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    the halo doesn't press on your head??? ^^

    the entire post is a lie ^^

    show us 200 Empire players

    OPG is the Turks, if you don't know it :)

    we took the GBB treasure and lost interest in it.

    "They were better at the game than Empire ;) in both Off & Def Op's "

    also a lie ^^

    "We attacked you back and mostly survived, chiefing quite a few key villages :)"

    we did not understand the meaning of this operation :)

    You are Russian and you are to blame :D

    "and after all this you still Lost ..... yeah that's right Losers!!! just get over yourselves and admit defeat"

    for those who are on an armored train and tightly closed hatches - We all wrote that BM won ^^

    the propaganda machine is collapsing ^^

    Nothing would have changed. The impact efficiency just decreased, but you don’t understand this. The difference is that 2 times more hammers came to us than to you, that's all.;)

    They need statistics. :)

    Better the entire server not crawl there, where can give the surrender ;)

    the Turks fought against the strong, though not very fairly, but they fought.:thumbup::)

    The BM was holed up and looking for easier targets. they watched the Russians and the Turks waging war among themselves. and only appeared at the very end, when most of the large units were destroyed:). the server players saw it all for themselves. They are not interested in statistics :). the server is divided into three groups: the highest level, the middle level, and the gray accounts ^^. all groups fought with equal rivals, except BM. Considering themselves the first group, fought with the second and third group ^^:D:P

    especially the treasures of the dead (grey) king that threw the entire Kingdom :).

    a very striking example :P

    Statisticians got a statistical (formal ) victory, and a reputation for cowards ^^

    The Empire has gained fame as a strong team that will sweep away any opponent.

    it carried out the most attacks on the server. The attacks involved the technique of defensive players as well. This is a very well coordinated work :)

    And she's not interested in weaker teams. She needs an opponent, not a punching bag :)

    statisticians need a punching bag to score points ^^:P

    I tried to be as objective as possible :)

    как всегда виноваты русские, а остальные-пушистые кролики:)

    Я очень рад этому ) Запомнят именно нас, а не победителя :)

    Мы и так повестка дня во всех королевствах ^^

    Идеальная пропаганда :P:D

    находиться на языке всего сервера :)

    I am very happy about this ) will Remember us, not the winner:)

    We are already the agenda in all the kingdoms^^

    Perfect propaganda :P:D

    be in the language of the entire server:)

    Кто Вас учит так общаться? Где тебя воспитывали? Если на улице где то, то ты за свой шершавый язычок не раз по щам получал. Если одомашненный ты , только возле монитора и можешь крякать.

    В этой игре малолеток почти нет. Тебе сколько лет? Ты же не меня оскорбляешь , а себя.

    Я тебе написал что всё относительно, не только страны , но и права человека. В одной стране что то соблюдается , в какой то. Нет идеальной страны в принципе для всех, у каждого свой идеал.

    Перед тобой лично извиняюсь, здесь, на форуме, что был очень груб. Я просто люблю конкретику, а не относительность. Эмоциональность.... Выходные ещё не прошли ;):)


    А майо похоже отлично владеет русским языком) Строит из себя иностранца, который ничего не понимает и требует что то. И вообще не прилично встревать в чужой разговор):)