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    From a noobs perspective imo the biggest issue is all the large premade groups that take over servers and by doing that chase off most new players, which naturally causes the playerbase to decline. Those same people will generally blame everything else without realizing that they are the problem, similar things have happened in a lot of other games

    Yeah the hardcore premades are unstoppable, you have to find a good team to play with. I think roman is the best for starters now because of clubswinger spam and double build is good for less active players. Strong wall help survive early game.

    Unknown How come you guys don't make any YouTube videos, its free advertising and you can engage with the community. We would like to see what is going on behind the scenes and put some names to faces :) Also maybe set up a discord server, user engagement is important to keep the game alive and healthy!

    No Lifers are destroying the game and they must be stopped. Dev team must dedicate their life to improving the game and helping new players. Next server I will play defence and help new players in my kingdom survive abuse from elitist players who refuse to log off. We will max our walls and not delete :)

    The game is overwhelming for new players, too much to keep up with and if you don't play then everyone is passing you. Worst thing is when stronger kingdoms gang up on your kingdom and then everyone has to quit because all troops died defending the treasury and now were all farms. GREAT! ;(

    We need regulations to make the game fair otherwise only the strongest (huge kingdoms who don't log off) WIN! :cursing:

    Maybe some morale system that can punish strong players for attacking weak players, it seems right to me.

    Good ideas :)

    The robber camps are profitable so every kingdom wants them but has to police its members from settling on those tiles. Also a lot of players especially the new ones don't understand this mechanic and may settle accidentally. Travian Legends doesn't have these mechanics so its pretty simple you just settle where you want to, I have played as King and Duke before and its difficult and very time consuming.

    No hero no attack seems reasonable and is good for less active players, but the greedy active players would complain lol :(

    I think the whole system should be changed

    1) Because they always appear on non 4-4-4-6 tiles every kingdom gets really angry if you put a village there, so what's the point in having them?

    2) The moment they pop up all the greedy players are sending their attackers, just for you to log in and see everything's been taken :cursing:

    3) Defensive players should get some rewards too, this gives the attackers an early advantage and Teutons are already very powerful early game

    Thank you for considering my changes

    Yes they are too powerful, this is why we need caps or something to balance the game out.

    I was playing ES3X and BOB took over everything and ganged up on me like a bunch of animals

    Very bad for health of our game ;(