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    Hi all,

    Thinking outside the box - sounds bit unusual as well !

    Can we have our animals to take lead rolls, instead of Roman, Gaul & Teuton - would love to see, few animals to take charge :)

    Ideally , from the strongest - as Elephant , Tiger , Crocodile & Bear ; can form our clans :)

    & of cause , 2 or 3 times speed can be fun though.

    Psst... Can keep our initial clans (Roman,Gaul & Teuton) in the occupied oasis as well, if you all prefer !!!

    Lets celebrate the bash with the bang ...!!!!

    Unable to log on to the mobile app !
    App - instantly shuts off !! { i am using 'iOS', not sure about 'Android' users }
    I presume the latest updates ruined the working App :(

    Please fix this or revert back to the old version !!!

    Many Thanks.

    Hi Greetings,

    I have difficulties adding 2nd sitter for my travian account. ( Currently playing on COM7 & also, COM6 dry server )

    Its looks like a bug, once you hit, settings > avatar > add sitters or duals , its come to lobby screen - which is pretty much blank.
    Guide me through please.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    PS: Screenshot for clarification. -