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    Yes but with a good communicative spiker they should be able to get def from kingdom.

    All I am asking here is for players to know who is spiking

    In my opinion teutons were best at early farming in later stages romans and gauls are way better. The new limitations are most likely impacting teutons the most.

    My interpretation of the teuton philosophy in kingdoms is that you need to use bash farming early on and turn the people around you into farms.
    Problem with that is that people will just delete (or menhir) and you'll just see your hard earned farms disappear.

    Teutons are gr8 at early farming yes but by 2 -3 weeks that advantage is gone. Gauls and Romans take over for the rest of the server. Unless a teuton turn people into farms which as you said they would delete. Note what I am saying is just my opinion but the way farming was to me was already balanced enough. But with the new changes Teutons are the only tribe who will be affected.

    I understand what you are saying.

    One thing I disagree with is when players say they need to bring down the level of a game for more players to play. This is a team game every kingdom will not have 100% experienced players. There will always be some average members. I do not agree with someone using a script to farm every 3 min but what if I am able to farm every 10 min for 14 hours should I be punished for my circumstances allowing that? No one player can win a server, it takes a team. So instead of looking for ways to bring down the playstyle lets implement ways to make new players better.

    Not saying changes need to make teutons the best farming but saying teutons were already slow. No need to further kick them down.

    The 999 limit per village is not there it is 2k per account. But that still puts teutons at a disadvantage. As you said if limiting the attacking on a player was the intention then the 50 attacks per target already covered that.

    I don't think it kills active players at all... it equalizes players with multiple armies with players with single bigger armies.

    Before this change, com3 raiding was being dominated by one player raiding with EI from all his villages... now it is a more even spread of raiders.. I think the 20 players in top raiders from rank 2 to rank 21 would be counted as active.. but they just did not have a chance

    On com3 it is easy to get above 999 raids... it is very hard to maintain above 1500

    I understand that but what about teuton players they will never be able to farm as much as a gaul or a roman. At least without the limit a teuton could farm in multiple cities. Not saying that before was ideal but if another player wanted to farm form all his cities he could also and dominate also no matter what tribe he was. But now romans and gauls have an upper hand in farming that teutons cannot get past. And I think something needs to be done about that.

    I know that all tribes have their advantages and disadvantages, but for most of them there are work arounds.

    The new changes though I find put teutons alone at a disadvantage. (I could be wrong and other tribes are disadvantages also but I just have not seen it yet)

    Teutons were already not the fastest farmers, and the 1000 a city limit limited farming per city, but that was ok because teuton players farmed from multiple cities which covered the disadvantage. But with the new changes there is no way for a teuton to farm as much as a gaul or a roman can because sooner or later they will reach their limit and there is nothing they can do about that.

    I have a question why change the limit to 2000 per account. (I would really like an answer to this) I am playing as a gaul and honestly I like it. But I think that changes should not give one tribe an advantage unless it is to fix an already unfair advantage.

    Was there a test first where players could share their experiences. (I dont know if one was done. Just asking if it was)

    The only was I am seeing to fix this is to increase the speed of teuton cavalry. The increase in speed does not have to be much, it could be increase by 2 for paladins and teutonic knight, or just increase the teutonic knight.

    What do other players think? Am I the only one thinking this way?

    Please note I am new to travian and I could have some information wrong

    Easy, spying before sending the attack so you know what kind of force you need to over come what ever is defending the village. :)

    No one has time for that. And like Sir Cin Sincere said does not sound fun at all. I am sure if you were to take a vote of players or a poll the vast majority of players disagree with spiking. The arguments for it are vastly inferior. I do not have much to say again except find out what your players want.

    It may... but I personally don't see it... what I see is that if the enemy is able to see who is spiking, that person is going to become a target and most, if not all, small players will stop using that tactic against their biggest opponents.

    Don't you think?

    Spikers hurt not just their enemies but also their own team mates. Also defenders already have a benefit why give them more. Reason why I started this topic is for game devs to see that they have put an unfair advantage to spikers. Not only do they know who is sending and what they are sending at the village but no one knows who is defending.

    In every aspect of a game there should be a counter strategy. What is the counter for spikers?

    I think we need to think about small players but also need to keep the game balanced. Small players part of a kingdom are still a risk to attack because the kingdom can reinforce them.

    Well me personally I do not think spiking is a good strategy. If the game is supposed to be played as a team then even if I am a small player I would have a team to support me. Spiking also hurts my team members. And if I am a small player and I want to fight back against a certain person or kingdom, spiking is not the best strategy. I understand that there are other reasons to reinforce inactive accounts but once they cause losses their should be some kind of consequence to the spiker. At least make it fair if that is what yourl are going for.

    Right now from what I know if someone defends an inactive player their defense points do not go up. I agree with that but there should be some way for players to know who is defending inactive. Players are taking advantage of the fact that no one will know and spiking. Which ruins the game

    The server is unplayable for many my suggestion is stop the server and relaunch it because alot of players have quit or are now at a disadvantage.

    It might be just me but I think that newer players would have a new goal to work towards. And I just thought of another way it would help players especially the newer ones. At the end of the server they will see where they rank in raiding for the whole server. That way they can tell how much they might need to improve to reach the top players or if they are already doing ok.