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    The solution is to allow the kingdom to set a limit on how many camps a player can attack. Without this option the first player to log in just attacks all the camps because its too profitable. Busy players get screwed over because they didn't log in 10 minutes after random camp spawned, just be online 24-7 bro. Another solution would be to make the camps benifit the entire kingdom, so that defensive players who don't attack can collect rewards. This way no one can be greedy because it will be shared anyway.

    I feel bad for the kings who have to regulate this nonsense.

    Game is on life support, they should scrap all servers and have 1 international sever and balance the game to make it fun for everyone. There are so many annoying things, like you can't get crop when u sell treasury outside of border, but all the croppers are outside of border. It makes no sense

    My goal was to get more players to play the game, 40 gold to start is nothing, in other Travian they give 130 gold and the costs are reduced.

    50 gold to unlock merchant??? who uses it?!

    Instant finish should be 1 gold.

    Extra slot 25 gold

    Resource + 10 gold

    Crop + 5 gold

    Markets have crashed, items are worth nothing.

    I played other Travian and had plenty of gold, after playing here I noticed a huge decrease.

    This will increase income by making the game more enjoyable, a lot of players have left.

    It shouldn't trap my own troops I have to attack my villages to collect resources ;(

    It's not really worth the hassle if i have to keep releasing

    I like the idea of smaller kingdoms and regional politics :)

    I am playing in a big kingdom on 3x while our players are not the best we try to win with size :)

    Having a cap of 60 players would make kingdoms go for more skilled players instead of size.

    TK should provide in game benefits to prevent cheating, buy your victory not cheat your victory

    Then the funds will be used to improve the game.

    Cheating is rampant early on in the game when resources are precious, efforts should be placed here.

    The menhir is a problem as they bring the farms right next to their villages, this is abuse in its purest form


    Look at this complete disaster of a map, I flagged the large kingdoms.

    You can see all the players who stayed in the center, and everyone who got menhired out after kings opened up their treasuries.


    Because these large kingdoms have retreated towards their side of the world the game has turned into a sim CARE BEAR MODE.

    Unknown Pls this is an important issue.


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    The center is too crowded that's the problem, where do you even put your villages? I like to have my villages close together but its impossible.

    Also I think menhir should have a timer so it is not abused. If you menhir you can't do it again for 24hr, this will disturb the quick settling menhir liars but the purpose of menhir is to relocate not to fast settle. The grey villages should be destroyable, they are taking up space and stealing precious tribute.

    I'm building a hammer on the edge right now, been simming and building troops for the last 14 days so there is barely any action out here. I am bored but I must keep going. I might attack another kingdom but sending multiple fakes so i am not stacked.

    The menhiring system allows premades to dominate the server. I would like to see more middle powers by reducing the strength of these big kingdoms, i think smaller teams are more engaging and fun.

    Hold up, you are talking about mid game?

    Why are you in a survival situation in the center during the mid game?

    I feel like we need a bit more information about how you got in that situation before we can actually give any meaningful advice.

    Russians said we don't invite non-Russians, and then I already had 2 villages so I was stuck. Tried to fight back but lost my troops to their coordinated defence, once they got catapults I couldn't defend lol

    Romans are the worst because you can't make defence from the stables. I think you always need to have some kingdom backing you up, being surrounded by the enemy is a very bad situation. I was being catapulted every 8 minutes because he was right next to me. Upping the wall and stonemason works very well, also not losing too many troops is important.

    Perhaps Teuton is better to play the center, faster spear production and paladin option in the stable. Gaul would be stronger defensively but weaker offensively, trapper and cranny bonus will keep everyone away so its probably best for tough situations.


    I will update if i find any more good ideas.

    There are players using a player activity tracking tool, perhaps an external one

    My evidence is because once a player has been tagged as inactive you can see 50 attacks coming in all of a sudden, something must have told them this player is inactive. After that they put them in their raid list and farm them by never logging off. I don't know about the legality, it is kind of a cheat imo