program detected cheating" and just leave them hanging. Even if it's a few days, it can be a loss for the whole kingdom. A solution would be to just transfer the player to a random 4-4-4-6 near to where is the place where new players get spawned or something.

    In reality happens a lot of time that players can justify their position/explain the situation (shared PCs/IP at work, family members, Chrome devs mode on for actual web developers etc.) and people can get back to the game.

    Also many banned players get non-permanent punishments like troops/pop reduction, and after few days can return to the game, so if you forcibly move them away, you can damage them pretty heavily, as an example if you can move them away from a crop village. Consider that such a situation could also be "weaponized", by sending fake cheating suspicion reports or constructing fake evidences in order to take over some good village spot.

    I think that the only "good" solution is to have admins/MH to manually remove those avatars which are clearly create with the only purpose to multi-account or intentionally block some map spots (low prestige, low pop villages)....

    Hello, Unknown, and thank you for your reply.

    Yes, my idea was for the sitter/dual being able to mark the messages as unread, so when the player arrives can still see that a reply has been given without having to check on the game chat. I mean, even if there was a green mark on the message in the chat that would help. :) But you got it!

    Or alternatively could be enough if sitters wouldn't mark any message as red, and duals could each one have a different message unred/red .
    Also, along the modification could be huge to have an automatic "sign" on message, so when I write to someone from a sittered account, below the message it appears (-by sitter xxx)

    kingdom<internal , i think is offensive points


    You can't spend those, they are just a statistics of current troops in the kingdom, the only way ti make sense is if they are talking about VP (Victory points) generated each day through tresures :)

    Btw I can understand why this change may be interesting for current (or old) players, but I honestly don't know how can attract new players to revive the playerbase :P

    I think that a good way to attract new and old players (not an alternative to your proposal) could be to fix the app, allowing it to be really useful and thus attracting also payers which are not going to use the browser, also would be nice to improve the chat system (both in-app and in-game) in order to facilitate player dialogue and guiding, and maybe introduce a new possibility along dual and sitting, like an "observer", so 2-4 slots to add people which can just take a look to the account, without the possibility to act, build, send attacks or others, and in this way they can observe and guide other players (right now you need to ditch a sittered player in order to get access, and maybe you are not eager to do that also because you don't fully trust the person you are allowing into your account)

    But i can create a new post with those idea in case, just pointing out some other ways in which you could move ^^