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    Larry#EN(11) They have a lot to loose if they violate the law, the game could be surely stopped/removed or they would pay.
    Every laws are made with a punishment and they won't break it just because you ask them, be serious.

    To be very clear, in case it wasnt obvious enough before. What i suggested is draft up a legally acceptable line in the terms of service to allow for exposing cheaters. Im no lawyer, but that is definitely a possibility. If you sign the TOS which everyone does in order to play, you agree to being exposed for cheating. Simple as that.

    So you are telling me, you couldnt just slap a line in the general terms and conditions, that nobody would ever reads anyways, Which states that one`s data protection rights for account information in case of TOS violation are waived. Mhm.

    Aside from that, what a freaking empty announcement. I never expect much from you, yet you keep going below that level.

    Here`s suggestions for content that would make us believe a single word you are saying:

    - without doing case studies of real people, outline what kind of behavior has been (recently) observed and punished. Just give us any freaking stats, make up the numbers to not show real data for all that i care.

    - explain the basic levels of punishment that occur. What is the slap on the wrist version, what is the banhammer version. I strictly disagree on your point of "not making things easier for cheaters" - if you let them know what degrees of punishment theyll face, they will be DIS- not EN-couraged. That is assuming the punishments are serious in nature, such as previously discussed in this thread (delete army&queues being a major point). TLDR: Name what rulebreaking accounts will get as punishment, show us that you are serious with this "announcement".

    - emphasis on another mentioned point in here, Make it dead serious if somebody cheated. Any ban period they experience should be clearly visible on the map, or possibly even in its own tab in statistics overview. If someone cheats to get an unfair advantage, the account should be flagged, so that Kingdoms know not to recruit that person etc.

    got a total of 14:

    bunny over romans shoulder,

    gauls right eye is blackened,

    teutons ham misses a white dot in the middle,

    bunny on teutons hip level,

    flower between roman and gaul,

    color of romans drink from yellow to red,

    apples on the table are see-through,

    two candle flames are dimmed/smaller flame,

    left candle holder is missing a line at the bottom,

    yellow screw missing on the bottom left of romans helmet,

    texure of the jug in front of gaul is different,

    extra strain of hair top right on teuton,

    mountainside above gauls head is missing a line,

    Just wanted to let you know that the idea was liked, it was added to a design idea that is been studied, but sadly I cannot give any time frames, since things move about depending on circumstances and other things that come up and we are forced to work on.

    I completely understand. It's very hard to set a timeframe for when to stop doing nothing. Overcoming slacking off and procrastination can be very hard. At least its just a for fun side project and not like, your job, or something.

    Sharing your "youtube" channel, when you posted 4 video's in 5 years, is kinda meh, dont you think?

    I was gonna say. It takes true bravery to dig up the ancient shark which now smells like urine (its an ancient icelandic tradition, google it), slap it out on the table and eat it. Or in this context, promote your channel with nonexistant content creation.

    Like combining them with daily quests or so called kingdom quests? How could they look like without the feeling of being repetitive or boring? What I try to avoid is for example that daily quest of annexing an oasis even though you can't because your villages are too close together (do you know what I mean?)

    Thanks for actually taking the time to talk this through properly, feels awesome to not talk to a brick wall for once. xD

    Anyways, i get your point, but repetitive quests wouldnt need to be boring. Depending on how much coding you guys are willing to put in, could be something like "kill 50/100/200 (scaling with game time) troops while defending". Or "destroy 5 building levels in enemy kingdoms", which would incentivise defs to also research and build catapults, which overall is teamplay in the sense of the kingdom. Ideally should be linked to kingdoms you are diplomatically at war with, so that its not as easy to abuse by attacking wings.

    Another simple one could also be "sell X treasures to your royal (5/10/20 scaling with time)", which counteracts -especially with newer players- hoarding goods in inventory in earlygame. Theres a lot of small steering wheels you have here, that could be utilized to great potential.

