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    i posted on discord earlier about my concern but i was working.

    Firstly interesting, anything new can always be a good thing and im sure will be tried on test server first etc.

    My concern is Vacation mode + the benefits from workshop prod aswell as how this interacts overall with vacation mode.

    Is it going to be that if i select 7 day vac on lets say day 37 (3x server) that when i return day 44 still in same kingdom that i will now be benefitting from the vac boost on top of the new boost and at a 42 day rate or is it frozen at the rate you go on vac.

    Hope this makes sense the interation with Vac mode i can see being abused.

    but all in all new changes are always welcome i do agree with others though around how this benefits big teams not small.

    perhaps the inverse would actually make sense but im sure could lead to more abuse.