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    Hope you guys enjoy playing on an empty server surrounded by allies and kingdoms you dwarf

    What else are we supposed to do with a kingdom that spawns next to us that says "No politics. No unions. Came here just for fun. Winning will be a bonus."

    no politics right? step one of travian early game: get rid of wild cards. You guys cant cry about being wrecked when you came here to wreck other people. We just aren't giving you 3-4 months to do it so take your tears to the next server please. Go sim up big screenshot hammers there to hit the competitive players for your fun.

    Yo, I made a promise I would rescind my comments way earlier about Morphy. Hes a good guy actually. He proved me wrong for sure. I almost forgot to come through on my promise to post about it lol. Thanks for being a cool dude morph

    okay, lol, I had to skip like 3/4ths of these messages before I drowned in tears.
    I want to make a few things very very clear.

    1. We are a group of players that love the game and enjoy competition. We dont care if everyone on the map unites against us. that sounds like a good time daddies. :love:

    2. we rallied everyone on com4 because, and get this, DIPLOMACY IS A HUGE PART OF THE GAME! People seem to think this game is about training offensive math numbers and running them into defensive math numbers, thats just one part. GW hardcore abused the game and they are the ones that made the server climate unhealthy and not fun. I mean by the end of the server, we had gotten like almost 100 accounts banned for multi abuse! Every player in WST has their own pulse (not all of them have brains though ;) )

    3.We united my RnA kingdom with WST from com4 and not for any other reason than: we had a blast. We made a lot of friends. We hang out in discord and play other games on steam. We have discord meetings and argue with each other over the best strategy to proceed and have some beers and just talk to each other. Its one of the best travian atmospheres I've ever had. You guys are missing out. We really are just a group of people from all over the world that love the game.

    4. We aren't actively recruiting, we dont need to. WST isnt afraid to fight a losing battle or a hard one. I came from RnA where we got beat on by GW for the first 3 months of the server and still never gave up a single treasure out of a treasury by never sleeping and harnessing the spite in our hearts. (kunklak was an RnA duke, I saw him posted earlier in this forum.) The only reason people are joining if at all (and I PROMISE you the rest of WST leadership fights me tooth and nail on every candidate) is I always do my best to take a few new players under my wing and teach them how to defeat their enemies and play the game well. My mentor did it for me. I do my best to pay it forward to the community.

    so if you are frustrated or feeling overwhelmed, just know we felt the same way last server together, and we overcame it by banding together. so do the same! I encourage it. dont forget WST means WE STAND TOGETHER.

    (although I still make fun of them and call them WE SIM TOGETHER)

    Its so funny to me watching the debate of what is ethical or dirty or shameful, when I just put in like 10 hours a day for 6 months with my crew to beat the most unethical kingdom of all time on com4. Anyone here is welcome to go read the tale about it posted by eldersang. (COM4 - The Tale of the Victory of WST) I was mirdon on that server. It was a busy server.

    GW ended up getting like 90 accounts banned for multing and we were still roughly the same size after merging twice. They had literally zero honor and weren't afraid to bully and be disgusting to my players all the way up until we took a big fat dump on them.

    So lets get a few things straight please.

    1. I came to this server as an observer invited by some friends. I'm thankful for my travian friends that have checked up on me through the pandemic, might as well hangout with them.

    2. I actually met morphy by adding him on discord before the server started, he can back that up. I was interested in who was all coming to this server, after putting in the travian time I did on com4 I really wanted to take a break. I had also heard rumors about morphy paying off russians in a previous server and was interested in hearing for myself what kind of guy he was and judging for myself. My conclusion was that he was an uptight, but pretty cool guy but we didn't speak much.

    3. regardless of what anyone sees as shameful or brave for defending a kingdom, Tactical value is what matters in travian. I have never been upset or angry that the unit defended wilki, in fact I predicted it and warned several of the leadership it would happen. It was the right move. This is the point in the game before siege is heavy enough to really do damage and chief hammers aren't the most common, and so kingdoms overflow with defense. Why not put it to use right?

    if vanguard and the unit had been close allies and vanguard was bullying wilki and the unit decided to defend them to no benefit of the unit THEN I would talk about ethics and applaud the unit for being "brave" and standing up to the people that make the game not fun because at the end of the day, its a game and we play for fun. Anything within the game rules is on the table. You'll never hear me call any sort of troop movement dirty in travian.

    the ONLY PROBLEM I have is spotting the clear hypocrisy. I just hate when people are doing the same thing and someone is claiming moral high ground for it. I noticed it earlier with pinnie smalls, and pinnie smalls corrected his comment and let me know in a private message and that was SUPER COOL of him. absolute unit of a gentleman. I now know that pinnie is someone I would play with, and on this server respect as an opponent.

    it just bothers me that the part in question is not the actual thing that has a rule against it ... you know... real world item trading.

    *****§5. Money and in-game currency transactions

    Selling or buying accounts, units, villages, resources, services or any other aspects of Travian: Kingdoms for real money is not permitted. Selling Travian: Kingdoms accounts or indirectly transferring them (even as a gift) in combination with auction pages or other financial transactions is not permitted. Any attempt to manipulate or misuse the in-game auction system of Travian: Kingdoms in order to move game currency from one avatar to another, is not allowed. The transfer of gold to another (lobby) account is not possible.******

    Morphy said it was a fit of passion but that doesn't excuse the behavior and it doesnt justify it. but I understand and will give the benefit of the doubt, I get mad too. still not okay, but I get it. I'm not calling for scrutiny or punishment of morphys account

    What I am calling for is a challenge to Morphy to admit we are competitive rivals, applaud us for making a smart tactical move, and then move on and see each other later down the server when tournament squares let us reach each others backyards. Stop saying this or that about being white knights and defending a kingdom that you would normally crush under your boot if you were but located closer.

    I mean we didnt even catch any hammers ;(;(;(;(


    stop white-knighting and I can go back to just trolling vanguard general chat and hitting on Abe/Quinn.



    Definition of slander (Entry 2 of 2)

    1: the utterance of false charges or misrepresentations which defame and damage another's reputation

    2: a false and defamatory oral statement about a person

    "But neglect that and publicly slander a player who happens to be a good king that makes decisions for his kingdom and his own best interest to help his governors to a fighting chance for victory. Cause all I see is that he happend to collect a good premade team that made a perfect start and formed a kingdom that connects perfectly on the map as on communications."

    Hey man, I dont care if you explain your reasoning for doing it I get it, but dont try to have moral high ground over us about it.

    Would you like me to post the screenshots of him saying he plays dirty and will pay real money to win? or should I just let that one go?