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    Good ideas :)

    The robber camps are profitable so every kingdom wants them but has to police its members from settling on those tiles. Also a lot of players especially the new ones don't understand this mechanic and may settle accidentally. Travian Legends doesn't have these mechanics so its pretty simple you just settle where you want to, I have played as King and Duke before and its difficult and very time consuming.

    No hero no attack seems reasonable and is good for less active players, but the greedy active players would complain lol :(

    I think the whole system should be changed

    1) Because they always appear on non 4-4-4-6 tiles every kingdom gets really angry if you put a village there, so what's the point in having them?

    2) The moment they pop up all the greedy players are sending their attackers, just for you to log in and see everything's been taken :cursing:

    3) Defensive players should get some rewards too, this gives the attackers an early advantage and Teutons are already very powerful early game

    Thank you for considering my changes

    Yes they are too powerful, this is why we need caps or something to balance the game out.

    I was playing ES3X and BOB took over everything and ganged up on me like a bunch of animals

    Very bad for health of our game ;(

    Yeah its just abused for croppers at this point lol ;(

    Russians are taking over my area i agreed to join them, so i am closing shop.

    The NPC village helps with resources at least. We can trust in them to never leave :)

    I don't have brand recognition or ethnic support

    All my players left, I think its annoying that the quest system incentives menhiring because you need those resources to quick settle ;(

    Its just not worth playing king unless you can get some players to play with you.

    I want to play king but its just not possible, unless we can make a team here on the forums :)

    I am playing as King in com6 and everyone left my territory now i get no tribute ;(

    Should I become a governor or just keep going :cursing:

    Unknown Well one problem is that new players join late into the world and its difficult to catch up, they should join a kingdom quickly (quest?) and we need a mentoring system like they have in Tribal Wars. Another change is to not allow new players to be kings. I think also raising the protection for joining late is reasonable, its not fair when these players get attacked by experienced farmers who joined on day 1

    They suck when it comes to taking advice, its not about the code, they only care about Travian Legends <X

    The whole idea of new tribes was brought up years ago.. nothing done about it ;(

    Attack is just too difficult to play, even for the most experienced players. This is the reason why most people don't play attack and attackers are HIGHLY valued in kingdoms. Defenders get a huge advantage because they can stack troops and when you add wall + lodge (yes it gives a huge defence boost) its impossible to break through. I think Kings and Dukes should receive less tribute, of course this would weaken attackers more but I think governer attackers should be buffed in some way.

    Changes I would like to see

    - Increase Ram and Cat speed
    - Increase Siege bonus and speed

    - No more moving treasures and hiding treasures. This function is abused like hell and turns attackers into a joke.

    - No more stacking treasures, we need to distrubute the defence to prevent stacking

    I think those changes would fix a lot.

    RIP Ottomans, I've never seen so many hammers dead in a single attack <X

    They take multiple wonders because the multiplier stacks.. but there are no limits on players and in local servers you can have 3 big kingdoms fighting for 7 wonders. People dont want to play in a small team knowing they can't place top 3. Solution: Player limit no more giant kingdoms, create more competition and diplomacy

    Because they only care about Travian Legends.. they even introduced a new quest system and new game modes.

    Why are the players of Travian Kingdoms hated? ;(

    The best we can get is a sudoku game on the forum! (sorry to who made it)

    We demand new tribes! Why can't you deliver? No more excuses!

    We won't offer any ideas to the game if none of them will be implemented :cursing:

    TeutonicG I agree, give us some new buildings and tribes to play with. We won't accept any more excuses!

    No one wants trains booo :thumbdown:

    Maybe because there isn't competition for this type of game, Tribal Wars is worse I think so I will stay here for now

    I agree we can have a goal for the whole kingdom to work on, but its just a small add on it won't change the game much