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    Now this aged well I guess, what is it a year and 3 months that "we are going to do a lot" and "will try to understand our players a bit more"? I don't want to be offensive, but if the progress has been negative, then probably there is something wrong with the approach, isn't there? "give a second chance before being too harsh" Player gets banned 2 times in 2 days, loses barely any population, that he easily gains back in less than a day with gold and resources from multi accounts, but that's a "second chance" I guess. Education theory doesn't look like it has a great effect, but I could be wrong... Now, could I get told a reason why I shouldn't start abusing multi accounts myself other than being superior both as an individual and as a player? I just want to hear one good reason why I shouldn't, as it becomes close to impossible to one against who does, and that is making the whole community quit, as server population shows. If the problem is the money to keep up the servers I am more than sure if you made a funding campaign you will find funds even from retired players that would easily come back if they knew the game became enjoyable again. But that is not contemplated in your plans, you just want to make money as soon as possible, which makes me guess you are planning to shut the game down, as I can't see any other reason why you wouldn't invest a little for a couple months in order to start getting a growing community back. How many players have started one server and quit because they couldn't find any kingdom willing to take them, as they could be suspected of being multi accounts? Did you really not think that the community can't grow if this keeps being the status of the game? If you need help from the community make a player council, get in touch with the members and discuss with them what changes could help the server itself, it could be elected by the community between players that have been around for a long time and have never been punished for cheating etc. You would get infinite tips on how to fix issues and improve the game, because some players do know this game extraordinarily well. I don't think I am amongst them of course, but I know some people that have more game knowledge that you would ever expect. I hope you will consider this, I am always open for dms either here or on discord, I am willing to put in as much work as I can to improve this game, which I sincerely love, so, please, give us an answer, a real answer for once. An answer that comes from people first and then from money makers, as that issue could be solved as I explained earlier. Please, the community is slowly becoming less and less populated, answer us, tell us something. I have had a ticket open for 4 days, with no answer, but that's alright, I suppose Black Swan is working or is busy, I am not saying this is the issue. The issue is we need answers, we need to see that something happens, we need to see a change, or sooner rather than later this game will die, maybe someone will make it again if the code becomes open source, I don't know if it will ever happen or not, but either way, please don't let it die, please answer us, tell us something, open your ears to our suggestions, for this game not to disappear completely.

    BridgetB  Unknown  Black Swan please, we need answers, and you are the only ones that can give them to us.

    Carlo#5464 is my discord tag, if anyone, especially of the people above, wants to speak about this. Yet again, please give us an answer.

    carlo you were wrong to ask this thing to black swan, you have to make her friends ask her to whom she satisfies all the whims, even against the rules! for everyone else it just closes conversations without replying, so good wishes if you hope to have answers or even action!

    continuerei volentieri a discutere con te, peccato che il tuo lessico è striminzito non potendo usare anche qua le tue solite offese a persone ed alle loro madri, quindi mi annoi e mollo qua, anche perchè si sta uscendo dal tema della conversazione!

    posso anche credere che per alcune persone abituate a dire e fare sempre quello che vogliono fuori dalle regole, sia difficile da capire, ma questo è un forum italiano e di conseguenza ci si scrive in italiano

    ecco che persona si è rivelata sara...
    comportamenti infantili da asilo nido, insulti a raffica e ripetitivi quando viene messa di fronte alla realtà dei suoi errori nel rapportarsi con le persone, egocentrica al punto di non avere rispetto per le altre persone e/o player, diffamatrice all'estremo, almeno con quelle poche 3 o 4 persone che ancora le danno seguito perchè probabilmente carenti di saper convivere civilmente in un gruppo come ha dimostrato lei!
    per ora mi fermo qui ma ci sarebbe molto altro, non vorrei sembrare esagerato o di parte, quindi attendo altre riflessioni che son sicuro non tarderanno ad arrivare!

    what to say ... this proposal is to be fully supported.

    x3 servers and even better x5 are the most fun to play and the night respite favors a lot of players, and I think it's also in travian's interest to bring out more of them!