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    I believe the only way to fix the problem is to take menhir out of the game. Even with penalties such as refractory period (or a one time only function), no resources refunded/ fields destroyed, and return to beginner protection it still allows for abuse. Furthermore, while not against the rules, I personally believe that the menhir's function as a speed settling method is an absurd mechanic which is also bad for balancing.

    The current function of menhir most strongly serves those who want to MA, those who are in prebuilt kingdoms, and those who want to speed settle. Because it favors these three groups, it is in no way beginner friendly and is a function more likely to alienate new players. I think if there was a steep penalty for using the menhir that took away the competitive edge it grants people who are using it for MA or speed settling, then it would still be open to abuse and unnecessary function in this game.

    From any suggestion given so far, the best case scenario is you limit the menhir abusers to people making MA defenders or you make it easier to form premade metas. Which is why I believe menhir should not be a part of this game.

    Step 1: Admit you have a problem! (MA & Quest Abuse)

    Step 2: Remove menhir and speed settle tactics (that force us to do same build over and over)

    Step 3: ???

    Step 4: Profit!

    I would like if Menhir will completely remove. I remember old times and it was good times.

    Hey Baron can u explain how it worked before for us newer players?

    I think they introduced menhir to allow friends to play together, but problem is that its not used to just change location, it changes gameplay.

    Old strategies are not viable anymore because they dont factor menhir power <X

    Maybe they should remove it, you get stuck in the area you spawn and you learn to make new friends every server!

    One thing I noticed is that kingdoms move away out of the center closer to the WoW's where its full of croppers and safe from attacks.

    I think we should encourage battles and control over teritory, no more running away and simming!

    It also gives an advantage to premades who just cary over their whole squad server to server.

    I see plenty of kings cant fill their kingdoms because all the players are already in premades, they get less tributes and it messes the game up.

    #RemoveMenhirNow :thumbup:(no menhir on EUNX3)

    Who is this 9 population player that's the first to join every server?

    He is so mysterious and does not reply to my messages!

    Please travian team reveal his secrets to us! :D

    Robber Hideout OP

    The button would be abused.

    I'm thinking a good solution is to have the whole hideout attack the def player and if the player wins deposit the reources in the hero inventory.

    But also weaken them a bit at the start, otherwise the offensive player is going to get attacked.

    Petition to fix hideouts is underway!

    No more toleration of bad game mechanics and nonsense about how we must build offensive troops
    We wont have it! :)

    Robber hideouts are too strong early game and the rewards are not good :( Every time they are coming back stronger its driving me crazy<X

    I think the calculations should be changed, very hard to deal with unless playing as teuton

    Also robber camp no good too, rewards are really good for those but only 2 spawned and it was far away from me. All my teammates took them so now I must rage here for change ;(

    I think for defensive players they should attack faster so they don't have to wait too long.

    I am looking for a Robber hideout strategy that works :)


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    Easy. Limit size of kingdom - even if you limit it to 100 people, most of premades would manage to get into that.

    Old travian (i think Legends now? idk how its called now) had limit of 60 players per alliance if i remember right. Kingdoms are more society-oriented, so 80/100 should work well

    Yes this is what I was thinking as well. Some kingdoms are too big and the smaller kingdoms struggle vs them :( I think the original idea for kingdoms was to be based on teritorial gameplay, thats why they introduced the kingdom system.

    Legends the limit is 60 and you can only send support to allies, here you can help non allies too

    From my experience attacking in this game is too complex, requires too much coordination and the front leaders are just fodder :( No one likes to lose their army and once you do its hard to rebuild.

    Worst experience is when the king plans a fail attack, very sad ;(

    Maybe can build an in game reminder system or coordination system for attacks. Gettertools doesn't even display the proper time its all frustrating really

    I don't think its about the gold, I think its about how the event is designed..

    Players would not catch spiders and bats unless the stats were buffed.. maybe if they wanted to work together to get the rewards.

    But now any smart kingdom is going to stack the treasury with those things and then what??

    Everyone got 300 cages 4 free, if you use it to get bats and spiders only no one will be able to touch you ;(

    Everyone got 300 cages 4 free so the price plumeted :thumbsup:

    Sim City Mode Enabled?

    I documented how Kingdoms turned to Zoo Kingdoms

    The new patch introduced some bugs so we shouldn't tin foil hat yet


    I dont think the rates would be influenced by auction, its influenced by loot tables and the chances to get those items. Clearly you are more likely to roll medicine/resoures/cages than equipment.