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    occurring continuously over a period of time. "the pain is constant"

    I do believe this is my first time bringing up this issue, so not really constant. And this is a very large international server too. So many players are affected. So a post is justified if admin won't take action.

    martiy#EN! why do you think anyone is interested in your problem? 8)

    Because the game admin responded to my message also because multi farming is a rampant problem that affects every server. And also I dont know if its really 'my' problem if there are 1300 other people on this server that are also effected by this top player being a multi farmer

    Ok thank you i dont think many people knew that. THe ticket number is 593119 if you are interested. It has been some time now and nothing has happened to this player so looks like he will keep farming magic land and get away with it unfortunately.

    I don't have access to the same tools the CSR in the Help Center has, so I cannot give you any light on it, but I can assure you the CSR is very thorough and will look into the case properly.

    If there is any reason to act, she will do so.

    Just be patient and leave this case in her hands.

    They already told me its done. Resolved. They are done with the ticket.

    And totally nothing happened.

    Unknown i only made this thread because i already submitted a ticket and was told the issue had been looked into and of course nothing happened to this player so we have a big pop player near WW era almost and almost 0 troops killed ENTIRE server yet top 10 robber every week and a hilariously low level hero. He is clearly not attacking any real human players to plunder his resources nor has he even attacked any robber hideouts either...yet he plunders tens of millions of resources every week from magic land.

    So I won't name any names because that would be against forum rules.

    But there is a very high population player on my server who is also top 10 robber every week...yet if you look in Statistics => attacker => search his name, he has almost 0 troops (not even exaggerating, almost 0) killed after months of playing. It is almost WW soon and he is not even attacking robber hideouts yet top 10 robber every week since week 1. Top population and top robber. We know he is just farming his multies, but hes been reported and admin won't do anything so I am really curious how then this can be justified as fair play?

    And for those who don't know, yes it is possible to search how many total troops a player has killed. No it is not on gettertools, it is right in the game. Just like how the game tells you much population you have, it tracks total attack and defense troops killed throughout whole server.

    Statistics => Attacker/defender => search player name.

    So I would just like an explanation how someone can have 0 troops killed near WW era, and yet top 10 robber everyweek with tens of millions of resources stolen (no robber hideouts attacked either, due to almost 0 troops ever killed). How is this not multi farming and why wont he be banned.

    By the way he has been doing this since week 1 when there were no inactives.

    Is there a way to message people on your 'Friends' list but are on a different server? On the right hand side you see your list of friends in the Lobby, but there is no way to message them unless coincidentally you are playing on the same server and you can message them ingame. If there isn't a way, i think there should be...otherwise what is the point of adding 'Friends' in the first place......

    I dunno man, you have like 2 silver stars and a bronze, perhaps you are ''friend'' of someone :))

    But since you are so curious, i had another account years ago. Didnt play this game for years. Don't remember the password, or email. So now this is my only one. Sad... I think there was actually gold stuck on the other one =/

    Now your turn to explain. In the middle of EUR speed x3 server, Sharley, who leads multiple kingdoms, has time to 'meet' new players to the game? Wow what a great guy. Volunteering his time.