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    I mean, fair, we're really being rude here guys. So can we expect the same margin of art projects in 2022 as in 2021? 5 pictures (recoloring doesnt make it new) and 1 map skin? We dont want you guys to overwork yourself, please make sure you rest well on the glorious deeds you have already performed.

    I mean we all know that is the truth, yes.

    But hey, let's ask the blood sacrificed frontman himself.

    Hey Unknown , I've never heard an official statement from you as to why CSR confirmed cheaters rarely get permabanned, but usually just end up with up to 3 day temporary bans or -1 building level.

    Please, grant us the joy of failing to weasel your way out of this one and tell us stuff like "they admitted to their wrongdoing and we believe its in the best interest of the community to keep this player around". I can't wait.

    Kind greetings,

    Santa Clause

    You are making a very fair point. .... for the wrong side of the spectrum. In a world where that would realistically happen, thats a very serious issue that needs to be avoided, yes. The reality we live in however, is that you have people actively and openly bragging about using multis, and nothing being done about that (meaning ingame, who cares what they talk on the forum). If bans were actually used as a punishment (and i mean CONSISTENTLY and PERMANENTLY, at least for the server??) people wouldnt need to complain as much anymore, even if its not publicly announced they can add 1 and 1 together themselves if a whole kingdom turns grey and is banned suddenly. I wish i wouldnt need to bring up these accusations, but how can we not do so. When a king can arise as a phoenix from the ashes of a 20 account banned private kingdom after a 24h ban, no troops or buildings lost, how is that not TG using possibly reasonable arguments like you are naming to cover up super shady shit. Namely, showing a super forgiving attitude towards people who spend decent chunks of money. TOS and rules dont mean jack compared to that sweet $_$.

    There surely are more ways than one to play this game. There is however only one that results in the highest resource production and troop count on top of victory points. One might say the meta. You can try other things, but newer players are very vocal on wanting to experience this military-like structure of well organized kingdoms whenever we encounter them. So I would strongly agree with leo and point out that you seem, in fact, illusioned about how this plays out. Are we going to argue next about how its totally valid to play without gold if you want to be better than top 20% of players? good one.

    Anyways, minor comment on topic, make it easier for kingdoms to communicate and promote. Give actual structures through discord and the forum as well as ingame chats, not the one friggin thread per server "type here if you are looking for a kingdom" and.. like, nothing pretty much, on discord. Implement tools for actual ingame communication (that preferably DONT break for the first month of every server). On top of the previously mentioned quests that incentivise joining the kingdom structures (and honestly also the meta gameplay). Quest reward is quite simple- small chunks of gold, say for example 20 gold each on 3 different occasions for quest progress. It is meaningful, and everyone can decide according to their planning skills what to do with it. Absolutely perfect for this occasion. I know you wont do these things, but there you go.

    Epic. After a couple years, menhir issues are slowly being adressed, to whatever result that may give. While camps have many super easy solutions, discussed many times on the forum. Could even do really soft versions like limit camp attacks to 5/spawn/player, which is still a lot. xD Buuut we cant do that, because... we need our full development power (read as: 1 guy) on that other issue. Nice.

    Your home boi unknown literally coming to his personal roast with a smile on his lips saying "thank you for all that feedback i love reading how everyone shittalks me" x D While arguing how displaying 1 extra icon for tier X items and changing 1 single text color is development work. Nice, havent had this hard of a laugh for a while.

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    Watch your profaaanity! Also i herby ref this weird argument won by xayira, since relying on foul language is, in fact, not an argument. Let it be known to all 2 other people reading this forum, and unknown when he reads this in 3 years instead of ever moderating it, that we have a new champion of "y is dis game dead lul"!!!

    To give a simple, recent example: The last test server just had a complete meltdown, they did a survey whether players wanted to continue with heavy lags (right as ww started) without requiring you to be in the server to vote. Ended up closing the server in early WW phase and just declaring the people with most VP winners.

    & in general just horrible management. From my understanding, the multi hunting team is now consisting of very few people, if not even a single person. Even if its clear as day, massive abuse of multis, scripting or similar has little to no consequences for the player. So over time, almost everyone gets burned out by this madness, while hearing the same repetitive replies from staff on the forum. xD

    Dear severely engaged Travian team, any update on this obviously pressing matter? While years old, nothing has changed about this topic. Do you not want people to be able to play your videogame to its full extent as a Dual? :o

    Dear Community, please keep spending big amounts of money on a product you keep being disappointed by. Then proceed to complain about it on the forum but change nothing about your behavior, This is the way.

    $GME to the moon.