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    Water ditch level 20 is a must because of the defensive bonus. Wall are gonna be rammed down, but water ditch would remain and offer it's def. bonus no matter wat, so it's really important to finish it before hammers starts pouring in... also with natar attacks it will be important as it can reduce your kingdom losses.

    Obviously there may be quicker ways to complete the WW, if none attacks you, but that would be a really boring server! :D

    Just create a SS with the purpose of protecting a village (the WW in this case). You can choose if the various players (ALL) will be sharing:

    - attack reports

    - incoming attacks notification (you will only see it if you open the village info window)

    - troops in villages, be careful with that :D

    (you can select those options only when you create it, afterwards you'll have to delete and recreate it if you want to change smth).

    Then invite people you need on the SS


    You will see various icons. By hovering you will see a message explaining each but, from left to right they are:

    - Number of player villages

    - Player total population

    - Total resources sent to the "protected" village

    - Total number of troops lost defending the village

    - Total number of troops defending the village (i guess is just the bare number of troops, not the crop consumption)

    You can do that, see all troops currently donated, troops lost and resources donated.

    But I was continuing the idea of the OP of separating crop and other res to also include total troop numbers with that. That way we have a full analysis of our most generous and our most selfish :P

    Umh ye, that's fine :)

    Also, it would be very nice, if feasable, to count also crop consumed by stationing troops. That way would be immediatly clear to everyone who is leeching crop (and how much) and who instead is oversupplying... but I'm afraid that this would need a lot more coding and probably can result in a lot of data to be recorded and handled :(

    I think that if you

    and troops.

    It is impossible to track yourself who is providing troops and who is feeding them.

    If people provide troops and no crop then they are there to take from everyone else.

    I haven't tryed it but I think you could setup a secret society with the aim of protecting the village (WW). That should show you the amount of troops reinforcing, the amount of troop lost in defence. This way you could also see the total amount of resources sent by players, but i don't know if it counts only resources sent to exactly that village or also other villages of the same player.

    As each SS you can choose not to show reinforcing troops and other stuff!

    his means that all night truce rounds will come with the night mode as an indicator for the truce period between midnight and 8 am.

    From this sentence i get that every new round which has the night truce (XXn i.e.) will have the night mode. This doesn't mean that every new world will have night truce :D

    Point 1-2-3 are nice addition to me.

    1. Could the king be allowed to see his/her own kingdom member's troops somehow without using getter tool.

    I personally have some privacy concerns regarding #4. Would it be okay for you to share such information automatically with your king?

    Point 4 is a bit trickier in my opinion. The ability to know your kingdoms troop is a very much needed one, but clearly it opens up to possible misuses or worst.
    Top option would be to have the possibility (the king?) to appoint one or more "generals" which will have access to this feature, but it should be a one-way sharing, meaning that the general(s) would be able to see the total troops (trained, not present in the village) but not viceversa, and surely not between players (as is right now for SS sharing).
    A smaller modification instead could be the improvement of actual SS, allowing this type of one-way troops sharing (maybe as an option).

    That's it :D