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    TG what in the haloween is going on with spider and bat stats?

    AND rewarding people with hundreads of cages???

    We will not be able to attack anyone until the mid game :cursing:!

    I am a top 20 raider and I send attacks in fear! A couple cages to wipe out my whole army!

    Anyone who picked roman is going to have a good time, sorry for everyone else.

    Klaatu hileci ve ilk yapışıda değil

    rus arkadaşları var ve ona yardım ediyolar, hammadeyle ve köyü reislemek için hazırlıyolar

    sen orayı yağmala ve izin verme

    temiz oyuncular var, hile yapan oyuncuları bulup cezalandırmalıyız

    Yes I like this idea :)

    I think they can be carried straight over with slight changes, just need some new artwork

    If you want more playstyles you need more civilizations, its as simple as that :)

    Egyptians would have a really hard time with robber hideouts, but maybe its a good punishment for having OP resource production

    Sounds similar to the hospital from Legends but there is no unit there

    1 Healer would need to heal several units to justify the cost, but it could cause balancing problems

    I think it would make attack stronger by making it cheaper and recover faster from losses

    From my experience

    Less camps for dukes

    The time for the next camp starts after you eliminate it

    At first the camps come up fast, but slow down over time and stabalize

    Stuff read on the forums

    The resource is based on your production

    Troops inside camp is based on your army

    Treasure is based on total kingdom treasure

    I see, but the damage dealt is based on the number of catapults or the attack value of the catapults? The attack difference isn't going to make a big difference in damage to units :)

    At least give the option to destroy a village, menhir abuser came back from vacation and attacking me with hero while i sleep. Is this person going to troll me until the end of the game?

    I keep hearing about how Teuton catapults are less effective than other catapults, but is that true? Couldn't confirm it in the simulator and I think they are talking about the brewery effect and crop consumption and not the effectiveness of the catapult itself.

    Anyone willing to do some experimenting?

    Everything is being coordinated through the SS but only 1 person has authority over it!!! It becomes a problem because that person is not online all the time and it creates too many problems!

    MY SOLUTION? Permission to give authority to other people!!

    Thanks that really helps, i can use it to mark my enemies too :)

    It does get messy because there are so many cities but this will do

    -Remove attack indicator for people not in your alliance but in your teritory

    -Visual indicator of who is in your alliance because the teritory outlines do not help