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    Need Nimble back to make everyone aggressive and wanting blood :D

    Forums have gone flat since i left the game :D

    I now have time for a speed server soon so if anyone wants an experienced player that knows how to cause trouble im open to offer.

    PS - i only join the weakest teams :D

    The Infamous " Nimble " the real one.

    Had some life stuff situations and come off for a bit - have never seen a server so flat in the forum. Check the other speed server forums you will learn who i am :D

    Maybe you don't have fans or haters. Maybe I'm just huge trendsetter.


    I will be honest, i never heard of you until now. I thought it was Kicke?? Pulsa whatever it is. The player that I think is always high and drunk at the same time?

    Anyway watch the video to learn what nimble means :)

    and to think that in our kingdom we only allowed 2 attacks to robbers per person xD

    capable are new and do not know how the game is.

    it's no use for the king to attack thief camps (they don't sell treasures)

    And it is always better that everyone has a little treasure in the inventory, for parties if they want, food calls, they are not always all online, it is also not useful for a single person to attack all the camps, simple, those 700 treasures will die before using xD

    I'll always say the same, it's better that everyone has a little

    When i played king i always wondered what the best way to police this was. For me, once they send an attack they have to defeat that level or it can sit there until its gone. So DEF should have 1 or 2 and the OFF players get the rest as they always have the biggest armies and siege. Normally a very good OFF player will settle around robber camps spots so they can get the most out of them.

    It is definitely a hard one for me as there is pros and cons - but i agree Kings should not get them and if they do they are dumb as f*ck. Dukes and defence players should be limited and the rest goes out to the big good OFF players.

    Thats what i would want but not always the case depending on the strategy you chose in the server.

    If there is "such" a strategy that govs cannot get Robber Camps they are only haemorrhage their Kingdoms players and growth and is also, a dumb ass move. I would leave immediately if a Kingdom played like this.

    Are you normal? I go to the forum and see Nimble everywhere :D haha

    I'll open the fridge soon, and there's Nimble there ...

    I am much loved and hated - because i play a good game.

    Look at all the Nimble accounts on COM1x3 - i have started my own fan club :D

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    If he changes his nick, how does he recognize all his multis, we have to give him some respite from the poor thing, eee birdo waits for the server to end because he said there is a surprise on his part.

    (He brings us the Kinder egg)

    what are you talking about multis for?

    Can you not see these are clearly my travian fans?

    What is happening to this game - too many player are obsessed.

    I am now no longer able to have my avatar name due to obsessed virgins.




    kingdoms called



    seriously wtf 😂😂😂

    Just so everyone knows none of these are me so if you jump across to them unlucky.