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    It's truly hilarious to me. Are you really complaining about meta? You were like the first kingdom who actually, as you nicely put "absorbed" everyone around. Who cares by which means others join your kingdom, some do it with diplomacy, some with force. Doesn't really matter as it's a question of strategy. Due to that, around Early-Mid game point, you were two-time size bigger than anyone else, so don't come here crying about meta.

    You are putting nice stats here, which are sadly present. Rollback 2 months back and post us the VP/treasures there. You know you were way ahead from every kingdom by a mile, but you are posting stats that currently suits you and complain about your current state. Other kingdoms do tend to plan ahead, however, when you were around 2-3mil VP ahead of everyone, it seemed like you didn't really care about the future, as you nicely wasted few months crashing your hammers over and over into us(not really threatening kingdom, truly <20 players). Maybe consider changing the strats next time as that one didn't really get you anywhere.

    Of course we don't wanna take all the credit. We would be most likely dead without Vanguard/Blade/Redrocs help, but hey what did you expect when you were that ahead. 1st place will always be the main target until it gets smashed into lower ranks. You never know who turns on who in the end, that's where the real shenanigans begin and as you are not in the top anymore, you can still find potential allies on some places to throw current 1st. However, considering those few last desperate attacks(still on us), it seems like you gave up instead, but what do I know. It's nice that you call Blade cowards, but it seems that their(boring) strategy worked better than yours. I'm not really big fan of their PVE style, but hey, it's not like you have tried to harm/stop/attack Vanguard either so, yeeaah.

    We had a lot of fun so far and there is still much more to be had. I'll repeat our (Cesko) offer once more, as I'm not sure that Design spread our counter-offer to you when we refused her twice(subduing to your kingdom). Join our kingdom(Cesko) instead and have a nice and bloody fun to the rest of the round, while trying to win the server. We have opened a new lovely treasury in your neighborhood and it won't be the last. Everyone is welcomed.

    For those who still feel a personal grudge, I'll be here overnight next few days, so keep it comin'.

    I wish everyone only the best and let's enjoy this to the end.

    I just wondered as this never happened to me before. I attacked the robber hideout after it spawned by 2 waves.

    First was meant to kill all units:

    -Nothing to be said to this one, all units killed

    The second one was to steal all resources in one go:

    -Although there were meant to be no units, my stuff has been killed, even though it was sent 6 minutes after the robber units have been killed by my first attack.

    So here lies my question. Do enemies in robber hidouts respawn? Do they have any basic deffense (as a wall) ? If they do respawn how come that no enemies were shown on minimap or encountered when I sent third attack in the morning when I was pissed off.

    If you guys have any explenation, I'd very much appreciate it.