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    When i played king i always wondered what the best way to police this was. For me, once they send an attack they have to defeat that level or it can sit there until its gone. So DEF should have 1 or 2 and the OFF players get the rest as they always have the biggest armies and siege. Normally a very good OFF player will settle around robber camps spots so they can get the most out of them.

    It is definitely a hard one for me as there is pros and cons - but i agree Kings should not get them and if they do they are dumb as f*ck. Dukes and defence players should be limited and the rest goes out to the big good OFF players.

    Thats what i would want but not always the case depending on the strategy you chose in the server.

    If there is "such" a strategy that govs cannot get Robber Camps they are only haemorrhage their Kingdoms players and growth and is also, a dumb ass move. I would leave immediately if a Kingdom played like this.

    some disagreement, def players should get the stolen goods in full amount if they are able to provide good defense, now the issue is how do you know who are good or bad in the end just make it free for all, first come first serve basis would be the best

    having more tribes will improve the game drastically as it attracts more people to play the game, furthermore more different army build and type will make the game more colorful, travian already 20 years old and the same old play style still goes on like this, okayyy teuton lets mass up clubs to whack others, we can come out with more other tribes like those mentioned above, and gives more unique tribes abilities, for example a tribe has unique traits like bonus infantry or cavalry during defense , a permanent one, and some tribes have lesser crops consumption rate from troops , maybe 15% lesser for each troops..Also maybe some tribes has advantages on building, -15% construction time bonus

    For now its dull, its either you have a good number of armies, and a good wall + ditch wins the fight, and also top up gold to speed up thing ..its dull!

    They close every ticket I write. I write a ticket, then my ticket is closed. They don't even answer. I'm angry enough with my dual. I got very angry with him because of the problem he caused me. I am being punished for the first time in my life. I've been playing this game for 7 years. And I'm not even getting a return to the support message I sent. They don't help. Turks are really mistreated. You are not aware of this, but they really exclude us.

    are you having enough of racial thing? nobody hates turks, we all hate cheaters ..

    Still the same saying ..If Ottoman cheated and banned, "omg the world hated turks"

    If others cheating, "oh yes they deserved it, its fair and square"

    Enough of these bullshits

    I think I am having this problem because of the person who seems common to my account. I am surprised what to do right now ... I haven't opened multiple accounts even once. I want all my IP records to be reviewed. I haven't cheated once in this game. I am an old player. I really did not deserve this. I joined the Ottoman clan for the first time. I am amazed reading the articles in the forum. I'm very angry with everybody that something like this happened to me ... But I really didn't deserve it.


    like most of here said, it is hard to understand that how and why is it everything related to racism when their side get banned cheated, get caught , of course get banned, not because of the leading in server

    MH still trying their best to catch cheaters so that the game can be run with more fairer environment

    Fun time in this server is over for me due to conflict with leaders and player, regardless i had fun in here and i respect every each of you, its final countdown of delete account, here is something that is interesting :

    1. GGG leadership branded me as multi account of DW, im not sure why i have screenshots attached later

    2. Thanks to the FK guy, aspired me use my defense to kill off more than half army of someone, i believe his in game name was Claquebitou Dur

    3. I think my identity in DW is Lion King 2, which Lion King himself is also confused

    Thats all folks, thank you for moment of playing, be it enemies or allies, love you all, we will see again someday.

    Theory of im being DW's multi account:

    1. Jethrol's comment

    2. Jethrol's henchman comment

    3. verifying identity from Lion King

    The dude aspired me using defense killing hammer:


    Anvil kills hammer:











    might have missing some reports or duplicated , quite many of it ;p , thats all, take care, see ya!

    you should learn how the farm list works before saying that someone is cheating. as birdo said,: after a conquer that village is automatically removed. so this "evidence" that you have is telling us that you are barking up the wrong tree.

    btw if i've sent 10 or 30 attacks to that village, i can't do anything beside seeing my troops diying.

    i do know after the village is conquered, the village will disappeared from farming lists , however, could you explain to me that despite vanished from farming lists, why do these farmers kept on sending attacks then? and its non stop for a few hours , the dude is not far from the target either ;) if its not a script farming, then what it is...?

    note that fresh new attacks still on going for a few hours until the owner came in stops it ..its not the attack sent before i conquered , it still goes on sending attack after i conquered the village ..btw you dont need to be so aggressive when you reply here ;)