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    "Once upon a time, Ferdinand and Hugo were united kings. Ferdinand is a Teuton, Hugo a Gaul. Although, they have different characters,
    they are getting along well, but then..."

    One day on there travels they ventured into a ruin of a village, ripe for conquering after so many hours of seiging. To their surprise a weak defense lurked in the crevices of the broken wall. Legionaires and Praetorians scattered the village and clustered at the centre with a pale robed senator was 10 Caesaris.

    No soldier noticed the great warrior kings as they scouted the village surrounding them. Although broad in size and protected with they're Heavy Brestplate and Heavy chainmail armor. Hugo and Ferdinand waited. They arrived before their armies and all they had to do was wait...

    Just as the Legionaires spotted the kings, the rabid roar of germanic battle crys echoed over the hill. Ferdinand raised his Morning Star and gleefully answered the call. Hugo had no idea what the king had said but he knew that bloodthirsty smile well. Raising his heavy lance he watched as the Warhorses full of Haudeans galloped over the hill. Followed by the horde of clubswingers.

    Turning to the cowering Romans, Ferdinand charged, followed swiftly by his united king. It did not matter they were ahead of the horde for they would soon be swarmed. Hugo and Ferdinand split in the skirmish, each aiming for seperate targets, yet Hugo could still hear the roar of Ferdinands call and the thunk as heads connected with his Morningstar. Hugo pushed at the Caesaris, Heavy lance raised, shouting in gallic for his men to follow him in. The Caesaris scattered, leaving there senator exposed as they were surrounded. In minutes the fight was over on both sides, and the armies were decimated. All that remained was one cowering senator.

    Ferdinand marched up, proud as a peacock strutting from his achievements, he would end this puny senator and take the throne of this village. Conquering it and adding it to his land. But the Seantor would not end without a fight, he scurried and scrabbled. Pushing Ferdinand as he played with him, prolonging the fight, until he pushed with all his might in one final attempt. Ferdinand was at a surprise and was knocked off balance. Slamming into the damaged throne, that both seemed to be fighting for, he late out a roar of rage and pain. Blood dripping face raised in anger and the senator knew no more with a final swing of a Morningstar.

    Hugo turned to Ferdinand as the Tueton heaved with rage and pain. They stared for one long minute before they both roared with laughter. A small humble senator had outwitted the great Tueton, putting up a fight most could never dream of. And in the end the Tueton king left with a wound of his own to remember.

    Slouching onto his new throne, Ferdinand turned to Hugo with a smirk.

    'Well i will never forget the scrappiness of Romans again will I Hu'
    All gaggled with laughter well into the night at King Ferdinands new battle wound as the kings celebrated there triumphs.

    "...and this is why Ferdinand came home with a scar on his face."