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    It is true that it is becoming a little monotonous at this point to have only 3 tribes accessible.

    It is not so hard to come up with new tribes, you just need to add some distinctive trait (one good, one bad) to an existing gameplay.

    There is so much possibilites.

    For instance, largely desired Egyptians could have trait to be able to build crop field above level 10 in villages.

    or there could be one tribe which is harder to chief (has better loyalty than average),

    or there could be one tribe which can settle faster (can have another settling slot on lvl 15 residence).

    Or there could be tribe that has healers as an unit which goes together with the army and acts as a hero's bandage.

    There is no need to invent anything in gameplay, it is only needed to make tribes which have some traits based on existing gameplay.

    Of course, again the problem is to test it thoroughly so that new tribe doesn't bring some unexpected consequences and imbalance into the actual game.

    why would they...? I cant imagine its necessary to make a completly new game just to implement 1-2 new tribes.

    On the other hand, I dont have much experience in programming and I dont know anything about their specific case, so I could be complety wrong.

    It's not about programming, I think it would be super easy to add additional code,

    it's about balance in the game,

    it would need to test the changes properly and thoroughly to check if the gameplay balance is violated with adding new tribes,

    and that takes a lot of time and resources,

    and it would be too much of an effort for this game.

    Idea to think about:

    new unit type: healers

    building needed to produce them: hospital, the higher the level, the faster they are produced

    effect: when accompanied with other troops, the same as bandages on hero, i.e. one bandage == one healer

    What do you think?

    What arguments would be for and against it?