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    Hey Georgi,

    I'm writing this as a 72 year old Travian fan playing since 2008. I'm stuck at home because of rise in covid19 again. Absolutely bored with 2020; and now have to wait till the end of October for next regular server. There are a lot of players who don't play speed servers. I'm one of many. try lighten our load and get a server started early October., :)


    1. Valuable resource, your troops' lives depend on. Crop

    2. Type of troop movement. Reinforcement

    3. Valuable good, generating victory points, often stolen or collected from other players. Treasure

    4. Left hand item, used mainly for protection in the real life, grants fighting strength in Travian, Shield

    5. Healing item, your hero loves it after a hard battle. Ointment

    6. Elite Roman defensive unit. Praetorian

    7. Sells delicious food in real life, helps with the crop production in Travian. Bakery

    8. Hides your resources during a battle. Cranny

    9. Fierce animal, sometimes found in oases Tiger

    10. A list often used to raid other players/villages Farmlist