    If you mean to make the game healthier, remove the 50% extra points from PLUS. Maybe downscale the points needed somewhat (15-20%) to make it possible for everyone within a server, not just metas. Also anyone calling this an exciting new feature- please reconsider how much of an impact this will have on your gameplay; little to none. Any active component like suggested in this thread would make it much more reasonable. As of now, its an extra counter running in the background that grants buffs which you did nothing for other than sit comfortably in your (probably meta sized) kingdom. Thats just not a good design.

    Unknown posted a definition of the term fealty, yet this feature lacks any resemblance of the actual meaning of that. By performing well for the greater good of the kingdom, fealty could be used as a progression&reward system that does add to the overall gameplay experience. By getting benefits for no reason other than not leaving your kingdom, its just another ticking number.

    Hm. Maybe try to read more between the lines. I do make very clear political messages displaying hope and opportunity. Sorry if you can't discern them. :)

    I can assure you my mental is in a great spot, and unlike many others, I am not heavily invested into this game (emotionally and financially speaking). I love (limited parts of) the community, and the whole baseline idea of a real time strategic map-based game. It has incredible potential, and my rather negative callouts correlate directly with what the company delivers. I am dead serious when i type prove me wrong, but in the recent period (3? Maybe 4 years?), the only real (by that i mean, with an actual impact on playing experience) development work was the change to menhirs.

    So please, go find someone else to sass at. :P

    Nononono youre talking like it's a company that actively develops and manages its product. We're talking one intern with minor coding skills, and unknown sitting in front of a mirror smeagol-style and arguing with himself which path to mordor is the best.

    There is simply NO TIME (frame) to determine which of your well thought out, easy to implement changes they can disregard first. That would require any sort of coordinated effort man!

    As per usual, feel free to prove me wrong by doing *literally anything useful*.

    Damn this guy is funny clueless. Pls post more of your 5head tactics, I wanna learn.

    Short tesla, long Meta, do it on opening tomorrow. Best 5head way to burn through money.

    This is not financial advise, I am not a cat.

    If they implement even a single one of these features, i'm completely gonna lose my shit, personally ask for forgiveness from Unknown for the many insults and amount of shit i gave him (tho he mostly doesnt understand) and have my faith in the future of this game restored.

    I told my self i will quit TK after com2x3 but sadly i started com1nx3 with the idea that since alot of ppl will play it admins will not let so much cheaters w/o punishment.Sadly i was wrong so after com1nx3 (if i dont delete :D ) if there are no improvment's (i doube there will be) i will quit for good...I better spend my money on casino and hookers or w/e then on TK.

    The comparative form is "than" not then". Everything else you said is absolutely true and correct!

    off topic: Im working in data-analytics. On occasion we have clients willing to know what they can do to attract more customers. So, we do the analytics and present them the exact solution, lets say A.. There is a certain type of clients who react in the following way: "Oh, thats interesting, but we dont have budget to implement solution A. Can you please "re-calculate" your analytics so it would suggest B? We would like to do B. We have budget for B. We want to implement B".

    Sometimes, they care about the problems only on paper. They just want to make nice presentation for their bosses to show them, that they are doing a perfect job. Because they are doing shitty job...

    My guess is, this could be the same story in Munich as well. We all know what the problem is and what the solution should be. Except of TK-Management Team. They are probably celebrating the growing number of new "accounts".

    ^this, ye. Never trust statistics you didnt fake yourself- meanwhile TK doesnt even pretend to fake the statistics or care, they just derp off on minimum life support and eat peoples money ;D

    who gives a sh*t? We are giving them our money, and we wanna play without lags.

    Ok i know you arent the brightest mind, but can you at least pretend to comprehend what i am pointing at? I try to overdose my sarcasm so much that even the simplest minds can tell. Mission failed.

    I mean, fair, we're really being rude here guys. So can we expect the same margin of art projects in 2022 as in 2021? 5 pictures (recoloring doesnt make it new) and 1 map skin? We dont want you guys to overwork yourself, please make sure you rest well on the glorious deeds you have already performed.