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    It might be just me but I think that newer players would have a new goal to work towards. And I just thought of another way it would help players especially the newer ones. At the end of the server they will see where they rank in raiding for the whole server. That way they can tell how much they might need to improve to reach the top players or if they are already doing ok.

    Yes that is what I mean. I think having that could not have any big impact in the game it is more of something that would be nice to see. Probably it could be a motivating factor. Same way some players try to be top attacker or have the top hero they will try and be top raider also

    So there would be a global statistic to show how much every single player raided. But only after the server is done. And possibly the same way that the hall of fame has top 3 heroes and top 3 attackers it will have top 3 raiders.

    Just a suggestion how about at the end of the server there is a statistic that shows how much was raided for the whole server. That information is already collected each week so it will just be compiled at the end of the server. Not a top raider statistics during the game only at the end of the server.

    Would just be cool to see how much resc the top raider raids at the end of the server total

    Only way I see that making sense is if players are not allowed to gold on that server. Or there is a limit to gold. Otherwise that would just become a competition of who spends the most money.

    What is the age of the server? And how much are you raiding currently? How do you compare to the rank 10 raider?

    If you look at some record hammers on 1x servers , you can calculate that even the best players are not able to start running their workshop level 20 until day 15-21. Great barracks and Great stables generally don't kick in until a fair bit later.

    If you're a Teuton looking to make a WW Rammer, if you build with clubs you can actually start pretty late and still build a very respectable army. Just make sure to start that workshop early

    Server is around day 60 and I raid around 5 million resc a week. I am usually in top 10 raiders I have been from week 3 but not to high up usually around 6 - 8.

    Easiest way to have good amount of resources is obtaining a 15cropper with %75-150 bonus,going vacation mode,completely upgrading them and out of the vacation training troops 24/7.
    With a 15c you secure constant and secured flow of resources,in case farms disappear or get overrun by other farmers.
    Along with that 5-6 more supply villages should be enough for a teuton to run everything together.
    + You must consider farming from some other village rather than your main hammer village, 10-20k cs should be enough to do so,
    Good luck.

    But what happens when your troops start eating the food say you make 30k an hour and you do vacation that gives you 60k an hour. with clubs that goes down rather fast.

    So I am an offensive teuton and I farm inactives and players around me that I can for around 14 hours a day. I try to attack inactives every 15 min - 20 min I miss the time every now and then but my farming is fairly regular. What I am wondering is how do I farm enough to keep training troops in all 5 buildings 24/7. When I do the calculation I would need like 1.6m resc and even with 8 cities I cannot get that much. Any advise?

    After I have researched everything in my academy should I demolish it for the space or do I need to leave it in the city and the same for the smithy

    Hey so I am new to farming. Was just wondering what are the best farming strategies out there? Like I know activity is important, but who is best to farm inactives. How to find farms. And what to send to farm. I am primarily talking as a teuton but any advice would be great.

    So I wanted the opinion of others. How do you build your 15 cropper on offensive and defensive accounts? Like how many warehouses and granaries do you put in?

    Nice thanks. You say delete your village would you have another player attack you with catapults to do that or is there a way to it on your own?