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    We have never coordinated with Teutonic for operations - in fact one scheduled operation we rescheduled when Teutonic asked us to send fakes to help cover them.

    For the simple people in Rebels who can't understand that there is no coordination between Misfits and Teutonic...
    Let me say it again with a few more words..

    We had an op planned - Teutonic asked us to send fakes

    we did not send fakes because we realised Teutonic operation was scheduled at the same time

    To avoid any collaboration - we rescheduled our operation

    So in a weird turn of events.. (not really).. Rebels requested defense yesterday from other BR teams and told them that Misfits and Teutonic were attacking Rebels.. but no one of the defense calls show Teutonic attacks landing. Why is that? Is it because Teutonic were not attacking at all and Rebels lied?

    So other BR teams were allowed to fight each other as intended by BR, it was just Rebels who weren't allowed because

    Which other BR teams were fighting and not plotting how to kill Teutonic?

    WstGrd and Misfits - not fighting - but trying to plan joint op

    WstGrd and Ukraine - not fighting - how could they fight when they were defending each other - seems pointless to me - and to everyone else

    CZSK and Ukraine - not fighting - defending each other

    Misfits and CZSK - not fighting

    CZSK and Rebels - again - not fighting…

    Do you see the pattern here?

    Oh - wait - you mean The Unit - right hand of Teutonic? That one? Well - now you might see the whole picture right?

    At any point while Rebels were attacking - Teutonic might have attacked (oooh.. just by coincidence) and we’d have said to Rebels - hey - come defend us… but they would then be defending against their own attacks.. can you see how stupid the idea of getting rid of Teutonic only by helping each other defend?

    What - were Rebels going to defend WstGrd against Teutonic and then attack WstGrd too? No - this is such a crazy scenario.. everyone else in the BR chat could see how this would turn out.. with Dino begging all Misfits players to help them remove Teutonic from the server.

    Rebels telling everyone else that no naps existed and you did nothing wrong is just sweet little lies you all tell yourselves to justify your actions - no one else believes them for a second.

    Its slimy because other teams were gracious enough to acknowledge that Teutonic coming to the server changed things and help Rebels out.. and then Rebels having been given a second chance did not even have the decency to return the favour and work together to fix it.

    Why do you think WST left the server?

    What is visible to everyone is that Rebels ran away from Teutonic and backstabbed other BR teams. There is no evidence at all that there are 2 huge alliance blocks fighting. One defense call does not make a meta.

    The server is not cool, but I will stay to make sure Rebels don't win.

    For me - the thing that makes Rebels actions completely slimy is that part of the BR agreement was preallocated WW so that everyone had an equal opportunity.

    Rebels did not like their spot since Teutonic players were settling there and ran away to the other side of the map.

    This relocation moved them safely away from Teutonic - and put WstGrd right into Teutonic firing line.

    I thought the least that Rebels could do after that was join in the offensive operations against Teutonic - but instead, they left that to WstGrd and attacked us while we were actually discussing fixing Teutonic.

    I just don't see how Rebels think they have played a clean server when they breached the rules they setup of the BR - and left WstGrd to be the meat shield in their place.

    So in summary..

    1. Rebels did not like the way BR was turning out.

    2. Rebels ran away and hide in the corner.

    3. Rebels lined the map up so that CZSK was getting attacked by TheUnit with Teutonic support, Ukraine and WstGrd would provide cover against Teutonic. Rebels would ask us to defend WstGrd and Ukraine and then launch attacks at us.

    This constant talk of Misfits joining with Teutonic is such utter rubbish. We felt that Rebels had cheated the BR rules and setup themselves up for an unfair advantage against the other BR teams, so we requested help to cripple them as much as we could.

    One defensive call - and Rebels NEVER ran into Teutonic defenses at Misfits - we had it in another 2 capital - but the one they hit was only Misfits defense.

    We have never coordinated with Teutonic for operations - in fact one scheduled operation we rescheduled when Teutonic asked us to send fakes to help cover them.

    As Leo said - their planning and execution is perfection - but I find their betrayal of agreements made to be pathetic.

    Or maybe write me who farms with a bot from other kingdoms with time reports. Or maybe someone captures the village right at the start of the game - because it's convenient. Are you ready to unite against these kingdoms too? Please write to me - do you have selective principles or does this not apply to friends?

    No one is above reproach - i have raised 2 tickets to support against players I suspect of being cheats - first 2 players were my allies - they were banned and kicked.

    Others I have reported but have not been banned.

    Don’t ever accuse me of harbouring cheats..

    Read the Players Charter below - everyone in my Kingdom and even in other kingdoms know - there is no acceptable cheating as far as I am concerned.

    Message me in game with details and I will help gather evidence to have cheats banned.

    This topic cannot be royal. Several kingdoms defied at once - which is not allowed by their principles

    What? What makes you think any of us agreed to not cooperate to against kingdoms who choose to win by numbers and multi farms instead of talent?

    100 players per Kingdom - no cheats - no multi accounts - play by those rules and all is fair and its game on..

    This Hammer

    Takes 27 days to train

    The account that made that hammer started on day 7 - its not a royal

    That means it had 8 days to go from 0 to Level 20 barracks, stable, workshop and then add great barracks a little later..

    And to begin training troops.

    Winning by cheating is not winning... its just cheating..

    XD Can you tell me which team you will be in? Just for personal stuff :D But fine, thee server will who which teeam how good anyway, but we first need a server to settle this down :) So good luck and hope for a good server for the team :*
    (tbh that was a nice poke :D )

    I played Dozer on the last com4 with Pirates/Rebels - I'm in Misfits.. not sure what name yet.

    hero bonus is only for us, but the weapons bonus are for all troops in the village

    Us - what do you mean by Us?

    If by the word us, you mean all your troops from all your villages that you have trained and sent to defend the same location as the location you have sent your hero to defend - then you, like most players I know would think you are right, but according to BlackSwan - you are in fact, incorrect.

    Weapons might apply for all troops in the village (that is being defended) but I have been advised that the hero bonus only applies to troops trained in the same village as the home village of the hero.