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    Hi guys, i was wondering how important is your second village. Do you always pick a cropper as your second village or you take a standard village . Also do you guys usually settle closer to your village or further away?


    Hey guys, Com4 starts soon and i need some help with romans. Im an amateur player, i use some gold from time to time but not much. I would like to know how to play as an off roman . What do you focus early on(legios for robbers and go straight to EI, or build imperials for robbers and farm with EI). To be honest i dont see the point of farming with imperials they are slow and by the time you get to your target some else raided them already and you get nothing. For your second village i think i should take a 9c just because im not a heavy gold user. If you can guys give me some info or tips on how to play would be great tx.!!:thumbsup:

    Hi guys, i have a question if you can help me with. Is it worth to speed settle with mehnir istead of normal settle? How will you be able to upgrade your villages after, from robber hideouts? Forgot to mention that i am an amateur player and im not a heavy gold user.


    1. Crop

    2. Reinforcement

    3. Treasure








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