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    25gold that's a bad joke.....and please the first players who signed in first 30min of the server almost got no lag at thsoe precious 30min wheret hey could have maxed fields lv5 with huge lead and didn't get stuck 1h on tutorial as the later signed in players

    I signed in at 14.01 and immediately suffered the lagging, so what you say make no sense at all. I just stuck with it, probably killed my F5 key and had my second village within 14 hrs.

    So yes, it was inconvenient, but it was like that for all. don't whine.

    To me it is obvious that the restrictions are in place to prevent players setting up dummy accounts as feeders for their main account.

    It hampers the teamplayers, but if they would lift the restriction, the alternative would be far worse.

    leax , you're right for the most part. It probably is the most sensible thing to do from a business perspective.

    I just expressed my feelings about it and TK can do what ever they want with it.

    I, speaking for myself, did not issue an ultimatum, just a mere fact.

    I don't like most of the overcrowded COM servers and I don't want to play on most of them.

    So when I finish the 4 servers i play right now, I'll probably will quit this game entirely and go looking for another pastime.

    And yes, everybody is free to express their opinion.

    It's quite simple. TK want's to accommodate the paying customers and the less crowded servers don't contain that much paying customers.

    This is simply because on less crowded servers, you don't have to buy gold to keep up with the rest of the players to be able to acquire croppers.

    On the COM servers and the very crowded servers, you'll have to. Otherwise you'll be outrun for the race to the croppers by the ones who do buy gold.

    What TK forgets or refuses to see is that the more casual players, who are now more likely not to play anymore, are necessary assets on each server.

    They eventually often become the farms for the bigger paying players. Each server needs those casual players to maintain the farming needs of the paying players.

    I myself play those COM servers regularly and often become a farm myself. I don't mind, I use those servers for experimenting and learning.

    The smaller servers allow me to play and have fun and I even occasionally buy gold if things go well. This in turn draws me back to the bigger servers to try to compete.

    However, if I never can really compete in a game (also because there are large groups of players always playing together on these servers) , I probably won't play at all.